Motorcycle taxi app development is the newest wrinkle of the mobility market. Know how to develop a taxi app like Gokada and scope of motorcycle taxi app

Motorcycle taxi app development is the newest wrinkle of the mobility market. Know how to develop a taxi app like Gokada and scope of motorcycle taxi app.

Top taxi service provider companies like Uber and Lyft have always been an unalterable choice of people. But with the advent of motorbike taxi services, the urban mobility market is witnessing turbulence like never before. Motorbike taxi services offer an affordable and faster mode of transportation to the people. Because of its advantages, people are opting more for a motorcycle taxi service than Uber-like taxi service.

In this blog, we will study the journey and business processes of a motorbike taxi service provider company named Gokada which has recently raised $5.3 million. We will also discuss its strategy to surpass Uber. And lastly, we will be familiar with the scope of motorcycle taxi app development.

Insight into Gokada

Gokada is a Nigeria-based on-demand transportation company which is headquartered in Lagos. It was co-founded by a Bangladeshi entrepreneur Fahim Saleh in 2017. Fahim has also founded a motorcycle, bike, and car transportation company in Bangladesh named Pathao(Read, how pathao leading bangladesh taxi industry). Thanks to his experience at Pathao, he knew that motorcycle is the perfect mode of transportation in the developing countries like Nigeria where urban infrastructure and economy have already annoyed Uber so much.

Gokada offers a robust app to users. By using the app, users can book a motorcycle taxi. User can also hail the motorcycle taxi by stopping any unoccupied Gokada driver on the middle of the road in a safe manner.

Recently, Gokada has raised a $5.3 million in its series A funding round which was led by Rise Capital and joined by Adventure Capital, IC Global partner and Illinois-based First Midwest Group. Gokada will use this fund to expand its business areas and fleet of the motorcycles.

In one of his interviews, Fahim has revealed his highly impressive plan for the drivers. He stated that he wants to start the Gokada clubs for the drivers where they can relax. He is also anticipated to do experiment with Gokada shops where drivers can buy things like plantains, yams, and rice.

According to the data of Similarweb, Gokada is 4th ranked most popular travel app in Nigeria. It is a significant achievement for a one-year-old company.

ranked most popular travel app in Nigeria. It is a significant achievement for a one-year-old company.
Strategies of the Gokada to be one of a kind taxi service provider company

Gokada is a rapidly growing company. In just one year of its operation, it has completed more than 1 million rides. Strategies of Gokada which they are following to be one of the fastest growing mobility company of the whole Africa continent will, of course, help you if you are planning to develop a taxi app like Gokada.

User-friendly mobile app

Gokada is providing an awe-inspiring mobile app. Riders can painlessly book the ride. They can also check the ride history with just a click. Before requesting a ride, riders can know the fare. Time of his ride is also recorded in the app. We, at Coruscate, works on the best technologies to develop a taxi app as seamless as possible.

motorcycle taxi app
Safety of the riders

Being a mobility company, your prior requirement should be the safety of the riders. Ask your motorcycle taxi app development company to add safety features like SOS button in the app. Train your drivers to drive properly. You should also define a few safety rules to ensure the safety of riders.

Gokada puts maximum emphasis on the safety of the riders and drivers. Every driver is equipped with an extra helmet for the riders. They also carry hairnet which riders need to wear for the hygiene purpose. Their helmets are DOT (US Department of Transportation) approved which can withstand forces during an accident.

More benefits to drivers

For any kind of taxi service provider company, drivers are the most important resources. They communicate directly with the users and so, you are judged based on how polite and well-trained your drivers are. Hence, keep your drivers satisfied and offer some extra benefits to them.

Founders of Gokada has decided to not split the fare with drivers like other ride-hail ventures. Instead, they pay them a flat fee of 3,000 Nigerian Naira a day to work on their platform. They also provide motorcycle insurance, maintenance, personal life-insurance, and micro-finance loans.

More ways to request a ride

It matters how riders request a ride. By giving more ways to request the rides, you can attract more users and earn more revenue. A Philippians – based taxi service provider company named Hype (Read, how Hype is leading Philippians taxi industry) enables users to request the ride with the SMS. Gokada has gone an extra mile. They allow users to hail a ride by just stopping the driver near the sidewalk of the street.

Affordable price

Pricing is the driving factor of the motorcycle taxi business. It becomes more critical when you are operating your business in a price-sensitive market. Gokada has studied the local economy and crafted an affordable pricing structure. The following image is the official image from the sources of Gokada which compares the fare of Gokada with Taxify and Yello taxi.

Gokada with Taxify and Yello taxi.

Coruscate Solution will not only develop a scalable pricing module but will help you to select the most affordable and reliable payment gateway.

In the next section of the blog, let’s be familiar with the scope of the motorcycle taxi app development.

Scope of developing a taxi app like Gokada

1) No ‘thin market’ problem

Uber-like online taxi booking platforms have already acquired a lot of users. Majority of the users know the benefits of ride-hailing and ways to utilize the ride-hailing app. So, you, as a new taxi service provider company, will not encounter any hardship to establish the awareness of your service among the people. However, bringing those users who are using typical taxi services, into the revenue stream of your motorcycle taxi service is the challenge you shouldn’t neglect.

2) Peeled ‘areas of improvement’ of top taxi service provider companies

Knowing areas of improvement of your competitors is one of the best techniques to surpass them. It also avails you to build a strong user base. So, to understand it in an easy way, let’s assume a scenario.

Suppose, you have started a motorcycle taxi service provider company which caters fast service at the affordable price and your major competitor is Uber.

Uber’s taxi takes more time and it charges more which are the two major Uber’s areas of improvement. So now, you can promote your service targeting limitations of your competitor.

A team of Coruscate has disclosed areas of improvement all of the top taxi service provider company so that we can integrate more features in your app than the app of your nearest competitor.

3) It’s a public call!

In ultra dense and ultra congested cities, people stuck in the cars for hours and with the every passing day, the situation gets even worst.

Like all other taxi service provider companies which are adding motorcycles in the fleet of their taxi business, people also know the fact that Motorcycle is faster and affordable than the cars. So, by providing them the motorcycle taxi service, you are justifying their needs in the most possible way.

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