Frequently Asked Laravel Interview Questions and Answers to Secure a Job at the Top IT Company in Surat

To lock horns with difficult business challenges, IT companies are pushing boundaries and employing more and more latest app and web development technologies. For IT companies, the availability of many groundbreaking technologies simply means that they have more than one way to accomplish a task. But for a job seeker, amid several new app and web development technologies, having expertise in the latest technology is turning into the fundamental requirement to get hired in a top IT company. 

PHP is the most popular server-side scripting language. But knowing how to code in PHP doesn’t guarantee you a job. You also need to have the potentiality to work with the frameworks of PHP. In recent times, IT companies have started relying more on frameworks as by using a suitable framework, developers can meet the requirements without writing many lines of code. 

Laravel is the most popular and serviceable PHP framework. Considering its usefulness, almost all the IT companies are using Laravel to accomplish any PHP project on time. And so, they are constantly hiring more and more Laravel developers. 

So, if you are the one who is looking for a job as Laravel developer, herein you will get to know the top  Laravel interview questions and answers and current Laravel developer job opening at the top IT company in Surat. But before that, let’s quickly discuss the popularity of Laravel. 

How popular is Laravel?


  •  According to Google Trends data, Laravel has been the most popular PHP framework in India. 

  • Laravel is also leading the chart in China, Spain, Germany, the UK, and the United States.
  • Most numbers of the top 10K sites are developed using Laravel. 
  • Apart from Google Trends, other data also shows that Laravel is the most popular PHP framework. 

Top Laravel Interview Questions and Answers 


For making it easy for you, we will list out top Laravel interview questions and answers in two different categories.  In category 1, we will list out questions related to Laravel history and its basic definitions. And in category 2, we will list out technical questions of Laravel. 

⇒ Laravel history and other basic definitions

Question 1: What is Laravel? 

Answer:  Laravel is nothing but the PHP framework. In a more specific term, Laravel is a free, open-source web framework that was created by Taylor Otwell to ease web development by following the model-view-controller architectural pattern. 

Question 2: Which one is the best feature or property of Laravel? 

Answer: MVC (Model View Controller) is the best feature of the Laravel. Since Laravel follows the MVC architectural pattern, Laravel developers can keep the code of UI elements and other crucial functions of the web application away which makes code cleaner and decreases the overall code maintenance efforts. 

Question 3: What is the Package in Laravel? 

Answer: Laravel Package is the easiest way to add functionalities in web applications. A package may have routes, controllers, views, and configuration.  

Question 4: What is the name of the Laravel package library? 

Answer: The Laravel package library is called Packalyst and it contains more than 17000 packages. 

Question 5: What is the Composer? 

Answer: In PHP, Composer is used for dependency management. Using it, Laravel or PHP developers can declare the libraries a project depends on. 

Question 6: What is HTTP middleware in Laravel? 

Answer: HTTP middleware offers a mechanism to filter HTTP requests which are attempting to enter into an application. 

Question 7: Which are the other PHP frameworks? 

Answer: Phalcon, Symfony, and Yii are the top rivals of the Laravel. However, Laravel is most popular among all PHP frameworks. 

Question 8: How to check the current version of the installed Laravel? 

Answer:  To do so, you have to write an artisan command in the terminal -php artisan  – -version. 

Question 9: What is the template engine?  

Answer: A template engine enables Laravel developers to create HTML-based design and themes in the Laravel application. Blade is Laravel’s template engine. 

Question 10: What are bundles in Laravel? 

Answer: Bundles are a simple way to group code. A bundle can contain views, configuration, routes, migrations, and tasks. 

⇒Technical aspects of the Laravel

Question 1: Explain how to use select, update and delete statements in Laravel. 


Suppose we have a table named users and it contains a field named user_id. 

UPDATE : DB::update(‘update users set user_id=15 where id=?’,[2019]),

SELECT: $users = DB::select(‘select * from users where user_id=?’, 15);

DELETE: DB::delete(‘delete from users where id =?’, [2019]); 

Question 2: Explain the query log and way to enable it. 

Answer: Query log logs each incoming SQL statement from the client. To enable it, you should use enableQueryLog method – DB::connection()->enableQueryLog();

To get the result (executed queries), use the following command – $queries = DB::getQueryLog();

Question 3: Is there any way to install Laravel using Composer? 

Answer: Yes, we can install the Laravel using Composer by writing following command in a terminal: composer create-project Laravel/Laravel your-project-name version

Question 4: Explain PHP artisan. 

Answer:  PHP artisan is a PHP tool that offers many helpful commands to accomplish tasks. PHP artisan tinker, PHP artisan list, and PHP artisan help are the most popular PHP artisan commands. 

Question 5: Explain the way to change the default database in Laravel. 

Answer: Mysql is the default database in Laravel and to change it, follow these simple steps.  Find the config/database.php file, here search for default=>MySQL and change ‘MySQL’ to your desirable database name. 

Question 6: List out the databases that Laravel supports. 

Answer: Laravel supports SQL Server, SQLite, Postgres, and MySQL. 

Question 7: Write the code to get details of logged-in users. 

Answer: User() function is useful to get details of logged-in users. 




Question 8: What is maintenance mode in Laravel and how to enable or disable it? 

Answer: While performing regular maintenance of the site, using maintenance mode you can disable your application and show a message to users. 

To enable maintenance mode, use following artisan command in command line – php artisan down

And to disable maintenance mode – php artisan up

Question 9: What is the difference between delete() and softDeletes().

Answer: Delete() removes all data from the table. Whereas, softDeletes() flag a record as deleted and not remove any data. 

Question 10: List out the top security features of the Laravel. 


Laravel Security Packages

Laravel Authentication System

Protection against SQL Injection

Protection against XSS

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