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Lyft is rolling out an update that is making it attainable to locate bikes, scooters, transit and car rentals within the app. With this update, the customers can see all the transportation modes available to them more easily. The company is working towards a future where they want to have the cities concentrated around the customers and not the cars.

The company started testing car rentals in San Francisco this year. Lyft will provide users a free ride to and from the car rental location as a part of this new offering. As of now, there are just three car rental locations in California including one in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles. Uber launched a rental program but they shut it back down just in seven months.

Lyft and Uber had announced that they both will be putting $30 million toward a 2020 campaign lead that would empower them to continue organizing their drivers as independent contractors.

The skeptical view of Lyft’s update is that it’s seeming to move people away from its ride-hailing business. It seems to be under more threat than it has been in the past.

It is notable that previously Uber also has done something similar to the things that Lyft is upgrading. The Lyft president and co-founder John Zimmer declared that the recent changes will unlock better transport solutions in public transportation, bike rides and other modes of conveyance that rely less on working humans. This update is clearly a way for Lyft to increase profits and better compete against Uber.

Uber and Lyft both had introduced new safety features earlier this spring. These safety features and policies were launched after a university student was kidnapped and murdered after getting into a vehicle which she believed was her Uber ride. Lyft has also made an announcement regarding the expansion of a set of safety features and programs. These features also include helping the riders to find the ride, alert emergency services if they feel they are in danger and communicate ride problems back to Lyft support and drivers.

The company is also introducing a new driver and rider education program. They have started the process of ensuring its app and service safer. They are implementing continuous background checks, enhancing the identity and verification process for the drivers to check driver identification fraud on its platform.

Uber had also introduced system banners and alerts that could remind users to check their ride details. The users can keep a tab on the license plate, car make and model, as well as the driver’s name and photo. They had earlier rolled out the slate of safety features. They also had implemented an Emergency button in the app.

Lyft is also catching up with the release of a similar feature set. Following Uber, Lyft is also redesigning its app to highlight better ride details. When the vehicle comes, the driver photo, car photo and license plate appear in a pop-up in the app, beside a notice to match the plate to the one on the vehicle.

Lyft is also introducing compulsory feedback that will ask riders to describe when a driver receives less than four stars. The feedback will be shared with the drivers anonymously so that they can resolve the problems with their services and behavior.

Riders, and mainly women, usually believe that the driver will guess and find out that it is them who have left the feedback and feel unsafe as the drivers know their home or office as the pickup location. But Lyft has made sexual harassment prevention education available to all Lyft drivers and riders this year. The company expanding its forces in the space of safety over the course of the year and in the future.

How to Make an e scooter App Like Bird, Develop Alternative app of Bird, Bird alternative app features to consider

UI update for Lyft e-scooter clone app

The e-scooter rental apps or the Lyft clone apps may lack many features and the UI may not be as amazing to impress the users and make things simpler for them. People usually need an answer to two important questions – How can they locate and book the e-scooter and will they have sufficient battery to reach their destination?

Coruscate has an awesome solution to tackle the UI problem with the e-scooter rental app

To solve the issues of commuters the let’s first make a note of the issues:

  • Most proximal e-scooter detection
  • Recognizing a single e-scooter in crowd
  • Battery limit
  • Pre-booking of e-scooters

Now that the problems are listed, here is how the design team of Coruscate works to eliminate them with there revolutionary designs of UI.

We have seen that it is very difficult for the users to find out the nearest scooter through a congested map filled with overlapping logos. Getting a neat screen can make it easier to locate the e-scooters and also makes the booking process a piece of cake.

Our UI team suggests having two mobile app UI changes for booking the e-scooters. There should be an image of the last known parked location and also the closeby address of the e-scooter.

Now about the battery, the app can have the battery percentage icon for each e-scooter available on the map. This can help the user to know and judge if the e-scooters have sufficient battery to reach their destination.

There is also an innovative feature introduced by our design team which asks for the user’s destination and then lets them know if the battery of the e-scooter that they have chosen is enough to take them to their location.

Users are frustrated when they don’t find the e-scooter which they half located after walking down all the way to get there. To avoid such issues, the reserve feature can help you to make sure that once a user reserves the e-scooter no one else can unlock it.

Coruscate has always made an extra effort to help clients with their ride-hailing apps and e-scooter app development. We have entertained thousands of queries related to Lyft clone app development. And we are also researching new ways every day to provide the best app features according to user behaviour and modern UI trends.

We have an accelerated app development process to complete your app development within 45-55 business days and under $10k. To know more about the development process and features get in touch with us via a free consultation session.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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