Food Delivery App Business Future potential – pandemic has more than doubled business of food-delivery apps

Food Delivery App Business Future potential - pandemic has more than doubled business of food-delivery apps

The year 2020, especially the global pandemic will have an ever-lasting impact on humankind by causing unique complications in the NORMAL LIFE of the people.

Businesses of every industry all over the world have also faced challenges in their functionary due to change in customer behavior amid the pandemic.

As a fact, food delivery businesses across the globe have well-survived against all these challenges. Some even thrived in the pandemic by expeditiously adopting NEED OF THE HOUR business practices.

The reason being, people nowadays are limiting their exposure to crowded places, and the convenience offered by the food delivery apps is increasing the demand for such food delivery apps.

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The graph above depicts the same thing. Moreover, with the increased demand, the revenue of the online food delivery app business projected to reach 14,670 million dollars in 2024, shown below:

These statistics feel quite motivating for startups that are looking forward to establishing their online food delivery app business.

However, the opportunity lies here only with the businesses that are more than ready to make improvements in their operations according to the changing trends and customer’s expectations.

Food delivery giants like Deliveroo, Grubhub, Just Eat, UberEats have captured huge market share. To keep up with them in the market demands a future-ready business solution for your food delivery app business.

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However, there are some areas where these brands have not been reached yet, and that’s where the potential for emerging food delivery app businesses lies.

In this blog, we will help you determine such unique business opportunities that will get you success in the cutthroat competitive food delivery market. So, without further ado, let’s have a look:

Business opportunities for Food Delivery App businesses

The food delivery business is such a vast arena of services to offer. Different types of customer base expect different types of services from the service providers.

For example, a busy working class will find it convenient to access a full-fledged food delivery app to get their lunch/dinner.

On the other hand, hospitalized patients will prefer to order a dietitian-approved meal considering their health.

There is a vast opportunity in offering food delivery services focused on a special niche appealing to certain sections of the market, like vegans, fast-food eaters, farm-grown food consumers, etc.

As an aspiring food delivery service provider, you should keep your eye on such new niches that are gaining traction in the market to break through the entry barriers.

Based on our research, we have found such potential niches in the online food delivery service industry. Let’s have a look at them.

Catering booking services

From small gatherings to big-fat parties, catering services are the basic demand for any event. Also, people usually look for different alternatives online as per their requirements before closing the deal.

You can jump to online catering booking services by developing a feature-rich app, where you can also offer linens, tableware, crockeries along with food and beverages.

Frozen food delivery services

As per the latest reports by analysts companies, the market size of the global frozen food industry is projected to reach 380.5 Billion USD by 2027, by analyzing the current demand for frozen food globally.

Since there are limited players presently in this field, this sector has vast potential. The major food items you can offer in this niche are frozen seafood, frozen vegetables, frozen ready meals.

Nutrient-rich food delivery service

Since everybody is getting health conscious these days, you also offer healthy food through your app with an exclusive catalog of nutritionally rich foods, protein staples, vitamins staples, etc.

You can also describe the food healthy portion or give some health tips and tutorials in your app.

Customized food delivery service

Some people love to customize their dishes with their choice of ingredients and their proportions. You can build an app that provides the liberty of customizing the food to your users.

Well, this is a unique idea that hardly any food delivery service provider has used. Hence, you can also bring this new element to your traditional food delivery app clones.

AR-based food delivery apps

Augmented Reality is under-utilized in the food delivery industry. With real-time images, videos, or other multimedia, AR helps you give a personalized experience to your customers.

From augmented menu cards to check the quality standards of your food, detailing the ingredients of the meal, and freshness of the food, you can give all to your customers through the AR-based food delivery app.

Corporate food delivery app

In metro cities, delivering food to corporates is a great business opportunity. You can provide healthy nutrient breakfast, mid-day snack, lunch, evening snacks to hi-tea/coffee in their official cubicles.

You can also partner with local restaurants, cafes, eateries, and small joints to serve budget-friendly food delivery services through your app.

Milk and daily essentials delivery services

You can develop a dedicated egg, milk, and other essential items delivery app to fulfill every morning requirement of the people with a weekly or monthly subscription plan.

Bakery items delivery services

Everybody has a sweet tooth for amazing chocolate fudges, truffles, cakes, and pastries, and other bakery items. You can deliver them their favorite bakery item with a thoughtful packaging facility.

Meal-kit delivery services

It is a great idea to provide recipes and ingredients for a particular meal to your customers, as people are now interested in buying farm-fresh ingredients to prepare healthy food on their own with 100% hygiene.

Final Thoughts

The food delivery app business has wide opportunities for existing/emerging startups to flourish. If you are planning to jump into the food delivery app business, then you can consider the above-mentioned unique ideas.

However, you should keep in mind that to make your food delivery app business successful, you need to design and develop your app very thoughtfully.

Coruscate always practices the best technologies to accommodate the best features in your food delivery app, as per your need.

If you are looking for a high-end food delivery app developer, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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