Fitness app development: How to increase user subscriptions by decoding a few post app launch challenges of a fitness app?

Fitness app development: How to increase user subscriptions by decoding a few post app launch challenges of a fitness app?

With the sophisticated mobile app development techniques and raising public awareness for health issues, a new trend of developing fitness apps has been triggered. As of now, all major fitness houses are equipped with feature-packed fitness apps which are nothing but the digital gym. Following graph clearly depicts that how rapidly fitness app market is expected to expand.

 Following graph clearly depicts that how rapidly fitness app market is expected to expand.

However, taking a bite of a reality sandwich is as important as talking about the growing fitness app market. Many fitness app owners have claimed that sustaining the interest of fitness app users is an uphill battle. Though a gym app or fitness app overcomes barriers to exercise such as lack of motivation and procrastination, top fitness apps fail to witness the episodic activities of users. According to the survey result which was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, almost 63% of the users who participated in a survey said that they have heard about fitness apps but didn’t feel fascinated about it, while more than 17% of the users have used the fitness apps but they have uninstalled the apps after using it for one or two times. In fact, none of the fitness apps can manage to reserve its spot in the list of apps which own lowest uninstall rate. A team of Coruscate Solutions fought tooth and nails to discover the cause of it and based on the finding, we have developed a fitness app development solution and documented the ways to overcome post app launch challenges. We will discuss it in this blog. But first, let’s study the brighter side of darkness!

Why you should develop a fitness app for your gym?

According to a survey which was carried out by the consultancy named Sootoo, 37.2% of people prefer a gym for a workout, while 28.3% of the users want to stay at home to exercise. So, having brick mortar gym and not having fitness app means you are missing out an opportunity to convert that 28.3% of users (Which is, by the way, a big number) into your revenue stream. However, having a fitness app doesn’t mean that you can acquire users from only that 28.3% of the users. In fact, a fitness app or gym app can provide a seamless way to that 37.2% of the people to be member, to track their process and to explore different packages. In the nutshell, with a gym or fitness app, you can attract both major user groups of the fitness industry.

But keep your shirt on, first you need to figure out which are the top features you have to ask fitness app development company to integrate into your app.

Which are the top features you have to ask a fitness app development company to integrate into your gym or fitness app?


  • Let users log in by providing the least possible details or enable social login feature.
  • Present all services of your gym and price for each service in an easy to understand format.
  • Let users select and pay for membership.
  • Provide a dashboard where user can track activities, including how many hours he has spent at the gym and for how many days.
  • Let users set the goal and recommend different steps to achieve it within time.
  • Let users connect with the coach directly from the app.
  • Add a feature which shows the nearest market from where user can buy ingredient to cook a light meal.
  • And your app should support wearable devices.

By integrating these many features in your fitness app, the end result you get is the future-ready and with the future-ready app, the probability to be successful is sky-high. However, a few fundamental features are still missing from the app as fitness app development companies and fitness app owners are taking French leaves and not encouraging technologies which can actually help fitness app owners to sustain good app traffic. So, now let’s discuss the top reasons why the uninstall rate of the fitness app is high and how to increase the user subscriptions.

Which are the top post app launch challenges you need to know before going for fitness app development?


► Challenge #1

Keep your users motivated (Not to use your app but to workout!)

Though keeping users motivated to workout isn’t your call, you have to unriddle the ways to keep them motivated. Because the lack of motivation is one of the reasons why a user doesn’t open a fitness app for the second time. So, if you make them feel motivated to workout they will, of course, use your app.


The fitness app development solution which has been developed by Coruscate is armed with few features which make users get out of the bed and workout. These features are loyalty program which provides reward points to do workout and news feed which shows all recent health and fitness related activities of gym-goers.

► Challenge #2

Help users to organize the time

People are so snowed under the work these days that they don’t have ‘time’ to allocate time for the workout.


This is one of the Challenges where the team of Coruscate struggled a lot. But then, AI came to aid and we discovered the ways how AI can decode this challenge. An AI-enabled module which automatically tracks the user’s daily activity is sufficient enough to suggest in which way users should have to organize the day so that they can manage to workout without clogging any other daily activities.

► Challenge #3

Make them ready to follow the diet plan

Many users who want to get in a perfect shape don’t want to give up on their tasty food and start following your diet plan. Thus, after a few days of using your app, they turn into a couch
potato and uninstall your fitness app.


Rather than just motivating them to give up on their tasty food, present a variety of tasty yet light meal plans according to their background. Also, help them to find out nearest stores from where they can buy all important ingredients to make a light dish which your app has suggested.

► Challenge #4

Offer personalized training sessions

You (as a gym owner) know better than us that the physical makeup of every user is different. So, you have to treat every user as an individual entity.


The fitness app development solution which has been developed by Coruscate proffers the personalized training sessions by analyzing several factors like their age, weight user group, their goal, and their recent gym activities. This is how users won’t feel annoyed to use your fitness app or to be a member of your fitness house.

Thus, if you are planning to go for fitness app development or you have already owned a fitness app, make sure that app has the ability to solve the challenges we have discussed. Coruscate Solutions is the top fitness app development company, bringing next-level of innovation in the fitness industry. We have the ready-to-go module for the fitness app which means we can develop or upgrade the fitness app within 50 days with all groundbreaking features which solve the major challenges. We have a dedicated research team which works parallel with the developers and designers to develop future-ready fitness app. To know more about the cost of development and ask for a free consultation, contact us now.

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