Flipkart enters Food retail business in India opening gates for many entrepreneurs across the world

Why are we reliable for your foodgrocery delivery app development

A mobile app is a must for the entrepreneurs in the food retail business according to new research conducted to know the food retail business in detail. The research was all about Consumer perspective on Grocery apps and digital trust. It revealed that customers are much more attracted to apps for any food retail business. These apps can help you to build and strengthen customer’s trust and loyalty.

The findings of the research are very much exciting as the researchers had employed both qualitative and quantitative methods to measure customer response. The research could make out retailer opportunities to maximize differentiation and success. And they could successfully make out that having a food delivery app for your food retail business can be a big boost for sales and customer engagement.

Flipkart enters food retail business

According to a recent report in TechCrunch, after Amazon, now India’s Flipkart is ready to enter the food retail business as the e-commerce giant is expanding its reach in the country. The company had already sold the majority of its stake to Walmart for $16 billion. They have registered their Flipkart Farmeermart Pvt Ltd to focus on food retail which is in compliance with the local laws as claimed by the CEO, Kalyan Krishnamurthy.

The CEO also stated that the extended business signifies the company’s efforts to boost Indian agriculture as well as the food processing industry. Flipkart is working with numerous small farmers for the business. The company has also revealed being authorized to invest $258 million in the new venture during a regulatory filing. Flipkart has already secured approvals from the board to enter the food retail business.

The company aims to invest more strongly in the Indian agri-ecosystem, and supply chain. They dream of working with lakhs of farmers, Farmer Producers Organisations (FPOs), food processing industry in India. They want to support growing farmers’ income and deliver affordable, quality food for millions of consumers all over the country.

Amazon has already taken steps forward and is currently expanding its food retail business in the country and across the globe. They are committed to investing more than $500 million in the time span of the next five years. They also aim to build their own private label food products and employ third-party sellers. Amazon has started various services like Amazon Now, Prime Now and Amazon Fresh in recent years.

Why should you build a food delivery app for your food retail business?

In terms of e-commerce business, food, and grocery delivery are compelling categories as people purchase their grocery and perishable supplies much more often than they buy office equipment and gadgets. This provides a greater opportunity for the food retail business to thrive and sustain and make huge profits.

According to emarketer.com, the US grocery eCommerce particularly online food and beverage sales are expected to grow at 18.2% to $19.89 billion in 2019. Also, the food retail market will rank as the fastest-growing product category online. It is anticipated that the grocery eCommerce category will grow at above-average rates for the next few years. Furthermore, it will continue to be one of the least perceived eCommerce categories for the future.

What are the crucial points that a food retail business must consider while building an app?

The shoppers are more tech-savvy these days than ever before. They are well-versed in using technology for savings and convenience. The use of grocery apps is done more frequently according to data collected during a study. However, food retail businesses should be more concerned about the use of customer data and transparency about it.

The more your customers feel in control of their data, the more they are reasonable to share their information and engage freely. Digital trust-building through your apps is much critical as it will play an important role when the customers choose your app over others.

What are the features that you should provide in your food retail business app or food/grocery delivery app?

List of features that your food delivery app should have:

➽ Sign In & Sign Up: The registration and sign in is the first screen where the customer begins the app. You can provide social media integration to make the whole process easier.

➽ Profile Management: Provide your users with the option to create and update their profiles including contact details, payment methods, etc.

➽ Product Browsing & Listings: The grocery app should have several products to list for the buyers to pick from.

➽ Search & Filter: Provide the customers an option to search or filter out something that they wish to buy.

➽ Add to Cart and Check-Out: Allow your customers to add the items and checkout in a hassle-free manner.

➽ Multiple Payment Options: The payment gateway integration should enable customers to pay using multiple payment methods making the process comfortable.

➽ Delivery Tracking: You can provide the option of real-time tracking of the order for your customers.
➽ Time Slot Selection for Delivery: Give your customers the freedom to choose a time-slot as per their convenience.

➽ Ratings & Review: Your customers should be permitted to rate their experience.

Push Notifications: Push notifications can be used to keep your users updated regarding the ongoing offers and discounts.

Why are we reliable for your food/grocery delivery app development?

We provide various white label solutions for your on-demand grocery delivery apps for the food retail business. Our solutions are completely customizable as per your business needs and are designed to save your time and money.

Along with the white label solutions, we also provide end-to-end support for your grocery delivery app development. Our research team can help you with the market analysis and current app trends to select the necessary features for your app. Our expert team of developers can assist you with the selection of technology stack and help you right from the app design to deployment and maintenance.

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A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:


How Much Does Grocery App Development Costs?

Our white label solutions for Grocery app development are available at $10000. However, arriving at an exact cost for building an app from scratch requires analyzing your business requirements and expectations from the project. Get in touch with us to figure out the exact cost of grocery app development.

What is driving growth in online grocery delivery business?

The hope for leisure, changing customer tastes and choices and price/quality reflections have all reinforced the demand for online grocery. Also, speedy developments in the speed and availability of same-day delivery have elevated the customer experience.

What are the operational difficulties in online grocery satisfaction?

Logistics and supply chain constituents continue to be vital obstacles in producing successful grocery eCommerce business, but better availability of online services for grocery shopping and delivery infrastructure has made grocery eCommerce a viable alternative for more US consumers.

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