Developing an iOS Application: Cost and Features

iOS app development

Apple has a powerful infrastructure. Not only one the iOS app development side, but for sales and marketing as well. The apple ecosystem is a well-built system. There are many business modules you can choose from if you choose to list your app on the Apple App Store. 

Ranging from low to high cost options, you can also extend various offers to your users. iOS app development companies have seen a rise in demand for their services. 

If you are looking to create an app for the apple ecosystem, discussed below are the cost, features and precautions you need to consider. 

Must-have features in your iOS app 

Apple has introduced new and advanced features to the iOS15 system. You need to implement them in your iOS app to make it compatible. 

Face ID

Protection and privacy comes first in iOS systems. Your app should support a Face ID lock and unlock. 

SharePlay Update

This feature allows users to enjoy multi-media together such as music, videos, photos, etc. Consider this if you are creating a multi-media app. 


Implement in-app messages in your iOS application.


iOS 15 has launched a new and optimized version for notifications, which includes Quick Reply and a great UI for notifications.  Integrate this advanced feature into your iOS app.


Apple always ensures that the privacy and security of their users is never compromised. Use end to end encryption and match all the security concerns for your iOS app development.

Checklist for a high-performing iOS Application 

Here are some quick pointers and precautions that you must consider while developing the application. 

Good design of the app

The design should be user friendly. Hire a good design team to build a good user experience that makes your iOS app stand out in the market.

Screen Size

Every iOS device has a different screen size. Make a design that works for all the screen sizes.  The applications should be responsive so that iOS users with multiple devices can have the same user experience.


It is a sure thing that some users will use the program on tablets, so compatibility mode must be considered while developing an iOS app. The workspace resolution on various iPad devices matches the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. As a part of Apple’s application vetting process, sometimes apps designed especially for the iPhone are evaluated on the iPad..

Controllable Push Notifications

Integrating push notification is important  for any application development. Push notifications make your application more interactive as notifications attracts the users to check the application more frequently. 

Code Update

Any update should be compatible with the older versions of the application. Introduce something new and unique to your iOS app with every app update. Enhance security and app performance with every app update.

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Cost to develop an iOS app

The development cost depends on various factors. It is usually derived from the specifications of the app and that’s why it varies from project to project. Here are some main determinants of the cost of iOS app development. 

App size

Cost of developing an iOS app is directly dependent on the size of the application. When your app size is increasing it results in a higher app development cost.

Small apps Medium apps Enterprise apps
1-2 months 4-6 months 6 months+
$5000-$10,000 $10,000-$50,000 $50,000+

Complexity of Features

More features makes the iOS app development process more complex. Some advanced features may cost you extra for integrating into your ios app. So first figure out your app features and then you can configure the cost from the table mentioned here:

App Complexity App description Cost
Basic app App with basic UI and basic features $5,000- $20,000
Complex app App with advanced features and higher backend development $20,000- $2,50,000

Different iOS development Engineers

All the different engineers can charge you to develop an iOS application as per their work role such as

• UI designers will charge $15-$50 per hour globally.

• IOS developers charge $20-$100 per hour

• QA will charge $10-$40 per hour.

It depends on how many facilities and how many engineers you want to integrate with your ios app development.

Choose between In House or Outsourcing

Opt for outsourcing if you have no experience in the IT field. If you are familiar with the IT field, then you can go for both options. But, if you are running out of time and resources, we suggest you should go for outsourcing as the price per hour for app development in some countries is more affordable. Also, it holds the benefit of saving the office electricity bills, employee salaries, etc.

For outsourcing, the cost of the app development depends on the region. There are different per-hour rates globally.. Here is the list of some of the top countries with a per-hour rate.

North America $140-150 per hour
Australia $100-120 per hour
U.K. $60-80 per hour
Eastern Europe $30-40 per hour
India $25-30 per hour

How can Coruscate help you?

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