Laravel 5.7 is Now Out! What’s New and How Will It Accelerate Web Development Projects?(With Answers)


For all those who have been waiting for this release eagerly, Laravel 5.7 has been launched finally. Since the day the Laravel framework was released for web application development, it has become on of the most preferred PHP frameworks. There are several benefits, especially for startups that tend to work on low budgets.

The framework that has been developed using the MVC architectural pattern and Symfony, released the v5.6 in February this year. Currently, the framework is working on fixing the bugs that exist in the framework, and enhance its security abilities.

The major launches for the framework are done every six months while the minor launches are done every week, to ensure a properly running and completely working framework for use.

The biannual release for Laravel i.e. v5.7 is filled with some interesting features.

The Laravel Nova

Laravel Nova is one of the best features of the new release, which will enhance the efforts of the development team. It helps create a beautiful administrative panel or at least a dashboard to improve your development methods. The new and interactive dashboard will help improve the ability of the project.

Symfony Dump Server Integration

Laravel-dump-server, authored by Marcel Poirot gives you a dump server. The dump call outputs are all collected in this dump server. The v5.7 has officially integrated this dump server package. The dump calls will be displayed along the console window as soon as the server is initiated.

Email Verification

The new version will also be initiating a new feature known as the email verification. You should ideally include the email_verified_at timestamp in order to ensure perfect verification of these emails. You will also be able to migrate the emails into the user’s table with this feature. The user model needs to integrate with MustVerifyEmail interface so that the new users can adopt the email verification feature.

Filesystem Support

The new version extends an excellent support to the filesystem in terms of reading and writing the streams. The two functions that support in the purpose include readstream and writestream. This new support will accelerate the coding methods and enhance the state of your filesystems.

The Redefined Resource Directory

Ok, so when you ask what’s new, this cannot be neglected. This makes your development easy and user-friendly. The assets folder has been removed from the resource directory, and the hierarchy is flat. So, you don’t have too many folders to consider. You simply have the main folders. Storing and accessing the directory and even saving the project modules has become easier as a result.

The Reinvented Error Messages

The new version has transformed the error messages and the way they are handled. The error messages can be easily tracked down with this new version. The dynamic calls made to the eloquent models are all tracked with ease with the new feature. The messages are clear and concise, and you know what mistake you made while typing the code.

Customized Pagination

Ever wanted to customize the number of links along each side of the paginator? Well, with the new version it has been made possible and easy for the developers. In some cases, you don’t even need a custom paginator. If you need some extra help, you can integrate the API and define the link count for each side of the current page.

Artisan Commands

The new version will enhance the way you write the artisan console commands. You can introduce and integrate a new API for the purpose. There is a new console testing API available with the new version. The console testing documentation will provide you with a complete understanding of the new API. The documentation will also help you with the implementation and installation of the new API.

Action URLs

What’s new with the action URLs in the new version of the Laravel framework. “tuple notation” or the “callable array syntax” is the new feature related to action URLs has been released with the new version. The action helper with the current version allows you to write the syntax in a particular format. However, the new version will allow you to write in the callable action syntax format. With this, you can navigate the syntax to the controller with the help of the IDE or text editor. You will obviously need the code navigation support for the syntax, if you want to avail this feature.

Multi-lingual Support

When you develop web applications, you are looking for features that will help you offer notifications to the user in multiple languages. The multi-lingual support feature available with Laravel 5.7 is one of the best ways to extend this support. You can obviously use the current language. However, you can use languages that go beyond the current or local language. You can target beyond the boundaries you reside in.

Options for guest policies

In case you have guest visitors on the web application, chances of getting a “false” at the authorization and policies, then your application has not been fine tuned for the guest registrations. You can do that now with Laravel 5.7, which allows the unauthenticated visitors to pass through the different authorization checks. The application declares “optional” type hint or supplies a null default value for the user argument.

Accelerating Web Development

Setting up the new version is pretty easy. You will need to follow some of the guidelines offered by the documentation.

The support extended by the new version for solid identity management, social identity providers and enterprise identity providers allows you to get in more features than was possible. You can even manage authentication with basic inclusions with this new version.

Setting up APIs will introduce the different error handling and customizing features, making tasks easy for you.

The version upgrade will reduce the efforts made by the developers and will enhance the outcome. As a result, the web application will be released to the market sooner than you had anticipated.

Summing up

Laravel 5.7 has come at a time when developers were looking at customized solutions to enhance their projects, and accelerate their outcome. With the numerous features and integration capabilities, the new version will ensure quicker time-to-market for your project.

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