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Discover the advantages of developing Go-Jek Clone App that integrates multiple services on a single platform.

The new face of ride-hailing coming up in Asia is a startup named Go-Jek. It is a startup from Jakarta in Indonesia and it specializes in ride-hailing and logistics. It is the first unicorn company and the only company from South East Asia which is included in Fortune’s 50 companies.

How was Go-Jek born and what was its motto?

The name Go-Jek comes from “Ojek” motorbike taxis which are found all over Indonesia. It was founded in 2010 by Nadiem Makarim with just 20 motorbike drivers.

Nadiem worked at McKinsey and CO. consulting for three years before starting Go-Jek. Go-Jek started in a tiny call center with only 20 Ojek drivers, who later became the recruiters. Nadiem was a frequent traveler in Ojek. He soon understood that the Ojek drivers spend most of their time in waiting for their customers and the customers waste time walking around looking for an available Ojek.

Go-Jek was built to solve this problem where it provided a platform where the drivers and the riders can connect efficiently. This allowed drivers to improve their income. Go-Jek’s mission was to improve social welfare by ensuring efficiency in the market. First, it was started as a ride-hailing phone service but later it evolved to provide on-demand transport and lifestyle services according to the needs of the cities.

Go-jek-app downloads

The launch of GoJek app and services

With Nadiem’s idea, Go-Jek app was launched in January 2015. The app has more than 130 million downloads despite being in just three markets.

Go-Jek wants to spread positive social impact by increasing the earnings of their partners and drivers ensuring a better standard of living for all. As of May 2018, Go-Jek ’s fleet exceeds 1 million drivers and offers 18 app-based on-demand services. Some of the services provided by them are – Go ride, Go car, Go food, Go med etc. They also have payment services like Go pay, Go bill etc. A few lifestyle improvement services are Go massage, Go clean etc.

Two more upcoming services are related to the online content business which makes them the provider of around 20 on-demand services under one platform.

GoJek presence worldwide (Do you want GoJek Clone?)

Go-Jek’s first international launch was in 2018 when the Indonesian unicorn company stepped in Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and The Philippines. They were driven by the spirit of using technology for the benefit of humans across the globe. They aim to improve the quality of the customer’s life by providing a solution to everyday frustration.

They want to expand the transportation, food delivery, services on demand, payments and financial services that they are currently providing in Indonesia to all over the world. The expansion market in different countries is currently at different stages. Go-Viet – the Vietnamese service offers food delivery and motorbike taxis, Get in Thailand operates motorbike taxis and in Singapore, Go-Jek is currently providing the four-wheeled ride-hailing services.

All their services are active in around 204 cities with 2 million drivers and 400,000 merchants out of which majority of them are in Indonesia.

Go-Jek turning into a brand : Things to keep in mind while developing GoJek Clone app or App like GoJek

According to a report in TechCrunch, as of February 2019, the estimated value of Go-Jek is about $10 billion dollars. It ranks in the top 10 most powerful brands in Indonesia and also in the top 3 most powerful transportation and logistic brands.

It is currently planning to raise $2 billion from the investors to give a tough competition to Grab in South East Asia. The report also stated that Go-Jek has raised $ 1.5 billion from the investors like Chinese internet giant Tencent, Meituan and JD.com, as well as Google, Allianz and Singapore sovereign fund Temasek. According to TechCrunch, Go-Jek has made the first close of its series F round at $9.5 billion valuations.

The three GoJek pillars that helped it to grow this big are – speed, innovation, and social impact.

GoJek’s recent expansion (Updated – 28-June 2019)

Go-Jek has already been operating its business in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and now planning to branch out in India too

Recently, Go-Jek acquired an India-based AI enabled recruitment platform, AirCTO and opened a yet another engineering and product development center in an Indian city. The motive behind this acquisition was to own a hiring platform to hire premium talent for its Super App project.

► GoJek Competitors – Other Gojek Like apps

In transportation, food delivery, logistics, and many other such businesses, most parts of the world are conquered by Uber and Uber-like apps. Denying Uber’s popularity is a great mistake someone in the same business can make.

However, as Go-Jek is just spreading its slowly in Indonesia and South East Asia. As of now, the toughest competition it faces is from Grab which became a top dog after buying Uber’s local business. It claims to have 130 million downloads and has recently crossed 3 billion rides. According to TechCrunch, its series H round could reach $5 billion.

How Go-Jek is helping the community with its open source products? (Updated – 28-June 2019)

Go-Jek has successfully developed a very robust platform just because of open source software and Go-Jek accepts the use of open source software in its app openly. They accept that without the use of open source software, they would never have achieved anything. Thus, they actively maintain a few free and open source in-house software for the community. Following are the list of their open source software.

Open source software


Github link

Heimdall It is the HTPP client that can handle a large number of requests. https://github.com/gojek/heimdall
Ziggurat It is the environment or framework to develop multi-stream processing on Kafta. https://github.com/gojek/ziggurat
Proctor It is the automation orchestrator. https://github.com/gojek/proctor
Valkyrie It is the utility software which analyses, configures, and optimizes errors in Go. https://github.com/gojek/valkyrie


How Go-Jek manages 1 million drivers with only 12 engineers? (Updated on – 28-June 2019) 

During the initial years of GoJek, when GoJek had a few customers, the working module of Go-Jek was totally manual – if a customer wants to make a request for a service, he needs to call Go-Jek team and Go-Jek team assigns the drivers by checking the shift-time in the excel sheet. As the business grew, they created an app which runs on the Java platform. But, the algorithms they used to assign the drivers to the users soon went extinct as the number of riders and users was still growing.

