E Scooter App Development : How IoT integration to the dockless bikes help to make the streets safe for e scooter riders?

How IoT integration to the dockless bikes help to make the streets safe?

The storm of dockless electric scooters sharing apps has reached almost all around the world in the last year. There are more and more electric scooters coming up in the market and more of these tiny vehicles are seen moving around the streets. The more these bikes are seen around, the more accidents are visible in the vicinity because of which the e-scooter faced a huge backlash initially.

However, the ironic truth is the disruptive technology is actually redefining urban transportation.
The recent innovations in autonomous vehicles are evolving connected-city technologies. It will also dramatically influence the re-engineering of the city infrastructures in order to keep a tab on issues like traffic congestion, commuter safety, energy usage and how to navigate through the first and the last mile.

New data types and sources produce unique traffic solutions

Dockless electric scooters and shared bikes are in the end Internet of Things (IoT) devices. They are activated with the help of rider’s smartphones and continuously generate data from the integrated sensors which are transmitted to the systems of the companies that own them. They get all of the information right from the location of each bicycle, the time taken to complete each ride all in real time.

It is expected that the most functional level mobility data will produce more focused insights related to fleet management, heavily corridors, peak commute time and other transits will be magnifying the major benefits of the connected city model. According to a study, in the US alone, congestion cost was $305 billion last year which was increased by $10 billion from 2016.

How IoT connects devices?


The world is getting smaller and smaller with high advancements in technology. We experience the new modes of communication that enable us to interact with our world and each other in various new and unimaginable ways. The technology has not only transformed our lexicon fundamentally but also it has expanded our capacity for empathy and the human ability to reach vast social consensus. We can check out the experiences, the struggles and the memories of the world right at our fingertips.

But along with our human world, the world of gadgets is also experiencing the connectivity and forming a synaptic network between our phones, cars, computers, and even homes. All of these have started “communicating” with one another and share the information. This network of physical objects communicating with each other is called the “Internet of Things or IoT”.

IoT technology has enabled us to analyze the data much more efficiently, effectively and effortlessly than ever before. IoT is nothing but the network of physical things that are embedded with software, sensors, and connectivity capabilities of receiving and transmitting data. So, which are the various things connected to this widespread network?

E-scooters with IoT

With the far-reaching implications of IoT, the e-scooters and other electric vehicles are not left untouched. The modern e-scooters powered by IoT technology are able to tell its riders the best routes to go for and are very much trackable right from the headquarters. The company can also make sure that the e-scooters are not taken out of the city limits by locking them right away if the rider tries to take it beyond the boundary. The IoT technology can even help to keep a check on the emission of Co2.

IoT is making things easier for enviroment-friendly technologies and programs like e-bikes, and ride-sharing services. That is why most internet-based transportation companies like Uber, Lyft, Bird, Lime, etc. have experienced a growth of more than 32% since 2013.

The e-scooters powered with IoT are a revolution that gives one the real-time accessibility, real-time data sharing and eco-friendly transportation that is the future of transit. IoT is making a future possible where the cars and the stoplights can talk to one another directly instead of operating on timers. The stoplights could use real-time traffic data to optimize the traffic flow and eliminate the traffic altogether.

Everyone is aware of cities getting more and more congested and that is why it will be difficult to fit in so many cars in the picture. So, the next step that people will adopt is going for e-scooters and e-bikes. So, there will be a huge advancement in the production of two-wheelers in the coming year with a similar rise in the scooter sharing industry.

Not only that, with the IoT involved, the scooter rental services will be able to make the rides safer by keeping a tab on the speed of vehicles all over the world. They will be able to control the speed limits according to each city where the vehicles are working. They will also be able to avoid tragic accidents by knowing which e-scooters need charging and if there is an issue with some of the scooters. The riders will not need to keep their location on in the IoT powered e-scooters, the exact locations can be detected even without smartphones.

Equipping the easy to use, pocket-friendly solutions with IoT is a no-brainer. These small and simpler rides will be slowly becoming a sustainable travel solution and the standard of the future. Going with the IoT powered e-scooters is clean, cutting edge and revolutionary.

Cost of Development of basic E-scooter app

The e-scooter app basically consists of 3 modules. Here is a basic price chart that will give you an idea of how much time will the e-scooter app with basic features take to be ready.

Escooter app development costcost
However, we would like to inform you that you should never believe in scripts that many of the development companies offer. Though these scripts take less time and money to build your app, they might not prove profitable in the long run. According to the law for launching apps in the App Store, they do not allow to launch clone apps with exact same features. Even if due to some loophole, you are able to launch the app, there are not many chances for you to gain customers. So, it is better to build your unique app with peculiar features and attract your audience in the right way.

We can help you develop an app with a smooth and seamless user-interface and great features. If you have queries regarding e-scooter app development, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation session and ask for a free demo.

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