E-Bikes, Electric Vehicles, and Micro mobility catalyzing as the future of Urban Transport

While recovering from the Pandemic that would be a great deal for the entire human race, and with it, going green would be the new normal. Living in a world where technology is taking a toll over the environment, initiatives like Electronic Scooters and Bikes can make a difference. While offering a customisable way to get around and maintain social distance is an essential factor.

Urban Mobility has seen quite a transition over the past few decades and persists to revolutionaries the way people travel. From Bicycle to fuel oriented vehicles, the transition has been impactful to both the environment and the economy.

These E-Bikes vehicles have brought a considerable amount of change in countries like the U.S.A, Europe where the use of bicycles has been increasing on a drastic level. .

Bird – Bringing Innovations with E-Bikes

How is Bird dealing with the Pandemic?

Bird is a micro-mobility company based in Santa Monica, California. The company was founded in the year 2017, the company operated in over 100 cities in Europe, the Middle East, and North America, with over 100 million rides operational in the first year.

In the post Pandemic world, there will be a dire need to use the vehicles that preserve the environment, at the same time help the people commute to their workplace back and forth. At Bird, they have been laying out clear guidelines about how the vehicles should be sanitised and deeply cleaned. At every Bird station, the technicians and the field team use CCD- approved disinfectant products to thoroughly sanitize the vehicles every time the vehicles are serviced for maintenance. As the Global lockdown began in earnest in March, Bird built a strong foundation to ensure the availability of micro-mobility vehicles for transport post COVID – 19. 

Recently, in a conversation with the Director of Govt partnerships at Bird, he mentioned that an infrastructure which can accommodate such scooters and bikes at the same time can improve the safety measures and can lead to a successful ridership overall. Researchers have proven that investing in such areas encourages more people to make their way to the road. For example, in Paris, Mayor Anne Hidalgo proposed eliminating 72 per cent of the overall on-street parking to make a way for the cyclers which resulted in an increase of 54 per cent in the number of people riding bicycles.

With having a broader spectrum and offering expanded mobility, a sense of trust is built in the customers and motivating them to switch to the micro-mobility vehicles. These vehicles reduce the number of petrol or diesel vehicles which benefits the environment at a large scale. 

Public transport is an impeccable source of spreading germs and have lack of social distancing. The government has been trying their level best to educate the people and making them aware of the pros and cons of micromobility vehicles. E-bikes are a great way to save the environment, especially in the times respiratory pandemic. Increase in the usage of such vehicles can avoid clusters leading to road accidents, at the same time giving the guarantee of healthy living to the society. 

What is ‘Pop – up’ Infrastructure? 

Many countries have been encouraging the usage of e-scooters, e-bicycles and e-bikes to avoid any kind of traffic and pollution. One such initiative taken by many countries is ‘Pop – up’ infrastructure, wherein the pedestrians and cyclists are provided with a considerable amount of space on the roads to avoid the spread of the virus and still keep the transportation going.

This concept revolves around enhancing the road space and at the same time relocating it, to create a wider space for micro mobile vehicles. Creating more space for people will keep the community safe and away from any kind of negative environmental effects. 

3 Reasons why you should develop an app like Bird:

  • Rapid Growth of Urbanization : With the fast growing population, and inevitable traffic rate, E – bikes can be a huge benefit for the community to avoid traffic and opt for environmentally-friendly transportation options. The youth of our generation is quite aware about the importance of the environment, and thus go for options that do not harm the environment.
  • Beginning of the awareness : People now are becoming more cautious about their healthy being and thus the concept of E – Bikes and E – Bicycles will reach at a top notch level with the increasing awareness of the benefits of E – Vehicles.
  • An option till the Home Stretch : There have been fuel crises globally since past several decades, and E – Bikes and Electric operated vehicles are on their way to make a considerable amount of change in the quota of people using fuel oriented vehicles.

To conclude with

These vehicles are a great way to encourage people in contributing towards saving the environment, at the same time leading to healthy living. These apps are a great example of the enriched technological changes our community has been experiencing.

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