A multidisciplinary guide to select e-scooters for e-scooter rental business. Know how the locking mechanism works in smart and conventional e-scooters.

A multidisciplinary guide to select e-scooters for e-scooter rental business. Know how the locking mechanism works in smart and conventional e-scooters.

The e-scooter rental business is the resource-sensitive business. In order to start the e-scooter rental business on a medium to large scale, you require plenty of resources. E-scooters is one of those. Without the proper fleet of e-scooters, you will never create a strong user base and so, your ambition to earn money with the e-scooter rental business will never be satisfied!

In this blog, we will study different types of e-scooters that endow impeccable connectivity with the e-scooter mobile app. We will also understand which are the basic IoT features an e-scooter should have and how a top e-scooter app development company establishes the connection between e-scooters and mobile app. But first, let’s brush up on the importance of an flawless e-scooter in the e-scooter rental business.

Not fancy importance of e-scooters in e-scooter rental business!


It is known to everyone that the underlying purpose of the e-scooter rental business is to provide e-scooters that users can use to roam around the city. But that’s not the only job you are paid for. You should sustain a good riding experience and safety of rider while he is riding on your e-scooter. You can achieve it only with the blend of precisely developed e-scooter app and a proper fleet of e-scooters.

By using IoT technologies and advanced e-scooter app development techniques, e-scooter app development companies accommodate a few features in user app and admin panel which make the e-scooters accessible remotely. Admin and users both can now track the e-scooters, check the battery level of e-scooters, control the speed of e-scooters and many more with just a mobile app. Thus, only those e-scooters which are compatible with IoT integration can provide ultimate user experience and safety.

Types of e-scooters you can select for your e-scooter rental business

As we have discussed earlier, your fleet of e-scooters should not have compatibility issues with IoT technologies. So, it is critical to select a perfect fleet of e-scooters. It is so critical that major e-scooter rental companies are promoting themselves on the bases of how steadier and how technologically advanced e-scooters they are providing than other companies.

A team of Coruscate Solutions has researched and found out two types of e-scooters you can acquire for e-scooter rental business. These are the smart e-scooters which come with inbuilt IoT controller and conventional e-scooters which don’t come with the inbuilt IoT controller. Top manufacturers who are assembling smart e-scooters are Omni and Segway. The e-scooters which Omni and Segway offer, are equipped with IoT controllers which handle data manipulation, decision-making and allow users and admin to operate the e-scooters with the e-scooter mobile app. Price of such smart e-scooters is around $500. If you don’t know about the e-scooter market and configuration of e-scooters, a team of Coruscate is always ready to assist you.

If we talk about the conventional e-scooter then it is the more preferable choice of an e-scooter rental startup. Compared to smart e-scooters, cost of conventional e-scooters is very low. But here it is worth to mention that conventional e-scooters don’t come with the IoT controller. That means you need to buy a set of IoT controllers in order to make it smart. Moreover, an e-scooter app development company has to customize IoT controllers according to the configuration of the e-scooters. Coruscate Solutions will also help you if you select conventional e-scooters. We will customize the IoT controllers in such a way that it will communicate with the e-scooter mobile app in the most possible way. Following image gives you the insight into how much you need to spend to buy IoT controllers.

In the next section of this blog, let’s know which are the IoT features an IoT controller provides.

Top IoT features you should have in your e-scooters and e scooter app.


Regardless of which type of e-scooters you purchase, you should need a few IoT features in that purchased e-scooters. This is the basic requirement and you should pay heed to it.

Power on/off control or locking mechanism


Users should able to lock or unlock the e-scooters by scanning the QR code through the e-scooter mobile app. Additionally, Admin should also able to lock and unlock the e-scooter with its admin panel.

Communication method


There are two types of connection happen – one is between IoT controller and server and another is between e-scooter mobile app and e-scooters. For establishing a connection between the IoT controller and server, it should support 4G. And for the communication between the mobile app and e-scooter, it should support Bluetooth data transfer.

GPS Tracking


IoT controllers should need to report the location of the e-scooters to the server. So, user and admin both can track the e-scooters in real time.



IoT controller contains a chip which needs the power to operate. So, it should be directly powered by the e-scooter battery.



Theft and vandalism are the two major problems all e-scooter rental companies are facing. Three types of Alarm – fall down, cut down power wire and abnormal movement can reduce the possibilities of an e-scooter theft.

Monitor battery level


To keep the batteries of all e-scooters charged is the fundamental business process of an e-scooter rental company. So, it is important for the admin to remotely know the battery level of every e-scooters.

Limit speed


Admin should able to set and limit the speed of the e-scooters to ensure the safety of riders and their surrounding.

Light control


Lights of e-scooters should be controlled by mobile app or light should turn on automatically as soon as the rider starts riding e-scooter.



When a user rides an e-scooter outside of the business boundaries, admin should receive a notification. Apart from this, it should also update the rider when he approaches a school or prohibited parking.

How to control the e-scooters with the e-scooter mobile app?


In order to turn on/off e-scooters or to track the e-scooters, an e-scooter app development company has to entrench a connection between IoT controller, server and e-scooter mobile app. To do so, they use the MQTT protocol. It is the standard messaging protocol that is designed for connection with remote locations. It provides a very useful library in Node.js. Our developers own 1000+ hours of combined experience on MQTT protocol. They know all possible ways to bring MQTT protocol in e-scooter app development in a most efficient manner.

Coruscate Solutions which is one of top e-scooter app development companies, develops a next-gen e-scooter app for both smart e-scooters and conventional e-scooters.

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