Your Guide To E-Scooter Apps in Dubai 2022

E-Scooters in Dubai are a lifesaver for many low to medium income expats and tourists in Dubai, UAE. Only 15% of the Dubai residents are Emiratis. Rest of the 85% population is expats and immigrants. 

People are attracted to live in Dubai for many reasons. High salaries, low taxes, standard of living and beautiful homes. Plus the social life is vibrant. You will never get bored of the city. There is always something new to discover and amazing places to visit on the weekends. 

Now after the announcement of a 4.5 day work-week across the UAE and a 4 day work-week in the Emirate of Sharjah, people are excited about living and working in the UAE. 

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 Dubai is a different place for those living on the other side of opulence. The general population of expats who have recently moved to Dubai cannot afford private vehicles and license fees. People  rely on metros, taxis and buses. 

Hala taxis are expensive with a minimum fare of 15 AED that adds up with each passing minute and distance. Airport taxis being a minimum of 25 AED. 

Metros are the most popular and inexpensive mode of transportation in Dubai. Most people commute using the metro. Metro stations are spread all across the city. 

No matter where you are in Dubai, you would have a metro station in a circumference of 5 kms. 

The RTA (Rail and Transport Authority of Dubai) has laid out the metro in Green and Red Lines. 

Metro Map of Dubai 

dubai metro map


Short Answer: Because people have to walk a lot around the city. 

More Reasons 

You’ll have to walk a lot as a tourist or daily commuter. 

Dubai has a ton of tourists coming in throughout the year. From work commutes to leisure outings, people move around a lot. Going from one metro station to your actual destination is done on foot. 

Let’s say you choose to visit the Dubai Mall, this is what your journey will look like 

(If you choose the metro)

  • Home to nearest metro station : On foot (Could be anything from 5 to 15 mins ) 
  • Switch green/red lines if you are not directly on the red line metro 
  • Get off at the Burj Khalifa metro station 
  • Walk upto the skywalk leading to Dubai Mall 
  • The skywalk is the longest one and you will be walking for another 20 minutes for a minimum 
  • Now that you’ve finally reached the Dubai Mall, you walk around to explore and shop 

Considering it is the world’s largest mall, you will be moving around for at least 2-3 hours to explore decently. 

Now repeat the same steps to reach back home! 

Yeah, you are done by the end of the day! E-scooters are a saviour. 

Other than that, Dubai is known for creating geographically and physically big buildings, areas and attractions. So anywhere you go, you’ll have to walk around a lot if you do not own a private vehicle. 

It is quick and fun 

Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah and Marina are some places you can take your e-scooter for a ride and explore the area. These areas are the real city life of Dubai so it’s always fun to walk around and experience all that. So pretty fancy but e-scooters are driven around for fun by those who own private vehicles or can afford to take a taxi everyday. 

Or people who love to ride it for fun. Take segways for a spin. 

You can carry it inside Metros 

Replace all the walking with e-scooters and go from one place to another.  People generally carry it inside metro stations and it makes life 10 times easier for a low to middle income expat in Dubai. 

It was license free until recently 

People were freely  driving around e-scooters without a permit.

 In March 2022, H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, approved a new resolution stating that e-scooter riders must have a driving license from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) if they intend to use the 10 designated streets.

 However, you don’t need a license to use an e-scooter on sidewalks or cycling tracks.


There are 4 players in the e-scooter apps in Dubai that are currently facilitating e-scooter commute in Dubai. Tier, Lime, Arnab and Skurrt.

To avail the e-scooter, you need to download one of these apps and 

  • Locate the nearest e-scooter using GPS. 
  • Scan the QR to unlock the app
  • Start your ride 
  • Once you reach the destination, park at the degistaned station 
  • Make the payment 

Typically, it costs AED 3 to unlock the e-scooter and then you have to pay 50 fils (AED 0.50) per minute for the ride.


UAE is pushing to be energy efficient and a green country in the next few years. 

DUBAI MAKES IT HAPPEN. It stands by  and delivers the promises it makes. Dubai makes it rain artificially with cloud seeding. Dubai controls the weather however they like. Therefore, the promise or vision of the UAE to become energy efficient and push to become a greener country will hold true. 

UAE will promote ventures like e-scooter businesses that promote environmental conservation. The time is right to enter such a market which promises incentives and scope in the longer run. 

High Demand

We have already explained why e-scooters are so popular and how the demographic plays into it. If people have access to e-scooters, they will choose it to save a few miles of walking. Or ditch the metro and hala altogether and travel on the e-scooter. 

Less Competition

It is a nascent market. The popularity is rising and it is a good time to enter, considering there are only 4 players in the market. With the right business plan and right support, your business can thrive in the UAE.


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Dubai has amazing infrastructure to support the e-scooter app development. Roads, sidewalks, charging stations and parking stations, it is available for you to capitalise on.


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