Latest Trends In The App Development Industry in 2022

Latest trends

The latest trends in the app development industry and the way forward for all of us in the online world. So far in 2022, these are the things the industry has deemed important or up-and-coming.

Web Page Speed Acceleration

Webpages that take longer than 3 seconds to load, lose about 40% of the users. Ad rank and quality score of the landing page will be impacted by web page speed. Google launched the Accelerated Mobile Pages project in collaboration with Twitter so that developers can launch heavy websites and web pages with the quick loading speed, high performance, and lower bounce rates across various mobile devices.

Internet of Things (IoT) 

IoT refers to physical objects that have sensors or softwares connected to one another. The objects are connected through the internet and exchange data. Kitchen appliances, cars, baby monitors; can be controlled through a central device. This will also play an important role in application development in the future. 

The IoT technology will collect data at a large scale and with greater accuracy. New models of business and revenue streams will open up. 

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality 

Earlier restricted to the gaming experience, AR and VR are becoming mainstream and very soon it will be used at a large scale. Brands are using augmented reality to allow customers to experience their products. Ikea and Burberry are a few brands that are using AR. 

On-Demand Applications 

After the covid-19 pandemic, people have gotten used to ordering online. The customers now demand the products be delivered to their doorstep as soon as possible. 2022 will see the launch of more on-demand applications. 

These apps have a problem-solving approach and offer to deliver products and services immediately. 

Technological infrastructure is ripe at the moment because a majority of people have access to smartphones and the internet. Apps becoming the primary platform for browsing, on-demand apps are the future. 

Online Wallets 

The growth of e-commerce has also promoted the use of online wallets. Developers are creating safer and more secure payment gateways. With large-scale acceptance in the post-covid era, online wallets are being preferred over traditional currency exchanges. The growth of online wallets is partly explained by the simplicity of use. It is convenient and fast. 

UX/UI Designing 

App developers are constantly improving the interface of applications for a better user experience. UI designing will be one of the most in-demand skills in the market. As we move towards an era which is heavily digitised, the interface comes to the fore of importance. 

It can make or break a customer base. Typography, optics and navigation, all set to play a huge part in our purchase decisions. If a user likes what he sees, chances are he will engage with your content and will retain that information. 


Moving on from web pages, users are now on mobile applications. From ordering food to ordering medicines, everything is primarily done on a smartphone via an application. M-commerce will lead the online shopping experience. Eventually the active user base of m-commerce which includes social commerce as well, will become the main platform of purchase, online banking, paying bills etc. 

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