How To Build Your Own Group Chat App like Telegram And WhatsApp?

Posted on May 23, 2018 By Vishal Virani


The not-so subtle war between WhatsApp and Telegram is not hidden from us. With an aim to surpass its competitor, WhatsApp has introduced new additions to its Group feature, which will keep most people rooted to the messaging app. WhatsApp groups have been an excellent way of communicating important affairs, keeping in touch with family and friends, and alerting about events and emergencies. With this upgrade, the groups will become more functional and usable.

While Telegram has incorporated infinite features into its app, WhatsApp has and always will define the features based on the user’s demands. So, what are these new features we are talking about?

  • Group admin can add the purpose of the group as well as the rules. This will be displayed when the user checks out the group.
  • Admin can restrict the access for changing group name, icon etc.
  • Adding someone who has been ousted from the group will now be slightly difficult. This is to prevent spamming in the groups.
  • If you have not been checking into the group for a while, then the catch-up feature will allow you to check on the messages that have been sent to you, mentioning you.
  • Participant search has also been made easy with this new update
  • The group chat can be converted into a private chat with a member with this update.

All the features that have been introduced by WhatsApp are aimed towards improving the engagement. There will be an increase in the time-spent and the engagement levels with the group feature.

Though there are many WhatsApp like apps available in the market, WhatsApp is creating numerous opportunities for clone apps. You can create a group chat app like WhatsApp or use a particular feature to create your next WhatsApp or Telegram clone.

In fact, WhatsApp itself gives you around 50 odd features that can help you create a chat app for your business, and improve communication and productivity.

Of the 50 features, we will discuss a few that will help your create your own group chat app like WhatsApp or Telegram.

Easy File Transmission

For a very long time, WhatsApp did not allow you to share documents beyond a certain fixed size. With the release of Hike, which allowed you to upload and documents, without restricting the file size, WhatsApp also introduced a similar feature for its audience.

Seamless communication and sharing of information is the main aim of the businesses aiming at developing WhatsApp clone application. If you are one of them, then you should ideally include the easy file transmissions, without restricting the file size. You could integrate the application with popular services such as DropBox, Google Drive, Evernote for the best possible results.

Group Admin

This should be strict and privacy should be complete in this case. Your admin should be able to control the chats that happen, and prevent spamming within the group. The group admin should have the access to allow or not allow members to dictate the group. The admin will be responsible for disbarring the members from the group. The group chat is an extensive feature, especially for the businesses. If your chat does not have restrictions, it may not perform ably.

Timely Alerts

The best feature of WhatsApp is to send in alerts once someone messages or there is a group message with a mention. These alerts keep the audience engaged and the communication real-time. Even a small update is communicated via the alerts. If you want to develop a WhatsApp like communication app, you might want to work on the notifications bit. All the alerts should be 24/7. You should also allow the users to customize the notifications. If the user does not want to be alerted about certain messages, they should be able to mute the chat or group.


Whether inside a group or within the messenger, the application should make it easy and interactive for the users. You can also introduce this feature within the chat to make searching for certain messages and chats easy.

Security Features

The data should be secure, and that is the main aim of your group chat app. Make sure you introduce a feature that caters to the security needs expressed by your app. Make sure you invest some money in encrypting the data, and protecting the messages from being infiltrated into.

Delete The Message

There are times when you send a message that you would rather not send. That’s why you need to introduce this feature which will delete the message from your phone as well as the other person’s phone permanently.

Group calls

WhatsApp is planning to introduce the group call feature. However, as of now, it is not available. You should introduce this feature in your application, as that might take the engagement to the next level. The group calls will enable the members to hold a conference call without moving out of the application, which is desirable.

Developing the next WhatsApp clone

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