Why Should You Not Hire an App Development Company to Develop a Healthcare App?


Your approach to developing a healthcare app is completely wrong and that costs you $50000. This blog will tell you where you are not applying the entrepreneurship mindset! 

It was already 9 pm. Jacob was driving back home after a tiring day at work. 

For tonight, he wanted to try a new dish. 

He stopped by the market to buy some fresh vegetables. He drained more. 

He came home and bought a subscription to a cooking app to learn the recipe. 

It was already 11 pm and Jacob was starving.  

He prepared the meal in a hurry and messed it up! 

Since he did not have any choice, he had his dinner with regret. 

The regret of not ordering the delicious food online and wasting his time, efforts and money. 

The same happens with every startup planning to go for healthcare app development. 

Here, the question does not lie between doing things by yourself and getting things done by experts. 

But, here the question is all about getting all things done from the one source of experts only. 

When you want to start a healthcare app startup, the app isn’t the only thing you need. You need many other things including things to use the app for business purposes. 

Thus, you don’t have to hire an app development company that only provides you with an app. 

Instead, you need to hire the healthcare business solution provider who helps you beyond the app development. 

Healthcare App Development Company Vs Healthcare Business Solution Provider

App Development Company Healthcare Business Solution Provider 
App Development
They provide you with the best development service.  They also provide you with the best development service. 
Types of App
They only provide you custom app development service which costs you more than $50000.   They also have ready-made white-label healthcare app solutions which cost you just under $10000. 
App Design
They only prepare the UI of the app.  They prepare the workflow -based UI to ease the user journey on the app. 
Business Consultation
They either don’t have business experts or charge separately for consultation.  They don’t charge separately for many sessions of business consultation. 
Compliance Consultation
Since they don’t accommodate compliance consultants, they hire them from the open market and charge you separately.  Since they have in-house compliance consultants, they provide you with free compliance consulting. 
EHR Integration
They do not have the expertise to integrate EHR software with your healthcare app.  Since they are healthcare-focused, they do have ultimate expertise for EHR integration. 

In essence, ‘just’ an app development company helps you develop just the app. You need to spend separately for other crucial things needed to launch the app business. 

Whereas, the healthcare business solution provider helps you set up the entire app-based business and charge only for the app. 

We’re a healthcare business solution provider. 

If already have a healthcare app idea, validate it with us. If do not have any, get a fresh one.

Healthcare is the billion-dollar industry. Thus, there are endless opportunities for app-based business. 

The following are some of the most fruitful healthcare app ideas. 

• Telemedicine App

• Mental Health App 

• Health Tracking App 

• Remote Patient Monitoring App 

• Pharmacy App 

• Uber for Lab Testing 

• Fitness App 

• Health Insurance App 

• Medication Reminder App 

• Doctor Appointment Booking App 

• Cannabis App 

• Diet App 

• Medical Staff On-demand App 

To make your healthcare app unsurpassable, make sure it works on these technologies 

The underlying goal of any healthcare app is to make users manage their health efficiently. 

With the help of the following technologies, your app can ease many tasks of the users which eventually enables users to manage their health more efficiently. 

AI and Machine Learning: 

This is the most used technology in the mobile apps of the year 2020. 

An AI and machine learning-enabled healthcare app is called the smart app. It understands the user behaviour & needs and offers a personalized experience to the users. 

It is so capable that it analyzes the added symptoms of the users and either finds a suitable doctor for them or suggests the treatment. 

• IoT: 

Using IoT technology, you can establish a fast and secure wireless connection between a mobile app and any medical device with a built-in IoT controller. 

Once the connection is established, the medical device shares the crucial biometric data of the patients with the mobile app which can be analyzed by the doctor from his mobile phone. 

Users or doctors can also send commands to the medical device through the mobile app. 

• Chatbot:  

Every healthcare app business requires a team of customer service executives to solve customer problems. 

The chatbot eliminates the need to hire, train and manage the customer service executive team. 

A chatbot is basically a computer program that understands the query of users and gives them a personalized and rapid answer 24/7. 

That’s how we lead your journey to healthcare market leader 

We’ve created a customized healthcare app development process and that’s what fuels your success. 

Hire healthcare app developers or get a ready-to-go healthcare app 

With healthcare app developers, designers, data scientists, business experts, compliance experts and research fellows, we build the most powerful app for you. 

Due to our healthcare expertise, we can easily convert your any app idea into reality within days. 

And since we’re not just limited to app development, we help you set up the entire business. 

In case you’re planning to build a telemedicine app, you should consider our ready-to-go HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform that costs just $8000. 

By filling out the following form, you can get a live app demo and free consultation from the team of our business experts who have discussed more than 1268 app ideas this year.

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