Unlock Development Team Productivity With DhiWise

Unlock Development Team Productivity With DhiWise

In the age of rapid technological changes and disruption, it became critical for the software development industry and its development team to improve their performance and grow faster to stay ahead of the competition.

Software development is a creative process that has the capability to solve complex problems in an innovative way. In order to succeed, development teams work rigorously to outperform their competitors.

However, it can be ugly, convoluted, and frustrating at some point making your development team less efficient and tiresome.

So, how can you support your development team to work efficiently rather than being stuck in a difficult situation? This is what exactly we are going to discuss in the blog post!

1. Minimize Repetitive tasks in IT project development

Minimize Repetitive tasks

Being an IT professional, you probably feel like you’re wasting way too much time on repetitive tasks such as flipping back and forth between outdated software systems, code management, upgrading software, documentation, generating database schemas, and API integration.

How can you minimize such repetitive tasks? The answer lies in automation.

Automating repetitive tasks in software development allows organizations to speed up their IT teams.

For example, APIs are the components that define how apps or another client must interact with the provided services, the capability of the services, and its data types. Creating API documentation is crucial for its usability, integration, and maintenance.

The documentation should be clear concise and simple to understand. However, creating API documentation and its maintenance became a headache for developers. The problem can be solved by generating documentation for the final users in an automated way to save developers time.

There are multiple tasks in IT project development that can be automated to improve the developer’s efficiency.

2. Improve Team Collaboration and sharing resources

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”- Andrew Carnegie

Improve Team Collaboration and sharing resources

The remote development team and long-distance clients becoming increasingly common. Poor collaboration among a team increases the risk of low work efficiency. On the contrary good collaboration addresses issues associated with team communication, Project and task management, and file sharing.

Overall, effective collaboration saves time, speed up development and improve team relationship to achieve common business objective.

3. Write clean code: Easy to read, understand and change


Write clean code

While writing a software program your code should be clean so that it will be easy to read, understand and change. Working with the code that others will work on makes it evident that clean code is important.

To write clean code developers need to follow good practices such as,

Check your naming conventions and keep them clear and concise

• Use the same name pattern for similar functions, for example, GetUpdates(), AddUpdates()

• Try to minimize the use of the same code block with a better alternative.

• Keep database requests simple and effective

Writing clean code elevates the code quality. Naturally, it enables developers to discuss code clearly with the team members and clients.

Further, modifying code to add new features is a continuous process to keep your software updated and functional. With clean code, developers can easily add new features to the existing code.

Writing clean code has the following advantages:

Simplify team development with code easier to understand.

Makes code maintenance easier and quicker

Improves code quality by reducing the number of errors

We have discussed the three ways conducive to high productivity in development teams.

Improve your development team productivity with DhiWise

DhiWise is the web and mobile application development platform that helps you to build successful apps faster.

1. DhiWise minimizes repetitive tasks with automation

Minimizing repetitive tasks in software development saves developers time and lets developers focus on more complex issues, improving team productivity and app quality.

Here are a few tasks automated by DhiWise in app development.

Auto-generates APIs

Automatically generates business logic/ source code with few inputs

Auto-generated API documentation

Set authentication and authorization with few inputs

Create input database schema with few inputs

2. DhiWise supports team collaboration and code sharing

DhiWise provides a secure environment for effective collaboration and code sharing among the team members. It empowers remote teams to securely share code resources from any location, at any time. Thus, it lets everyone in the development team be on the same page and reduces inefficiencies.

3. DhiWise enforces developers to write clean code

DhiWise generates 100% clean code so you can build scalable and maintainable applications with high quality. Thus it saves developers time in training to write clean code, code maintenance, and app scaling.

Overall, DhiWise helps you to improve development team productivity while maintaining the app quality.

Know more about DhiWise and try using DhiWise Today!!

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