However, they kept peeling the onion until they successful wrote a new, very efficient algorithm. Currently, human involvement in their business processes is very less. All important works which take hours for a human to complete are now able to complete within seconds due to their next-gen algorithm.

We, at Coruscate, always write and implement such a powerful algorithm. For GoJek like app, we have written a beast which can satisfy all your business processes like a piece of cake with its properties like high scalability and reliability.

Are businesses like Go-Jek is profitable? How much revenue you can generate from Gojek like business or Gojek like app?

Go-Jek is a single app solution for a huge market. It caters to multiple on-demand services under one platform. People these days are looking for comfort which Go-Jek-like apps provide them. It is definitely a profitable business which allows Go-Jek and its staff to earn more.

If you too wish to enter a service based space in the market, you can develop a Gojek Clone app and start making profits too.

Are you ready to start your own Gojek like business? Or, Business challenges of Go-Jek like business (Updated on – 28-June 2019)


Business journey of Go-Jek is undoubtedly the motivation for any entrepreneur to get up from the bed and start a new startup by developing Go-Jek like app. If you are planning to do so, hold your horses. Go-Jek is the billion dollar company that has reached this level by decoding many business challenges.  So, considering the way you are planning to do Go-Jek like business, it is advisable to know top business challenges and ask yourself whether you have any plan to decode every business challenge which you will surely encounter during the business journey.

» Know more: Things to Keep in mind before starting Gojek Like business 

Features and services of GoJek app that you can also include in your GoJek clone app

GoJek app has many uber cool features and services under one single app. A user can opt for any service according to their need and mood.

  • » For ride-hailing: GO-RIDE, GO-CAR, or GO-BLUEBIRD
  • » For food delivery: GO-FOOD
  • » Buying groceries: GO-MART or GO-SHOP
  • » For medical needs: GO-MED
  • » For a movie or event ticket booking: GO-TIX!
  • » For logistical needs: GO-SEND or GO-BOX
  • » For buying phone credits or mobile data packages: GO-PULSA
  • » Paying bills: GO-BILLS
  • » Pay everything: GO-PAY

Other available features and services are: GO-MASSAGE, GO-CLEAN, GO-AUTO, and GO-GLAM are now available in one app.

You can also include add-ons like rental services, carpool, tourist taxi booking, corporate rides, rides trackable by your family and friends, real-time chat support and real-time currency rates.

Features and services of GoJek app that you can also include in your GoJek clone app

Following list depicts the basic features you will get in your Go-Jek clone app from Coruscate. You can freely ask our experts to customize the features.

► User app features:

» User profile

Users can easily add or update their details like name, age, profile picture, payment method, and their contact information.

» An easy reach to multiple services

From the home screen of the app, the users can explore and select the services you are providing.

» Schedule booking

No matter what service users select, they can always schedule the booking to avoid the last minute hassle.

» Live tracking and ETA

Real-time tracking lets users know the location of service providers and ETA. It increases efficiency as it helps riders and drivers to know the location of each other by not roaming all around.

» Rating

For transparency, it is important that users and service providers both can rate each other.

» Multiple payment methods

We integrate affordable and reliable payment gateway in the app which enables users to pay, using multiple payment channels.

» Rate estimator

Before booking a service, a user can see the estimated money he will need to pay.

» Notifications

The user receives notification for all important event. But, he can disable it if he doesn’t want to be notified.

» Promo codes

Promo codes can work as a marketing asset. It lets users book a service with discounted price.

» Booking History

With just a single click, user can see the well-documented history of his booking, service provider details, how much he has paid for it and status of his payment.

► Service provider’s app features:

» Service provider’s profile

Like user, a service provider can add his all details including license and other important documents like police check or character check.

» Accept or decline a request

The service provider can accept or decline the service request by just a single click.

» Navigation and request maker’s details

If a service provider accepts the service request, he can know the details of the user and app navigates him to the user’s location.

» Earning report

A weekly or monthly summary reports presents the weekly or monthly earning of the service provider.

► Admin panel features

» Heat Map

Heat map exhibits the real-time and historic demand of service in a particular location so that the admin can manage the supply more efficiently.

» Payment report

A dedicated module helps admin to keep an eye on incoming and outgoing payment with the comprehensive details of failed transactions.

» Progress report

The progress report shows historic and current sales in a graphical way. It uses business intelligence technology to analyze the big data and present a broader picture of your business.

» User management

Admin can edit or delete the user’s profile straightway. He can also delete the profile of the service provider.

Go-Jek shortcomings which you need to avoid while developing a GoJek clone app


Like every other startup, Go-Jek is facing some loopholes in deploying its services.

It claims to have completed over 2 million trips in the last two months in Thailand. And it claims to have more than 20,000 merchants for food services on its platform. However, the customers are facing a lot of issues as the restaurants listed in the app do not showcase the menu and the customer has to input the dish and price which makes using the app much complicated.

The customers have also complained about the loopholes in the transport sector as the cars arrive late or the booking is not shown properly.


How can Coruscate help you to build GoJek clone app? And How much does it cost to make an Gojek like app


The readymade and absolutely customizable script for a GoJek clone app with the built-in basic features would cost around $10000 or more as per your requirements.

However, the app store doesn’t allow adding similar apps like the original ones and it would even lead to your app to attract fewer users than the original Gojek app.

Our team of researchers has found out the wide-scope of such apps can suggest you numerous unique features that you can provide your users within your app apart from ride-sharing and food delivery. Our team of developers has expertise in developing such Go-Jek clone apps using trending technology.

Click below to Get in touch with our app development expert to get the free Gojek Clone app demo and real info about how you can turn your multiple services app development idea into reality.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Note :
We do not make clone of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your idea with existing app features and experience.

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