Developing A Food Delivery App/ App Like GrubHub and Postmates/ GrubHub Clone Apps Features + Tips

We are in a recession. Yet, as is commonly said, “the show must go on”. Governments are doing their absolute best to make the expression reality. Portable food delivery applications are economy-boosters. 

Why? Individuals understood that as opposed to setting off to a market and being in the midst of individuals it is routed simpler to arrange online through versatile food delivery applications, as social separation is kept up and there is an assortment of decisions. 

Such a food delivery application arrangement is a significant piece of this cycle. Individuals need effective and on-request food delivery application improvement answers to satisfy their needs.

The food business is a gigantic worldwide commercial centre. The lockdown forced during a pandemic was a remarkable turn of events. The dread of turning out to be tainted is another issue that constrained individuals to close down their organizations. 

The GDP decay is proof in lockdowns. Yet, the main trademark to counter COVID-19 is “prevention is better than cure”. Online versatile food delivery applications helped numerous nearby diners from closing down for all time. 

This demonstrates the intensity of digitization. Nearby eateries have made their own Instagram pages, Facebook pages, and furthermore enlisted with different online food delivery applications to deliver food to poor individuals just as the overall population. 

Restaurant Mobile App Development is another pattern in versatile food delivery applications that is helping individuals who are away from their families to eat an ordinary and sound eating regimen while keeping organizations above water. 

Requesting food items through an online food delivery application is an exceptionally successful approach to avoid swarmed territories. 

There is no uncertainty that some careful steps should be taken while conveying the arranged food. Contactless conveyance is a pattern that the overall population is glad to acknowledge.

Reasons why investing in developing a Food Delivery App is an upright idea

Regardless of how bustling somebody is, they shouldn’t skip a meal as a result of it. Uber for food delivery applications, either consultants or related to restaurants, let clients request food web-based, ensuring they don’t miss suppers, particularly when they’re too occupied to even think about cooking. 

With the on-demand application arrangements, individuals in a frenzy circumstance like lockdown are hurling a moan of alleviation. The abrupt shock of coronavirus has become an ideal open door for progress for the prospering on the web dinner conveyance advertise.

The segregation practice is driving individuals to download food delivery applications to meet their everyday comfort food, goods, and different necessities only a tap away.

Individuals don’t have the opportunity to go to restaurants. However, the eatery business is blasting. How? Indeed, they have created applications that deliver food, directly at the client’s doorstep. Individuals are getting a charge out of delightful dinners in the solace of their homes, without sprucing up and go-to eateries. 

Recent college grads, then again, wish to investigate various cooking styles and cafés. They love quick assistance and online food delivery applications give only that. By putting resources into an application for requesting food, you will get a wide potential client base running from recent college grads, office goers and families with little children. 

Truth be told, GrubHub professed to have around19.9 million dynamic clients and115,000 related restaurants in Q1 2019. While SkipTheDishes is the most noticeable food conveyance application in Canada having related to more than 16000 restaurants.

Food Delivery App Structure

To make the process smooth and efficient, there are 3 apps developed with different features with different functionalities. I.e Customer App, Restaurant App and Delivery Driver App.

  • Customer application :  The customer application is the one that will be introduced by your client base. This application ought to be easy to use and assist them with contrasting various restaurants and offers. 
  • Restaurant application :  An eatery proprietor controls and deals with the delivery orders with this online stage. 
  • Delivery Driver App :  The delivery staff oversee get and drop-off of requests with this application.

Key features that should be kept in mind while developing food delivery applications

  • Search:  The clients ought to have the option to look and analyze changed eateries, offers, cooking styles with food requesting application. They ought to have the option to look by area, cooking, value, appraisals, survey, eatery names according to their benefit.
  • Request:  Ordering food with uber for food applications must be simple. This component should empower clients to include and expel things from the truck. They ought to likewise have the option to drop or reorder as and when they wish. 
  • Top picks:  The clients ought to be permitted to check and spare their preferred dishes and diners so they don’t need to look through once more. This makes reordering or requesting something beforehand unavailable extremely simple.
  • Continuous following:  Using GPS route or following framework coordinated into the application, clients ought to have the option to monitor their request, from request planning to shipment and delivery at the doorstep. 
  • Coupons:  All top food delivery applications have this component to pull in and hold a reliable client base. Clients want to set aside cash with limits and that why this element is an unquestionable requirement in your food delivery application. 
  • In-application talk:  Customers may have a few hints or questions/debates that they have to examine with the delivery staff. This is the reason it is important to have to contact subtleties of the driver just as in-application talk choice in an application to deliver food. 
  • Instalment:  While building up an online food requesting framework, making installments simple, quick and secure is extremely significant. You could have incorporated installment entryways like cards, e-wallets, net banking or COD as a choice to cover tabs.
  • Schedule Delivery:  This novel component is from the Postmates application. The clients can plan their delivery according to their benefit. They may arrange their supper to be conveyed at 7:00 pm while they are in their office at 2 pm. 
  • Pick Up:  Pick-up choice is genuinely regular in most Uber-like applications for food conveyance. This component postpones off the conveyance expense and the client can arrange on the web and afterwards get the food without anyone else. 
  • Dine-in:  Dine-in was as of late presented by the UberEats application. With this component, a client can arrange on the web, avoid the holding up lines, conveyance expenses and come to sit in the café and eat.

Few Features to be included in the Admin Panel and Driver’s App:


  1. Manage Orders
  2. Manage Deliveries
  3. Manage Content


  1. Manage Deliveries
  2. In-App Chat
  3. Registration
  4. Status Update

Valued Tips to be kept in mind while Developing a food delivery app

  • Restaurant applications: If you as of now have a restaurant or a bistro and deliver food on-request by means of calls or site, an application will make the procedure quicker or less lumbering. Indeed, you could change over your online food requesting site into a mobile application or web application. 
  • Market Research: You need your application to be a MVP, which implies it ought to be a Minimum Viable Product. This can be guaranteed when you do intensive statistical surveying just as you assess your own business. 
  • Moderate help and business consolidating: You could offer less expensive assistance when contrasted with food conveyance mammoths as they put a great deal in advertising yet you could begin with your current clients and become a food conveyance centre point in your general vicinity at that point gradually develop out to be the major event. You could likewise offer it to or converge with a greater organization or nearby eateries, which is productive for both. 
  • Reviews And Ratings: It is fitting to save the surveys and appraisals for the food and delivery administrations independent. This is on the grounds that it is conceivable that the food was incredible yet there were issues with delivery, cutting the whole appraising down. 
  • Branching out: You could expand your administrations simply like Postmates did. It is a Uber model for food, liquor and staple delivery. Along these lines, you could make your application like Uber for liquor conveyance and Uber for goods, all at one stage. 
  • Uniqueness: You have to ensure that your application like GrubHub isn’t a precise GrubHub clone. It must catch everyone’s eye for other food delivery applications. You have to locate your own USP and make it the best application to arrange on the web.

Getting an app developed and acing in the market

The centre thought of a food delivery application development organization is to give an answer that doesn’t expect individuals to leave their homes, even on standard days, to profit of their administrations. 

The framework gives them the office to remain in the solace and security of their homes and profit everything that they need in only a couple of snaps.

In the event that you need an application that satisfies all and substantially more, we will go to your guide. We are a prominent versatile application development organization. We have created applications for iOS, Android and Web stages. We have practical experience in creating portable and online IT arrangements.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Let’s build your own app

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