Horoscope app development: make big money through online astrology app, Co-star app has raised $5 million to venture into the android market



In this technology-driven era, artificial intelligence (AI) is trending almost everywhere. Over the years, it has become a powerful and popular technology. It has been widely used in the healthcare, automobile or retail industry. But astrological miracles were yet untouched by the power of artificial intelligence. However, it has not been for long. Last year, AI has established itself in the astrology as well.

Astrology and horoscope have been people’s attraction for a very long time. Some people follow the horoscope generously while some read it just for fun. Humans are always curious about knowing their futures. People used to read the horoscope columns in the newspapers when the internet was not available. After the internet was accessible, the online astrology app became a common word. People wanted to see if the business in this sector works out and started exploring the niche with horoscope app development.

According to an article in TechCrunch, one such app, Co-star astrology app which has been constricted to iOS stores only has recently raised $5.2 million in its seed round.

If you believe in astrology, isn’t it amazing to access astrological insights on the go! If you have about to close a really important business deal and you wish to know if today is the day that will happen or you might wish to know if it the right time to propose your loved-one, having an astrology app handy is a great way to get your questions answered and gain a little confidence.

Great astrology tips flashing right on your mobile screen help you to make decisions and provide much-needed context to your daily reality.

What is Co-star?

There are a lot of astrology apps available in the market for different purposes. Some of these apps use zodiac signs to display one’s horoscope whereas other apps emphasize on calculating the astrological charts based birth details like time, date and place. There are other zodiac forecasts which follow the Chinese system.

The Co-star app is an idea of three friends Banu Guler, Ben Weitzman, and Anna Kopp. The AI-powered app promises to take your experience to a whole new level. The friends learned astrology for months and later created the Co-star app powered by AI. The app was launched in October 2017.

Each app has certain features for displaying the horoscope and it ranges from daily, monthly and annually. Some apps also provide compatibility assessments and personalized readings.

The Co-star astrology app is the first ever AI-powered astrology app. It understands how people connect with and discuss astrology and horoscope. The app has been featured in the New York Times, Buzzfeed, i-D, Vanity Fair, Vice, New York Post, Refinery29, and many such popular magazines.

The Co-star astrology app provides an efficient digital version of horoscopes and astrological birth charts. The investors who put money in the ‘Uber for astrological readings’ company are excited about the $2.1 billion markets for these astrological services.

According to great authors with business knowledge, these mystical services are said to have great potential for new business ventures.

Here is the list of top apps from Similarweb in the lifestyle category in the US. It can be seen that the Co-star astrology app ranks 9th in the chart.

Here is another graph showing the last week ranking of Co-star app. It ranked 9th in the lifestyle category and 258th overall.

Features of Co-star app that you can consider while horoscope app development or online astrology app

• Personalized planet-by-planet compatibility

Astrology comprises of a number of believing in the relationship between the astronomical phenomena and events occurring in the human world. Though astrology has been rejected by the scientific community, there are apps predicting the horoscopes that are using the latest technology.

The Co-star app predicts your future and shows the astrology based on your entire natal chart. The app uses NASA’s data to generate your horoscopes tailored to your birth date, time and planet-by-planet compatibility. The app also allows you to compare these charts with that of your friends.

• Track your friend’s sign

The Co-star astrology app has an exciting feature that lets you stay connected with your friends. The app allows you to compare your birth charts and results with your friends. This way, the app keeps its users engaged and interested. The users get to know their friend’s zodiac signs and can know each other on the astronomical level better.

• Personality analysis customized to your entire chart

The app also provides a personality analysis based on your entire chart. The personality analysis consists of your body type, face type, behaviour, your like and dislikes and even a profession that is suitable for you.

• Real-time updates, as the planets moveThe Co-star astrology app provides real-time updates regarding the positions of the planets and their effects on your personalized charts. The good and the bad incidences getting triggered by the influence on one’s life are shown through the app.

There are many other features that one could include in the online astrology app like daily, monthly and yearly horoscope, tips for the day, lucky numbers and colors for the day, partner’s compatibility and many more.

Current Market Scope for Online Astrology app

The capitalists who are looking for various business opportunities for exploring different niche have a safe investment opportunity to invest in the online astrology app. The technology and astrology together have great potential to conquer the hearts of the target audience.

We can help you develop such an online astrology app which can become really popular among your customer and rank in the top 10 apps in the lifestyle category. We have the expertise to develop the apps which can generate huge revenues for our clients.

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