Folien Knecht

Folikonnect is a Germany based company that offers PPT services to their end clients.

Business Problems

  • The client’s work was completely dependent on a good communication. For instance, the end users or the companies requiring a PPT, will send over an email with the PPT details, the timeline and the number of slides in which the PPT needs to be done.
  • Folikonnect’s team needs to communicate the quotation, check for all the questions that are not communicated, and get the quotation and the complete requirement approved before moving ahead with the presentation development.
  • The entire process was manual, which meant there was a lot of time and effort involved in making sure the to-and-fro was done properly, and the requirements are received well in time.
  • They were unable to keep a track of the PPT deadlines, which clients were on-board with requirements, and which client’s work was going on.
  • As mentioned earlier, the entire communication was on the email. There was no record of the communication that occurred with the different people in the team, which meant except for the person on-board, the others stayed unaware of certain projects and clients on-board.

The Solution

We derived a web-based solution for the client which included features that would help the client solve all their business issues

  • The application allowed the clients to register and fill out the form to state their requirements. The requirements once entered would get stored into the application, and could be seen with anyone who has the admin rights
  • All the communication with the client is stored at a single place. The application will keep a record of the communication
  • The admin side i.e. the creators of the PPT can search the requests, and see the deadline for the accepted requests. The admin side can also view if there are any problems in the requests that have been accepted, and why certain projects have been delayed.
  • The corporate clients have it easy with the solution. They just need to upload the document, fill out the basic details, and wait for the quotation. The to and fro has reduced majorly with this solution.
  • With every project accepted, the client gets certain credits. These credits can be used by the client in the future to pay for the projects they will give out.
  • There are packaging systems as well on the web application that the client can use, if they want ready-to-use PPT solutions.