How to create an app like Urban Company: Features, Cost and Challenges

How to create an app like Urban Company: Features, Cost and Challenges

In this technology-driven world, everything is just a tap away! Whether it’ll be an online payment system or a food ordering app, everything is available in the palm of your hand. Mobile phones and many applications have made our lives so much easier. Now it’s the time for on-demand service applications to rise and shine. One of the most popular on-demand service provider applications is Urban Company.

Let’s have a quick look at Urban Company

UrbanCompany is tieing technology with customer-demanded home services and that is how UrbanCompany was born. Suppose you want to hire a professional like a beautician, a carpenter, an architect, or a plumber. Then UrbanCompany is the answer to all your questions. UrbanCompany is the best example of on-demand app development. Urban Company is providing home services with just a single tap!

Facts about Urban Company

• Founders:  Abhiraj Singh Bhal, Varun Khaitan, Raghav Chandra

• Founded on: 10 November 2014

• Headquarters: Gurugram

• Industry Type: Consumer Service

Services provided by Urban Company:

• Home Design and Construction

• Home Moving/Shifting

• Home Cleaning and Repair

• Tutors and Lessons

• Parties and Event Services

• Wedding Planner Services

• Health and Wellness

• Businesses

These are some of the main services provided by Urban Company. Customers can choose any service they want and book a professional for the related service. Urban Company connects customers with well-trained and experienced professionals for at-home services.

How to create an app like Urban Company?

To create your own app like Urban Company, you need to have a basic understanding of it. Let us guide you through the process of how on-demand app development works. 


For on-demand app development of any application like Urban Company, first, we need to understand the features and then start planning accordingly. Features for this kind of application are generally divided into 3 ends: Customer/User end; service provider end; and admin end.

Features-Image - CS


➥ Customer/User End Features:

• User Registration: Set up an easy registration process with essential user details and store the details in the database.

User Profiles: Set up a section for user profiles so that they can have all the past data and they can edit details about themselves if needed.

Advanced Search Filter: On-demand app development at this stage needs to have some advanced features so that services can become handy! Set an advanced search filter in your application for sorting and filtering services.

Payment Gateway: Establish a payment gateway to accept all kinds of payments like UPI, card payments, and wallet payments along with Cash on Delivery.

In-app chats and calls: On-demand app development can not be done perfectly without adding this feature. Add this feature to connect customers with agents in case of any query. This feature can be a combination of human agents and automated chatbots.

Location Access: Integrate geolocation at the user end as well, so that they can search for nearby services and agents. Also, they can access the location of their agents coming for services.

Feedback, Reviews, and Ratings: Feedback, reviews, and ratings always affect your revenue. Great reviews and feedback from users can drive more customers to services.

Account History: Add this feature to your application so that users can have an account history of all their previous services and payments.

➥ Service Provider End Features:

• Registration and Log-In: Set up a well-detailed registration process for service providers.

Authentication: Authenticate all information given by service providers.

Profile building: Service providers need to have a strong profile portfolio where they can add briefs about themselves and all the available services provided by them.

Service Charges: Service providers must be able to add service charges to a section that also includes a customization feature.

Availability: Service providers should be able to access this availability feature so that they can update whether their services are available or not.

Manage Payments: Service providers should be able to manage payments.

Location Integration: This is a must-have feature for on-demand app development. Service providers must be able to access their customers’ locations so that they can reach the service place conveniently. 

➥ Admin End Features:

• Unified Dashboards: For the admin panel, it must have a unified dashboard to identify and monitor basic details.

CMS Integration: CMS Integration is a very important part of on-demand app development. CMS Integration will help the admin to manage all the custom content easily.

CRM Integration: CRM Integration along with CMS is important for on-demand app development.

RMS Integration: Record Management System is a must-have for this kind of application as it is an efficient way to create, update and manage all the data.

Viewing Customer and Service Provider Profiles: Admin must be able to view user and service provider information.

Data Backup: Data backup and restoration are a must in order to secure data.

Finance and Tax Management: Must have a feature like this that dedicatedly handles finances and tax.

Tech Stack

The right choices of technology can make your application work flawlessly. The right tech stack and the right Development team will help you to create a user-friendly application. For your on-demand app development, choose your app development platform, hosting platform, and database system with the help of the on-demand app development tea.

Revenue Model

Apps like Urban Company work on a simple revenue model that every marketplace uses these days. Urban Company follows two revenue models mentioned below:

• Commission or Fixed Charges: In this model, Company makes money by deducting some fixed amount from the service providers. The payment is received via an app and the company will deduct their commission and then transfer it into the service provider’s account.

Sponsored Listing: Service providers pay the company for listing their services in the top search results or to get featured on the landing page.

Development Team

Choosing the right development team will help your application perform better. We will help you through the whole development process and we will help you with your on-demand app development


$20K to $25K USD is the placeholder amount for on-demand app development but also varies on the basis of mentioned factors. It is necessary to determine all the above points for cost evaluation. Cost of development is dependent upon many factors such as

• App Platform

• Design Complexity

• Number of Features

• App Development Company

• Tech Stack

 Our team will help you with cost estimation.


If you are to make an application like Urban Company, On-demand app development is not the easiest. It takes a lot of time and hard work to develop any application. The challenges you need to be prepared for are 

• Massive Operating Loss

• Demand-Supply Balance

• Customer Retention 

• Lesser Approach in the Market

• Service Quality

Our on-demand app development team will help you overcome all these challenges for sure!

How can Coruscate help you?

Coruscate is the best on-demand app development company. You can check out our work here. If you want to develop the best on-demand app like Urban Company, partner with us to do the job like an expert. 

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