How to develop an app like Airbnb? Guide 2022

How to develop an app like Airbnb? Guide 2022

The gig economy has become more popular over these years. People put their apartments on rent for travellers and earn money from it. Some major concerns while travelling to a different country are accommodation and bookings. But all these travel applications have made this accommodation and booking process easy. 

Airbnb is one of the best booking services in the world. It is a popular vacation rental platform that provides special features to travellers to rent the accommodation at local places to stay and it also provides a better experience to hosts too! Airbnb is an American-based company.

How does an app like Airbnb work?

You must know that to make a successful app like Airbnb, it should be working smoothly and should have a great user experience. 

The working process of Airbnb:

The property owner lists down all the necessary information about his property. This includes details about the property, house rules, and price.

Travellers enter their preferred destination and search for rented accommodation at that destination. The application lists out all the stays to be rented.

• After finding the perfect property, the traveller would send a request for booking that property.

• Then the property owner will decide whether to accept or reject the request.

• If the owner accepts the request, then the deposit amount will be deducted from the traveller’s account and the remaining amount has to be paid once the traveller reaches the property.

• Traveller and user both can share reviews for future references.

How to develop an app like Airbnb?

Airbnb can be divided into three modules:

1. Guest Module

2. Host Module

3. Administrative Module

All these modules contain some different features but let’s first look at all the basic features you need to implement in order to develop an app like Airbnb.

Basic Features to consider to develop an app like Airbnb

1. User Registration:

Your app like Airbnb must have a User registration process. Users should be able to register themselves on your application. The user profile feature should be implemented along with User Registration. This registration goes for both the guest and host modules.

2. Booking Interface:

The main purpose of this app development is for booking or renting places to stay. Take time to design this booking interface. This interface should not contain any unnecessary details, it should be easy to use. Make sure that it includes all the mandatory details and features for a successful booking process.

3. In-app Messaging:

There should be a feature for in-app messaging. It helps to communicate between guests and hosts. Sometimes, both can have some different questions from their end, with the help of this feature, they can directly communicate through your app.

4. Push Notifications:

Integrate this feature with your travel application. This will help guests and hosts both with the time-to-time updates regarding their bookings and much more. It will also help to increase driving sales of your application.

5. Search Button:

This is one of the most important features of the application. App development of Airbnb-like apps is incomplete without this feature. Add a search button to your application with the sorting feature which helps guests to search for the stays according to their preferences.

6. Accommodation Details:

This feature/page will contain all the detailed information about properties as everyone wants to have a closer look at the properties. It should contain images of properties and all the facilities available at the property.

7. Easy Payment Process:

When the user finds the perfect property, he wants to book the property. The booking process should be easy and it should be integrated with payment gateways. Add some Payment methods from which users can opt for one method to pay their booking charges.

8. Easy Cancellation:

Your application should contain an easy cancellation feature with a cancellation policy.

TechStack for Airbnb-like app development


Before coding, start the designing of your application. Design the whole application first and set the wireframe for app development. Then add extra animation and design to that wireframe. This is one of the primary keys to successful app development. 

Start the Development Process:

Coding aspect of the development process should start with backend development. First with backend development and then with working on the frontend development. Make sure to work on all the important features and generate the best quality of code in order for successful app development.

Testing & Launching:

After completing the development process, Do thorough testing of your Airbnb-like app. Test all the modules and review them. Then launch your application in the market.

Cost of Airbnb-like app development:

As per the survey, It will take 1450 hours to develop an Airbnb-like app for android and 1160 hours for IOS. Per hour rates vary from region to region, company to company, developer to developer. If we have to generalise the average amount for it, it would start from $40,000 for Ios and $50,000 for Android. It is important to mention that App development cost depends on your app requirements and other factors.

Now, you know all the basic information about Airbnb-like app development. You want to hire a dedicated development team to develop an application just like Airbnb. Hire a team that understands your requirements and delivers an optimised application.

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