How to boost your taxi business profitability with Uber like App?


With the changing trends in every nooks and corner of the world, there has been a considerable evolution in the means of transport as well. Uber has made it possible for a common man to travel in cabs making it an affordable and essential part of our daily lives.

In today’s world of technology, going online is very necessary to stay in the competition. If you are not using the web, your business is destined to fail. Today each entrepreneur is trying to make it big through online sales. Even the taxi businesses have made it big through e-commerce.

Taxi mobile app development has its own perks. It helps you to reach more customers and increases the chances of a sale. Getting your taxi services online is also very convenient for your customers.

Are you curious to find out more about how to build an app like Uber? Do you know first started as an iOs app? In the initial stage, the app could only book a cab. When it gained popularity, Uber took its app to the next versions like the Uber Black, UberX and Uberpool to elevate the user experience.

Mobile app development for taxi business consists of 2 separate applications, one for the passengers and another for the drivers. In addition to the passenger and driver app, you also need an admin app that eases interaction with your customers and enables the scheduling, management, and payments for the rides.

The features listed under the passenger app help a customer to book a cab and complete the ride.

Here is a list of features you could add in the passenger app while developing an Uber like mobile app.


» Login/Register

Once you start with the taxi mobile app development, the login page is the first page for the passenger. A person can register himself on the app through email or social media account. It also stores the payment information.

» Booking

The booking interface allows the user to select a cab from the types of cabs available and enables a user to add the pick-up and drop location.

» Price estimator

When a cab is booked, the user gets a notification about the estimated cost from the pick-up location to the destination.

» Payments

It enables a user to have a cashless transaction, automatically debit amount via credit card or to pay in simple cash.

» Push notifications, messages, ratings, and reviews and booking history are also made available to the user.

» The panic button is the most considerate feature of the Uber app.

For the driver’s taxi app development, here are certain essential features that need to be added.

» Register

This page has the verification and approval by admin and the schedule for the driver.

» Notification for booking

The driver should be able to confirm or deny bookings, and the customers information should be visible to him.

» Notification for rides

The driver should get notifications when he starts or ends a ride along with the payment information.

» Navigation

The app must have Google maps to allow the driver to navigate and optimise the routes for the driver.

» Cost estimation, messaging, reports, and support are some other features desirable when you build an Uber like app.

Apart from these, while starting with the Uber like mobile app development, you need to decide whether you wish to design the app for iOs or Android platform. The choice of front-end and back-end also plays a significant role. You need to pay attention to the real-time working of the Uber like app. Along with the internal functionalities, there should be an easy to use but an attractive user interface.

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