How Tier Mobility’s Acquisition of Coup will Redefine e-Scooter Segment? + How to Make an App Like Tier + Create an App like Tier + Apps Like Tier + Develop Alternative of Tier

Tier Mobility recently acquired Coup’s electric moped, which shut its shop last year. This acquisition was made to achieve the single goal of offering sustainable mobility solutions to the end users. Along with the 5000 mopeds, Tier Mobility has also taken over the charging infrastructure developed by the e scooter company.
The idea is to go from offering e-scooter solutions to e-mopeds, using the experience and expertise gained from the e-scooter segment.

Tier Mobility, based out of Berlin, was devised with the single goal of offering affordable and sustainable as well as short distance ride solutions to the market. It is currently located in 55 cities across 11 countries.

As can be seen from the way Tier Mobility has grasped the market, and how it has redefined sustainability, acquiring Coup will help it reposition its image and gain a better reach. Moreover, it also showcases how accepting people are of the e-scooter segment. In fact, in most countries it is a welcome idea, as it gives independence to the users, and allows them to commute the entire distance at an affordable rate.

What are the major benefits of e-scooter?

How to Make an e scooter App Like Tier, Develop Alternative app of Tier, Tier alternative app features to consider

There is a reason, apart from affordability, that has led to the increase in demand for e-scooters.

  • It is a sustainable solution. For those, who are looking for environment friendly solutions, the e-scooter seems to be an interesting concept. It will not only help people with commuting, but also prevent pollution, thus easing the environment.
  • The rides are quite affordable. The per hour charge is pocket friendly, which makes it an acceptable solution.
  • With e-scooters, you can maneuver your way through the traffic. That’s precisely why you should indulge in this solution. As they take up less space, and are quite easy to move around, you don’t get stuck in traffic.

Tips to Define an App Solution


With Coup, Tier Mobility will enhance the charging abilities for the mopeds. This simply means, you will be able to ride longer with a better charging facility. However, the most important factor that needs to be seen is how Tier Mobility plans to charge its customers.

Before getting to the nitty gritty of how the acquisition will revamp, here are a few things that you might get to learn from Tier’s e-scooter app solution.

  • Easy to Locate: The e-scooters should be easy to locate and quicker to hire. The app solution you are defining for the e-scooter business should make it easier for the users to find a dock-less scooter that is located nearby. They simply need to enter their pickup location, and the scooters around that area should be made available on the map. You need to create an app booking service that is quite similar to the cab booking apps.
  • Effortless Unlocking: When you are talking about dock-less scooters, the most important consideration would be safety. How will you ensure that the scooters are locked, and the user who has booked is the one to unlock the same? The QR code will play an important role in this. You can use the QR code unlocking technique to make it hassle-free and safe for the users.
  • Peek into the History: When you want to check the ride history and know how much you paid for a ride or where you found your dock-less scooter, it should be made easy for the customers. The user should be able to peek into the history, and should be able to view details of all the past rides.
  • Easy Payments: The payments within the app will help the users to pay for the rides, and ensure that all the rides are paid for. In fact, integration of the wallets and other cashless payment methods can help the riders to keep a tab of their payments.
  • Discounts for Engagement: If you have a loyal customer base, to retain them you ought to keep selling them better benefits with your app. You should introduce discounts and coupon offers that are specifically devised for them. you should in fact provide the customer base personalized offers that will engage them better.
  • Alerts in Real-time: The users want to know what is happening in the app, where their next ride is, what kind of offers have been devised for them, and other details. These alerts will help the users keep up with the latest happening.

As a good brand, you should use the feedback offered by the client base, and incorporate the ones that you feel are in sync with your needs. it will always benefit if you can use the right kind of feedback, and nurture your users to keep reaching out with their feedback.

How to Make Money with your App?


When you are planning an app, you not only plan the development strategy, but also the marketing and app monetization strategy. here, we will take you through the ways in which you can make money with your e-scooter app.

  • The target market for the e-scooter would be specific. In that case, you can show ads that you believe the market is interested in. These in-app ads will not only fetch good clicks, but also good revenue with it.
  • In some cases, the people in the target market would be dependent on the e-scooter for their commute. You can offer them subscriptions or annual membership, which will also help monetize your app.

Summing Up


The future for Tier Mobility is even more sustainable with chargeable mopeds that they have acquired from Coup. They will be enhancing the capability of the market and offering a competitive edge at the same time.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

If you are planning to enter the e-scooter segment, it is time to venture into this niche with a competitive distinction, one that can make you able and smart.

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