Healthcare app development: Create apps like HealthJoy and Molina to provide better health benefits


This blog is useful for various healthcare startups who wish to provide medical benefits to their employees and enterprises which want to develop some healthcare apps for families and individuals.

In today’s world, mobile usage is growing rapidly. The mobile technology is present everywhere and offers tailored solutions to our 21st-century problems. We have been empowered greatly with the use of technology. All the information that we require is now available at our fingertips anytime and anywhere.

The healthcare sector too is experiencing this change with the mHealth apps trending in the market. These apps help to monitor, diagnose and aid in the patients in some or the other way. Healthcare apps offer remarkable solutions and opportunities to improve our health. These apps have their own significance due to their affordability, easy availability and portability.

The digital model of the healthcare system is based on 4 major factors:

1. Disruption: Transforming businesses through some unique and innovative models.

2. Engagement: Enabling digital interactions between clients and customers in a patient-centric way.

3. Integration: Providing ease of access to health information across systems and devices.

4. Trust: Ensuring secure information to gain the trust of patients and doctors both.

healthcare app-traditional vs digital model

Recently two of the mHealth apps, HeathJoy and Molina have become extremely popular amongst the audience.

About HealthJoy:

HealthyJoy, a Chicago-based startup has raised $12.5 million in its series B funding led by US Venture Partners.  HealthJoy aims to help the employees with health benefits platform that uses AI to answer questions. The company wants to double its team from 250 people using the series B funding. Currently, the company has about 200,000 users and has grown by 610 percent last year and expects to grow by 250 percent this year.

It was launched in the year 2014 by Justin Holland and Doug Morse-Schindler. The app helps its users to manage their claims, deductibles, their health saving accounts, and prescriptions. It also guides them through solutions and services offered by a single vendor as a part of their benefits package. The app, HealthJoy is an all-in-one platform that helps the employees to make better healthcare decisions. The app also has an AI-powered virtual assistant.

HealthJoy healthcare app
Features of HealthJoy:

The app makes your healthcare experience simple, quick and painless. To use this app, you must have a company-sponsored membership which gives you access to the following features:

Healthjoy app features

» Benefits wallet which lets you enjoy the employee benefits.

» You can talk to a medical professional within 15 mins from anywhere. This service is available 24/7.

» Healthcare Concierge can make appointments and answer your questions.

» Rx savings reviews can help you in reducing monthly medical expenditures.

HealthJoy healthcare app

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About Molina:

Molina healthcare was opened in 1980 by an emergency room physician, C.David Molina. He opened a clinic in Long Beach, California to provide the underserved families with a proper place to go to get personalized health care from Molina doctors. He believed that when it comes to health care, everyone should be treated like a family.

Molina healthcare app
Molina healthcare app-6

Molina Healthcare is a fortune 500, multi-state health organization. The healthcare organization looks after the delivery of healthcare services and also offers health information management to almost 5 million individuals and families who receive their care through Medicaid, Medicare and other government-funded programs in around 15 states.

Features of Molina Healthcare app:

Using the Molina healthcare app, you can manage your health anytime and anywhere and now it is available for all states and plans in the US.

Features of Molina Healthcare app
Members can use their My Molina userID and password to access and sign in the app.

» You can view your Member ID Card through the Molina healthcare app.
» The marketplace members can pay their bills through the app.
» You can use the nurse advice to get the care you need.
» Through the app, you can find a new doctor, change your doctor, or view your doctor’s contact information.
» You can view your health records, benefits, and eligibility.

Each time when the Molina healthcare app is downloaded, the identifier for mobile devices is collected within Google Firebase to create a unique identifier.

Molina healthcare app
Cost of healthcare app development for your health industry:

The feature and functionality that can be included while developing a healthcare app:

1. App Design

2. Basic features         – User profile / QR code/ image/ news feed

3. App Interaction       – universal linking/ social sharing/ chats

4. Advanced features – Geolocation/ data sync/ booking calendar/   camera

5. Admin panel            – user data control/ usage analytics/ intercom support etc.

6. Payments                 – Third party

7. External features     – OTP reading/ in-app calling or messaging/ secure data etc.

8. Access control        – Using email/ social media account / OTP

The cost of the app generally depends on the hours required to build the app and the features that are integrated into the app.  

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