Integrate WhatsApp with Your CRM or Apps like Zendesk, MessageBird or Twilio


Enterprises for a while have been working on making communication smooth and seamless. Helping them along the way, Whatsapp has recently introduced the enterprise version of the application, Whatsapp for a business app. This will make businesses respond to customer queries and improve their communication. This new app version will allow businesses to respond to the customers for free within the first 24 hours of receiving a message. Post that, the enterprises will need to pay for the communication.

The only hitch in this would be that the businesses can respond to customers who have contacted them. If businesses integrate their Whatsapp app to their CRM applications like MessageBird, Twilio or others, then they would be able to send out reminders and alerts via Whatsapp and automate the whole process.

How will Whatsapp for Business Help?

There are various benefits associated with this enterprise edition of Whatsapp

  • It improves the overall business communication, making the enterprise more responsive and interactive towards the end customers.
  • The customers can interact in real-time while ensuring quick and immediate responses to their queries.
  • The business’s support system will be better with this new application. If the business can solve the queries while chatting with the end-users, it makes more sense.
  • It is cheaper than setting up a call center for your business. This can have a major benefit on your customer support system.
  • It is helpful when you are aiming at making your business responsive during holidays and other times. You won’t need to login to your systems or, you won’t have to get your laptops out and you would still be able to communicate with the end customer.

Why Businesses should have a Good CRM System?


Customer relationship is the major stronghold for any business. If the business is unable to manage the relationship and does not yield its relationships into loyalty, then the business will not be able to make the profits it aims to have.

That’s why CRM is an important aspect of any business. An apt system integrated with strong response times will benefit the end-users. Whatsapp will make sure that the communication happens in real-time but, to truly benefit from the application you need to integrate it with your existing CRM system.

  • Your contacts will be able to connect with you over the application.
  • You would know what stage of persuasion your contacts are in, and you would be able to deal with them accordingly. The Whatsapp for business will help you connect and send messages according to your customer’s needs.
  • A conversion rate is better with the integration of your enterprise business applications with the Whatsapp application.
  • A good CRM system will help you connect, send the right triggers and even convert with the ease that no other system will offer.

Managing the customer relationship over the chatting application will help you in detailing your prospects and staging communication accordingly.

Whatsapp for Business like Application Development


The Whatsapp for a business like an application is helpful in ensuring seamless communication across all verticals of the business. The development cost of the application depends entirely on features you wish for the application, the level of integration and the overall functionality you aim to achieve with the application.

Coruscate works on a thoroughly defined framework, which helps us define the requirements for your application, and the product you aim to achieve.

  • Requirement gathering: We understand what you aim to do with the product, and how you aim to use it. Based on this understanding, we list out the requirements and features for the product.
  • Design of the product: based on our understanding, we deliver designs for the product that will help you get an understanding of the user experience as well as the interaction for the product.
  • Development: once the designs are approved, we plan the coding, the tech infrastructure as well as the stack for the development.
  • Testing: We test the product for various use cases, and once satisfied, plan the deployment. We offer complete maintenance, support and upgrade services for the end product.

Summing up


Planning is very important when you are developing a product for enterprises. It is also important for you to understand what you aim to achieve from the product. Once planned, and defined, you can develop the designs into a completely viable product.

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