Create an app like Swiggy: Clone App Development

Food delivery apps are in great demand right now. This food delivery application business has gained so much popularity and profit that everyone wants to enter in this food delivery app business. Food delivery app like Swiggy has created a domino effect all over the market.

In this busy world, Food at your door steps entered in our life like a blessing! No one likes to  stand in long queues, and wait for food in crowded places and then Food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber-eats, etc.

If you want to make an app like Swiggy then you are in the right place. We will take you through the whole process of developing a food delivery app like swiggy. Swiggy-like apps are in the demand right now so that it is also called on-demand app development. 

Here’s all you need to know to develop an app like Swiggy:

Decide the features for your Swiggy-like app:

First, you should know that your Swiggy-like app works with the 4 different modules.

Customer App

Delivery Agent App

• Vendor/Partner App

• Admin App

1. Customer App

• Login/Registration Page

• Customizable Pick-up & Delivery Facility

• Online Order Booking

• Real-time Order Tracking

• Push Notification

• Multiple Payment Options

• Referral Programs

• Rating & Feedbacks System

2. Delivery Agent App

• Delivery Status Updates

• Profile Management

• Shortest Route Tracking

• Option to whether accept or reject delivery orders

• Push Notification

3. Vendor/ Partner App

• Product & Cost Management

• Real-time Order Tracking

• Push Notifications

• Reports

• Stock Management

• Order Acceptance/ Rejection feature

4. Admin App

• Vendor/ Store Management

• Customer Management

• Real-time Order Tracking

• Multiple Payment Receiving Options

• Dashboard

• Analytics

Decide on Revenue Model:

Swiggy is making money from 4 different revenue models. Decide on the revenue model from which you want to generate revenue.

1. Commission from Restaurants: 

Swiggy Partners with different restaurants and make a commission policy with them. For example, they make an agreement where per order, they will take 5% of the total bill. That is how they can make money with each order.

2. Delivery Charges

App like swiggy is making money from charging some minimal changes as delivery fees. 

3. In-App Advertisement

Swiggy allows the other brands to advertise their product in their application. They charge for these advertisements and make money from them.

4. Affiliate Income

Swiggy-like apps also earn from affiliates like banks and financial institutions by attracting them to use their credit cards in exchange for some discounts and offers. 

How to create a food delivery app like Swiggy?

1. Create Attractive & Easy Design:

A food delivery app should be easy to understand and navigate. From Registration to placing orders, every page should have a simple and intuitive design. 

2. Make Your App Responsive

Each and every user owns different devices, maybe they can even choose a different platform for your application. Some users will access your app with Laptops, some with Android phones, some with IOS devices, some from tablets, etc. Your application should operate smoothly on all devices.

3. Start Development

Start Developing your application. Use the right Techstack for it and make all the features highly optimized. First, start on a backend development on which all the filters will perform. Then integrate it with the frontend part.

4. Testing & Launching

Test your application thoroughly. Ask the Quality Assurance team to test your application and once the testing is done, Launch your application in the market.

What is the cost to develop an application like Swiggy?

It takes nearly $3,500 to $ 9,500 to develop a simple basic application but we should not forget that in the end it always depends on the features you want to implement into your application. Cost estimation depends on various factors such as

• Number of platforms

• The region where the app is developed

• Various payment gateways

• Size of the App development team

• App complexity

It is better to start with a clone app if you have a limited budget and time for your Swiggy-like application. Swiggy Clone app contains all the basic features of swiggy and then you just have to customize it as per your requirements.

If you want to develop a food delivery app like Swiggy, then you are at the right place. Coruscate will help you with the clone app development of Swiggy and assure you of the best quality. Coruscate is one of the leading app development companies. Coruscate will help you with on-demand app development and take you through the whole development process.


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