Grofers to Blink it : What has changed after Zomato took over

grofers to blinkit

Indian on-demand grocery delivery app Grofers was rebranded as Blinkit when Zomato took over the company with a major investment of $100 million dollars. 

The name was changed to emphasize on quick delivery. 

Almost like saying, you’ll have the delivery in a blink of an eye. Lets review if the operations are matching up the promise of quality service and super fast delivery. 

Let’s see how it has changed on 3 main points 

  1. Delivery Speed
  2. Range of Products 
  3. Product Availability

Note: These are observations made as a regular customer of on-demand applications 

10 Minute Deliveries 


Most quick commerce companies promise delivery of goods and services within minutes. Companies all across the board in the on-demand application industry are racing to reach the customer the fastest. 

Blinkit has fared well. Especially in comparison to the service it provided being Grofers. 

Grofers: Usual Delivery time (1-3 days)

Blinkit: Usual delivery time 40-90 minutes 

As a consumer, I am still to receive my package within 10 minutes of ordering. But, that being said, 40-90 minutes is a pretty decent mark as well. Would be blown away if they are able to pull off the 10 minute delivery.  

Range of Products 

Grofers introduced their in-house brand for FMCG products like rice, pulses, spices etc. under the name GMC. (Grofers Mother’s Choice). Blinkit still features the brand with the same name on the application. 

Blinkit has not attempted to reskin, remove or rebrand GMC products. Other than that, the on-demand application has products listed from various brands. 

The range of products available has widened after it turned into Blikit. In general, the variety of products in the grocery department has increased. But not drastically. 

The increase could be a 15-20% increase in the variety of products. (From a consumer’s perspective) 

Currently, big basket is leading in the options of products it has on the platform. 

Product Availability

Usually, on-demand grocery applications run out of stock  relatively fast. When consumers download an on-demand grocery app, they are looking for a quick service. Ran out of something at home, need a quick delivery of groceries.

So, a product being listed means nothing if users cannot order it because it is out of stock. 

Blinkit is doing well in replenishing the stock on time. Anything out of stock is usually back in about 1-4 days. 

It is good for the situation in the market especially in comparison to its peers like Bigbasket.

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