LIKE video app is the next wave of video making, you can make your own LIKE video app clone to see the magic


Looking for develop Like Video App Clone? We provide a totally customized app development like LIKE Video app. Let’s develop an LIKE video app for both the Platform iPhone and Android.

Looking for develop Instagram like App? We provide a totally customized app like Instagram. Let's develop an App like Instagram for both the Platform iPhone & Android.Like Musical.ly – now TikTok app, LIKE video app is a free video creation and editing app. It is the best app for older teens in which the users can earn real-world money by gathering ‘likes’.

What is Like video app?

The LIKE magic music video editor makes everyone feel like they are magicians with 300 unique special effects that it provides. Just with one touch, users can enjoy Sci-Fi effects and experience the superpower of flying, time travel, and Lilliput. It allows the edited videos to be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

The youths around the world are playing with this interesting app and video maker community which needs its users to be 16+ of age. The app lets its users star in their own videos and share them online. Without customization of posts, all the videos and posts are public. But the app allows its users to control the privacy and the people who can message them. The viewers are allowed to share and comment on other user’s video content.

The video app ranks 2nd in google play and has more than 100 million downloads. The LIKE is available in 23 languages across the world.

LIKE video app is the next wave of video making, you can make your own LIKE video app clone to see the magic.
Core Features of LIKE Video App :

1. Unique Music Magic filter

The technology and recognition of music rhythm are peculiar. The app can provide an amazing effect according to the change of tone and volume. Using the filter, users can mix music and effects of the magic video app together smoothly and can make a quick music comedy video in just 1 minute.

2. Acting & Lipsync

LIKE app has a collection million of dialogue materials from all over the world. The app can help you in being the rock star of your favorite movie in just a moment of time. The user can share their acting skills with their friends and family and with the whole world.

3. Unique 4D magic all around the world

The app brings first-ever technology where you can have the foreground and background function and edge recognition function. It can help you to realize many different effects like a rocket, pass through and Lilliput. It also allows the user to switch to different appear and disappear effects.

4. The world’s neatest technology “superpowers”

The users are enabled to control rain, snow, thunder, fire, and even earth through easy movement of their body. The LIKE app is the world’s first tool to create magic videos. It uses the leading technology of body action recognition and self-learning AI algorithm model. It also enables the innovative video-recording with gesture & movement control of special effects.

Unlike other video editing apps, users can get 10 types of super effects just by gestures and movements. The app is no joke, it offers what you always wanted with its single touch superpower effects. The users are also gifted with X-ray dance and lightning dance effects by this cool app.

5 Magic Touch

The app offers more than 50 funny magic effects including Heat, Fire, Rain, Star, Dust etc. Using these features, users can make their videos perfect and unique.

Magic Touch like app
Magic Touch

6. Face stickers

The user can use any style with the LIKE face stickers which are funny and dynamic at the same time. The user can use cute, beautiful, cool, ugly, magical, elegant, funny and other such stickers.

7. Magic Live

The app can give you a brand-new magical experience where you can interact with your fans and prank too. The user can make as many funny videos and can be a Live vlogger. The LIKE video app offers you all these features just to help you stand out from the crowd.

8. Boom

Exciting Boom effects allows the users to make videos like how they make in Hollywood War movies. With the Boom effects, you can become your favorite superhero in just a few seconds.

9. Mix Effects

A simple click and mix can do the magic for you. The user gets the effects like Soulstuff, Blurred lines, Heartbeat and more which are even better than the special effects that they have in movies. When the users use these mix effects, their videos instantly become powerful and eye-catching. They can use these effects to make marvelous videos in just a few minutes and share them with the world.

10. AI Beauty Filters

The LIKE app has splendid beauty features which make you gorgeous in no time. These beauty features will definitely make you very happy when you use them.

The app has newly added features like “super me” and it has optimized user experience and enhanced app stability.

The app has newly added features like “super me” and it has optimized user experience and enhanced app stability.

How building a LIKE video app clone can take your business to the next level?

People these days are looking for entertainment which is easy and makes them popular. Many apps like TikTok and LIKE app are making it huge in just a little time after their launch. Each app is trying to present better than the other. There is a huge scope in the development of such entertainment apps.

Our research team at Coruscate has found the deep learning solutions and unlaunched features which you can use while developing your entertainment app.

We have developed 50+ entertainment apps and have entertained more than 2000 queries. Connect with us for a free consultation through the contact us form or click below to validate your idea for such an app.

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