E-scooter app with a subscription service model: a new way to climb the next step in electric scooter rental business


In this blog we covered, how you can take your electric rental service business to the next step by adding subscription service model in your e-scooter mobile app. Get in touch with us for free e scooter app customization quote.

With the rise of electric scooter rental startups, there has been a tough competition between all of them. Startups like Lime, Bird,and VOI have made it to the top in some of the regions proving their dominance. Ride-hailing giants like Uber and Lyft have joined the competition making it even worse with their jump scooters and motivate electric scooters.

Each of the electric scooter rental company has launched their own apps. In our previous blogs, we had discussed various features of each e-scooter mobile app for you to consider for your own electric scooter rental business.

Here are few common the e-scooter mobile apps features which we features in almost all electric scooter rental service provider apps :

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But, as these features are really very common, every other electric scooter company is following the same idea to include the modules in their mobile apps. In order to stand out in this extremely tough competition of e-scooter business, you need something different. To attract your users, you need to provide them with something that is not yet seen with any other company. If you want to be successful, you need to put your best foot forward. Instead of going with the crowd, you need to take a different path and make yourself visible in the market.

Now, you will be thinking about is that even possible. You have already given all the best features to the users through your mobile app. What else can you provide the users that will really make them choose you over everyone else? And which feature can get you more users for a longer period of time. Let me answer all your questions with valid and convincing reasons.

Grover go -escooter rental service provider

Grover, a Berlin-based startup company that offers pay-as-you-go subscription to all the latest consumer tech has recently launched a subscription service for e-scooters. According to Techcrunch, Michael Cassau, CEO and founder of Grover believes that the e-scooters are future of the cities and his model GroverGo is smart and efficient and will convince many users to switch to e-mobility without the commitment of buying and financing, and without the hassle of shared e-scooter services.

So, it’s not only the competition within the e-scooter sharing companies but also the companies providing the product as a service are joining the electric scooter space. You need to buck up and get your users something which might really interest them and keep them loyal to you.

Rolling out a subscription model could be a great choice in order keeping your users loyal to your services for a long period of time. Till today, subscription-based mobile apps have not only empowered businesses but it has also unfolded a path to providing better services.

A few factors you need to consider to start e scooter subscription service:


Keeping things simple has been always the key to success in any of your life’s venture. You need to keep the subscription model as simple as possible. For example, Grover has clearly mentioned that the electric scooters will be available for rent at €49.90 without any other terms and conditions. So, they have tried to keep things simple to handle the subscription efficiently and to lure the users to go for it as it is a fraction of the original buying price for e-scooter. So, it is much more affordable to the users.


Providing quality services is always better than dealing with the quantity. You need to make sure you don’t compromise on the quality. Try providing high-quality services even if there are less number of customers. Keep in mind, word of mouth spreads far and wide and very quickly. It is the best advertising.

Understanding the difficulties

Before adding the new service to your system, make sure you know and understand all the difficulties that you might face. Research deeply the pain areas like if your e-scooters are available to the users easily in a fraction of seconds. Users will subscribe only if they have easy access to your electric scooter rental in their area.

Valuing the customers

Believe me, your customer is above all. The growth chart or company policies have minimal or no importance when compared to customer satisfaction. No business can run if the customer is not happy. So, make sure you offer the best possible services to your customers in terms of electric scooter availability, speed, charging and parking area.

Summing up:

Adding a subscription model for a certain period of time ensures that your customers keep visiting you until their period of subscription has ended. So, if a customer is provided with the best service and a few other benefits, he is sure to extend the period of subscription. The subscription model ensures the engagement of your customers and ensures that you provide them with excellent service. Your business is also benefited by opting for the subscription model as you can generate more revenue and there is the reliability of income.

Coruscate is a company which can help you build an out of the box electric scooter rental app with amazing features. If you have any other interesting ideas about customizing features for your personalized electric scooter app, you can contact us for a free consultation. With our latest technology, we can help you to conquer the e-scooter sharing market.

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