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This content will be useful for schools, colleges and universities to make the topics interesting for the students to learn and are interested in developing an education app. If you are an ed-tech company, entrepreneur or an education startup who wants to consider standalone e-learning application development, you can get all the help you are looking for in this blog.

The education industry is reaching new heights day by day and hour by hour. The technology was introduced through education and it has changed the education system itself. The possibilities within the teaching and learning curve have changed to a great extent. You can find people slowly shifting their focus to e-learning and e-learning application development.

Before the digital era, teaching and learning were restricted to boring lectures, talks and physical objects for a demo. And if the students didn’t understand, they were just told to learn the things as they are as the teachers did not have any source further to remove their doubts.

How is the current scenario of education?

But with the rise of technology, there is no need to design the schedules in that manner. Teachers and students now have access to the digital toolbox which makes teaching and learning an interesting process. Now, digital education is in vogue and making education an engaging process.

According to statista, the e-learning market in the world is predicted to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. In 2016, the e-learning app development amounted to 46.67 billion dollars.

More than 92 percent of students around the world have shown interest in e-learning apps. They are also interested in using different devices in their learning process. In the US, about 56% of students started using digital methods for their education like educational videos, educational apps and software, and the research websites too.

Which e-learning apps are popular among people?


Many educators and parents are searching for apps that provide the best virtual environment for their children’s learning. This paved the way to the rise of e-learning apps. Let’s discuss a few e-learning apps that are very popular among people.

1. ClassDojo

This is a very interesting app for children which allows the children, parents, and teachers to converse with each other. Through this app, children can communicate with their teachers regarding educational needs and parents can know every detail about their child’s progress. This apps helps a child to get the parent’s as well as the teacher’s attention which helps in engaging the child in better learning. The app also enhances the classroom experience by providing a positive impact on communication among the students, parents, and teachers.

2. DragonBox

This app is an educational game that teaches Math fundamentals making them fun for the students. It comprises of 5 learning apps for Math. These apps even consist of algebra and geometry. This app proves a child can enjoy learning Math if taught in a fun way. This way the fear of Math can never exist in a child’s mind. These apps require payment but don’t have in-app purchase charges.

3. Science360

The science learning app is created by the National Science Foundation. It is exclusively built for the tablet users to know about advanced science, engineering news images and videos for students. The content made available through is the app is authentic, high-quality and it is updated every week. It has an amazing 360-degree view which allows kids to check out the 3D images and have fun with science.

4. Duolingo

These days, everyone in the world wants their kids to learn as many languages as they can. Duolingo is a cool and simple app which can help your kids or even you to learn a foreign language. Through the app, a learner can learn languages like Spanish, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Irish and even English. This app is absolutely free and doesn’t have any hidden fees.

Developing an educational app


As there are many educational apps coming up every day, the learning process has become easy and fun. Development of an educational app has made the teacher for everything available to you in your mobile phones and tablets.

You might want to know the key fields for which you can develop an educational app. You need to determine the original purpose for which you are developing an educational app.

Here are areas for which you might consider having an e-learning app.


» Education app of children

» Apps for educating adults

» Apps for exam preparations

» Apps for learning foreign languages

» Learning apps making it easier for disabled people

Advantages of developing an educational app


If you are still thinking how can developing an educational app prove advantageous, let’s discuss the main advantages of e-learning apps.

» Always Handy: e-learning apps are very convenient for the teachers and the students both. They can be used for training purposes at any time and anywhere!

» Modern learning: You must develop an educational app if you want to offer your target audience something that they strive for that is modernity. With mobile apps, people need modern problem-solving methods which the e-learning apps provide them.

» Most Efficient: There is no doubt about the efficiency of e-learning apps. That is because they provide validated knowledge with better quality and comfort.

Features and Cost of developing an educational app


The features for your e-learning app development depend on the purpose and type of the app. Similar is the case with cost. It depends on the features that you want to have in your app. You can contact us to discuss further regarding both features and cost.

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