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Develop GoShare Clone app to conquer on-demand moving industry

Before starting a business (or even after), when you knuckle down to identify the segment-specific target audience, you always end up discovering two user groups. One will purchase your service/product and one won’t. But there is a business in which both user groups can be part of the revenue stream.

Yes, we are talking about an on-demand moving business. In on-demand moving business, two major user groups are – homeowners and renters – and surprisingly, both user groups need on-demand moving service to move, haul and deliver large items like apartment’s furniture and home appliances as well as small parcels. Having both segment-specific user groups interested in your service is a really big thing. It will give you the sight of ever-increasing revenue graph and your business will never suffer from thin market problem.

Considering the profitability of establishing an on-demand moving business, we will discuss the nuts and bolts of it in this blog. But to make understanding more rational, we will study the business operations of a very popular on-demand moving company, GoShare. We will also discuss how you can develop an on-demand moving app or GoShare clone app and the cost of on-demand moving app development. But before all of this, let’s quickly know the market size and other jaw-dropping facts of the on-demand moving industry.

Jaw-dropping facts related to the moving industry

  • More than 43 million Americans relocate home every year.
  • The busiest months for moving companies are May, June and July.
  • New York, Houston, and Chicago are the three cities with most local relocations.
  • More than 650,000 consumers utilize a moving company, rest follow do-in-yourself method.
  • Moving industry in the USA generates $18bn in 2019.
  • There are 7000 moving companies in the USA. But not all companies are providing online service.
  • 44% of individuals and 38% of corporates use moving companies.
  • 11.2% average annual percentage of Americans move.

Insight into GoShare – USA-based top-ranked on-demand moving company

GoShare was founded by Shaun Savage in 2014. It is headquartered in San Diego, USA. GoShare is the moving company which connects the truck and van owners with people and businesses who need to move, haul or deliver a large item on demand.

GoShare provides a robust app. Using it, customers can book the mover, track him and pay the fee. All GoShare delivery partners are independent contractors who are background checked and insured. These drivers based on their location and vehicle type get job request when someone books the appointment. GoShare claims that drivers can earn more than $50 per hour using its platform.

GoShare’s ambition is to organize the world of the trucks to satisfy all the moving needs of customers. Thus, it offers many services such as retail delivery, courier delivery, apartment moves, donations drop off, junk hauling, and single pallet. To actualize the multiple services, GoShare lets customer select vehicle type from the wide range of available vehicles while booking the appointment. GoShare also lets the customer select an extra helper.

The business model of GoShare which you can also follow in your moving business

GoShare runs its moving business in Uber-style and so business model of Goshare also works similar to Uber!

When a user books the appointment, the app asks him to add drop-off location, pick-up location, photos of stuff which he wishes to move, any special equipment to move the stuff quickly, extra person, and type of vehicle. Based on all these details, the algorithm calculates the estimated service fee and sends a job request to the nearest and most suitable driver (algorithm calculates actual service fee based on the time required to complete the job). When a mover receives the request, he can see all the details of the job. And if he accepts the job and completes the job, GoShare shares the service fee with him. This is how GoShare manages to earn by moving people’s stuff without owning a single truck.

For the sake of earning more and satisfying any kind of customer request, GoShare enables a user to select his desired vehicle from the fleet of many transport vehicles. However, every vehicle follows a different pricing structure. For instance, if a user selects cargo van, he needs to pay $10 + $1.29 per minute and if he selects the box truck, he needs to pay $10 + $1.49 per minute.

What do we offer in GoShare clone app?

Coruscate is the top on-demand app development company which always pushes boundaries of the on-demand apps. Specifically for the GoShare clone app, our business experts have listed out top important features which should be there in moving app and which we are offering if you hire us for on-demand moving app development.

To dominate the market, it is very obvious requirement to offer more features than your competitors to users. And to integrate more features into your app, we first identify your competitors and then find ‘areas of improvement’ of your competitors’ apps. This analysis lets us know the features their apps are missing so that we can add that features into your app and you can deploy an unbeatable app into the market.

Following are the top features we are offering in the user app, driver app and admin panel.

User app features

  • Users can sign up either as an individual or as a company.
  • If he signs up as a company, the home page of the app shows him only business services. And if he signs up as an individual, the app shows him all other services.
  • To book an appointment, users can add a pick-up location and drop off location.
  • While booking the appointment, the app also asks a user to add photos of stuff he wishes to move.
  • If users want to move stuff from and to an apartment, the app lets him add the floor number.
  • From the app itself, users can ask for more than one mover to complete his job quickly.
  • Users can set the date and time for the job.
  • Users can request the mover to come with special equipment.
  • With just a single click, users can see his order history.
  • Users can track the mover and contact him from the app itself.
  • Users can submit the feedback and pay the service fee using debit/credit card as well as eWallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Driver app features

  • Drivers or movers can apply to be delivery executives from the app. In fact, they can submit documents like driving licence, car insurance, police check and character certificate from the app.
  • Drivers can be online to accept the job request. And when they receive the job request, they can either accept the job or deny it.
  • The drivers can see all details about the job including the estimated earnings.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly earning is well-documented in the earning module of the app.
  • The drivers can seek any kind of help from the company.

Admin panel features

  • User management module contains all information of the users including the number of jobs each user has booked. From this module, admin can edit, update or delete the user profit.
  • Order management module stores all upcoming, past and active jobs. With a single click, admin can check all the details of any job.
  • Driver management module helps admin to track the application status of the drivers, a number of drivers who are online, completed jobs, upcoming jobs and their rating.
  • Vehicle management module has the data of drivers’ vehicles such as age and insurance status.
  • Payment management module enables admin to know failed and successful transactions.
  • Dispute management module stores queries of the drivers as well as users with the priority level.

Develop Alternative app of GoShare, How to Make an App Like GoShare, GoShare alternative app features to consider

How much does it cost to develop GoShare clone app? On-Demand Moving app development

Generally, the cost of app development depends on the number of features you ask app development company to accommodate into the app. At Coruscate, our business experts have listed out the most crucial features and calculated the cost of app development based on it, which is just $10000. You can contact us to get personalized quote.

We do not only develop the apps, but we help startups to craft the business models, do market research, and run app deployment campaign. We also become a business strategic partner of startups and assist them throughout their business journey.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

FAQs about on-demand moving app development scope, regulations and future scope

Is jumping into the moving industry a profitable choice for a startup?

Moving industry has already been intensified. But most of the moving companies do not run their business online amid the rising users who prefer to purchase products and services online. Meaning, a startup which distributes its services online, can easily survive well into the moving industry.

➯ Should a startup opt for a custom-built app or clone app?

The custom-built app is a costly choice which a startup cannot afford. Whereas a clone app which comes with all the necessary features costs really less. Also, moving app development company can develop a clone app within no time.

Should a startup consider government regulations before starting an on-demand moving business?

Startups should be really careful when it comes to government regulations, especially government regulations related to gig workers. Recently many governments have exhibited their concern over the gig economy, so it is advisable to validate the regulations before even approaching an on-demand moving app development company.

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

Let’s build your own app

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