How to start your own e-scooter sharing/rental company- tip and tricks to success

How to start your own e-scooter sharing company- tip and tricks to success

Are you in plan to start your own electric scooter rental service company? Here are few tips to keep in mind for E-Scooter rental startups.

As e-scooters are becoming more and more popular, many people are interested to know how to start an e-scooter business. In this blog, we will provide all the information regarding how you can get started with this fun and potentially lucrative business.

We will also provide you some key business issues that you need to think about before entering the e-scooter rental business.

Some major things to consider before starting the business are- getting the right equipment, understanding the profit potential, knowing the legal structure of the business and the strategy to market your e-scooter rental business. Another obvious point but worth paying heed is developing an e-scooter rental app.

Like every other business, the success of your e-scooter business will rely on a couple of key factors which you should get right in order to succeed.

But it is very simple to understand the e-scooter rental service business as it is based on just two principal factors:

  • You should love interacting with people and have a concern about the environment.
  • You must have a business mind to turn an idea into a full-fledged business.

The opportunity:

Starting an e-scooter rental business can be a great opportunity for you as an entrepreneur. Electric scooters and bikes are soaring high in popularity in recent years and are almost everywhere we look. We can find them on the crowded beaches, on the mountain resorts and many other places of local attractions where the tour operators are present.

But with the increasing competition, it is not going to be easy. There are a number of key points to consider before you start with the e-bike or e-scooter rental business. The most important thing to understand is what your upfront costs will be. You should also have an idea of the time it will take to turn a profit based on how many bookings your business is handling.

But in this blog, we will be discussing the hidden secret that can help you to make more money.

Sample Cost Analysis:

There are some costs that are investments for your business. But, you need to understand that your profit potential for the long term. Your revenue potential will be essentially a function which will depend on the number of e-scooters that you have and the number of times that you can rent them.

There are various e-scooter manufacturers available in the market. Some of the reliable manufacturers which can provide you the e-scooters at an affordable price are Ninebots and Omni. We can help you to connect with the manufacturers if you are not aware of the industry much.

The e-scooter rental business has a great plus point that they are easy to run, scalable. If you start with two or six e-scooters to start with minimum investment. When you are popular among your customers and know what they want, you can expand and grow.

For being sure about the right equipment, you should go for commercial e-scooters as they are built for the rental purpose usage. They have stronger frames, fewer components, and robust design.

Market Research

Starting an e-scooter business is an incredible opportunity if the local market is underserved. You can get into the market with your new mode of transportation to offer your target audience. There are a few ways to tackle this.

  • Check out the number of e-scooter or e-bike rental companies in the neighbourhood.
  • Check out the prices they are charging.
  • Get to know what can you offer your customers which the others are not offering.

Once you have all the above information, you can gear up and determine the opportunity to check out what you can do better than others.

Marketing your e-scooter rental business

You need to make people aware of your business as your business can work only when more and more people know about it. Marketing is the most important task when you start any of the business. Check out various marketing strategies of other competitors to plan out your own and then decide your own marketing strategy.

You need an app

An app has turned into the modern business card. When people find your website and app, they trust the authenticity of the business. More importantly, making an app for your business makes a first good impression for you. But make sure that the app you create has good features and attractive user-interface. A poorly designed app will not be helpful to make a good impression on your customers. You need to have a fast working app with flexible features and easy to use components.

Local Advertising is the key

One of the electric scooter companies offered free rides in order to advertise locally. You can also think of some method to make the place in the hearts of your customers. Keep some budget for advertising right when you plan your business at that is what going to help you in the long run. You can also use social media and other means to reach more and more audience in order to spread awareness about your business.

After keeping all these points in mind, be assured that your e-scooter rental business will be successful in a lesser time period. However, the major aspect of going for the business is your approach to creating an app. An e-scooter sharing app can help you to reach thousands of people within very less time.

Here is a cost of development for basic features for an e-scooter app for your reference:

Escooter app development costcost

We can help you to design and develop an e-scooter app to give a kickstart to your e-scooter sharing business. We have an expert team of developers who have delivered hundreds of e-scooter sharing apps with 100% success rate. We have a team of researchers who are always observing the industry trends and can help you out with the updates regarding the features and what new you can include in your app.

Connect with us for further queries and ask us for a free demo.

Let’s build your own app

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