Make bot like twitter Video downloader bot and Enjoy Watching the Videos Disruption Free


There is a person living in a remote place. Although he was living in a remote place, he loved to watch twitter videos. But because of poor internet connectivity, he was not able to watch twitter videos without buffering. He was frustrated with the problems but the solution was hidden till now.

The same problem of other million people is not solved with the introduction of twitter downloader bot @this_vid which help people to save the video offline without much effort.

What is a bot?

You all are aware of and Cortana. What happens in the case of Siri if you ask the weather of your city. Siri tells you the weather. But the major catch here is, there is no person there to tell you the weather. It all is happened by the computer programs which has been programmed to performs some automatic tasks. This program is called bot.

The story behind Twitter’s video downloader bot

Shalvah Adebayo is a Nigerian citizen who has always been fascinated about software development. He started working on the bot which helps people to download twitter videos more easily in 2013. He got inspired to build something like this from his life. The internet connection where he was living was not good. Because of this, he had to face a lot of trouble to download the videos. Of course, he can use some other third party app to download those video to save it offline. But according to his statement, I found from an interview, people hate to download a third party app to download a video. So he wanted to create something beneficial for the people who aren’t living under the roof of good internet connection. With this thought, he created a twitter bot named @this_vid to let people enjoy videos by downloading it, saving it offline and watching it later.

How @this_vid works
twitter Video downloader bot

First, you need to find a video which you want to download to watch it later. After that, you need to comment @this_vid in the comment section of the tweet. At last, in order to download that video, you have to search URL  

www.download-this.video/your twitter id in your browser to see get the link of that video. From that, you can easily download the video.

(If your twitter id is David, then you have to write URL www.download-this.video/ David

Few other very handy twitter bots

1. Dear Assistance :

Dear assistance is the bot which is created by Amit Agrawal. This bot is there to answer almost every question you ask with the help of Wolfram Alpha search engine.  

2. Pixel sorter

Pixel sorter is the bot which reduces the pixel size of your photographs.

3. Reverse OCR

Reverse OCR is the bot which draws random shapes from your written words and makes a picture.

4. This is just to say

This is the bot which posts random poems.

The current trend of the @this_bot

@this_bot is becoming more and more popular nowadays. According to this freely available downloading bot is hitting 7500 requests every day and at peak time, it crosses 9500 user request.

Where to approach if you want this kind of bot to develop?

After knowing the trending news of this twitter’s bot, if you get the same kind of idea to make a bot for providing better user experiment to your app’s user, coruscate solution will help you. We are having team seated in the office, who have capabilities in specific bot development. A team which will understand your idea first and then work for your idea to make it a reality.

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