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Posted on January 17, 2019 By Vishal Virani


With the advancements it brought to various industries, even the banking industry is not left untouched by the sparkling effects of technology. When people hear about Fintech they are compelled to think about the latest mobile app which can help them pay for their things without even swiping a card.

The Fintech startups are getting their breakthroughs by using the brand new applications for their business. Recently, N26, a fintech startup made it big raising a series D round of $300 billion. The company is now being valued at $2.7 billion. N26 has proved how providing effortless but pleasing banking to the customers pays off in the end!

The new trends in banking bend towards being customer-oriented. Providing services is just not enough, the user should feel the experience. Engaging customers is the new style of business. The customer anticipates this elegance to come naturally to you. They are unable to digest when something doesn’t work out according to their taste. They want you to challenge all odds and emerge victorious like a hero.


To understand is more important than to have knowledge about something. Everyone has knowledge of how to do a banking business. But, to understand how to make a difference is what takes you forward.

Working of N26 is simple and smooth. They do it the customer’s way. By making the banking painless and uncomplicated, people at N26 turn their customer’s most frustrating experiences into a sheer delight.

N26 brought a change in the traditional world of banking which operated in a physical world. They made an effort towards reducing the piles of paperwork. They focused on the survey conducted by Viacom which showed that almost 90 percent of people across US, Germany, Switzerland and Austria didn’t want to visit banks and have accepted technology for their day-to-day functioning. People wanted their work to be done at the tap of a button.

N26 worked on their technology to provide a trouble free and happy banking experience. They are currently live in 24 European countries with 2.3 million customers. Are you pondering over how they could manage to come this far?

The interesting features that N26 adopted to build the fintech mobile app provide you with all the answers.

» Signing up made simple:  They made it possible for a person to sign up with only some pictures of ID proof that is required for the process. For the face-to-face identification, they made it possible through a video call in the comfort of your home.

» Login with Face ID: Login was made simple but absolutely secured with Face ID. No other person but you could open the account. So, it’s really safe.

» Unbeatable Control on your account: Security is most desired when it concerns money.They provided the in-app card settings that could be used for setting payment limits , locking your Mastercards and disabling abroad payments. All this, just at your fingertips.

» Letting Multiple accounts under one login: In the app, N26 lets one create upto 10 accounts under one ID, so that you can manage your finances easily. Transfering money in these accounts in just a simple drag and drop.

» Creating own peer-to-peer money transfer: They have created a peer-to-peer money transfer system for their customers to transfer money using just an email or phone number.

Isn’t is mind-boggling for your customers to find such awesome features in your app. You could think of some more features to make your app stand out in the killer competition. It did strike a cord inside you, didn’t it? Now, you must be wondering about the cost to build a mobile app for your fintech startup and where to hire fintech developers.

At Coruscate, we have made it our mission to help startups like you expand and spread far and wide. We provide a supreme solution for all your technology-related problems which is also cost efficient. Our partnership can help you in developing your idea into a full-blown mobile app. We strive to build the bridge between success and you. We have developed many such fintech mobile apps and have helped a lot of companies to prosper. Give us a call to discuss further. We always aspire to deliver a product exceeding your expectations.

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