Get Filld, WeFuel, Booster, Clone app : Lessons to learn from Filld On demand Gas filling app a Another profitable startup idea for better ROI

On-demand fuel delivery apps are soaring high in the market- how do they thrive and what are the challenges in this niche?

Want to Develop App like Uber for Gas? Lessons to learn from Filld for profitable on demand gas delivery business. In this blog, we have curated four handy features of WeFuel & Booster that startups can consider before developing an app like Uber for Gas. Ask for a FREE quote.

On-demand fuel delivery might be somewhat difficult to imagine as a business for the start-ups looking for a new venture. But it is really surprising how a combustible commodity like gasoline can become a popular on-demand business and earn you profits. The newest target for disruptive innovation for the tech industry is the fuel stations. Over the past 20 months, more than eight startups have jumped in and launched their varieties on the theme of “Uber for gas”. These companies make sure that your car’s tank gets refilled wherever it is parked when you need a fill.

Want to Develop App like Uber for Gas? Consider These 4 Handy Features

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Delivering huge amounts of a flammable liquid is complex and organized. The companies delivering gas on-demand usually source out their gasoline from the same distributors that supply to retail gas stations. The app companies put the fuel in a pickup truck or specially created for mini-tankers.

The world is filled and controlled by on-demand mobile apps. Many of the startups have started with a motive of making human lives easier. Almost all of our needs are covered within a few apps in our smartphones. Many of the on-demand apps have revolutionized the startup industry.

The on-demand oil and fuel delivery apps are prominent gas delivery startups that are set to transform the energy industry.

Filld on-demand gas service:


One such company which is successfully working and delivering the last mile mobile fueling is Filld. The company delivers fuel to vehicles so drivers and fleets never have to stop for refilling the gas again.

The fuel delivery service was founded in the year 2015. Their mission was to release drivers from the incompetence and pressure of the gas station so that they can spend their precious time on the more essential parts of their day. The delivery professionals in safety pliant Filld trucks obey algorithmically-optimized routes to achieve top-quality filtered fuel to vehicles. Filld’s delivery trucks and technology platforms can easily transport to promote electric vehicle charging and delivery of other alternative energy fuels.

Filld is sustainably strengthening the fueling base of the future with the technology used from Silicon Valley. They have also partnered with Enterprise, Car2Go, Volvo, SilverCar, ReachNow, and Sixt to execute their mission successfully.

Filld is currently serving its customers in the Bay Area, Washington D.C., and Vancouver and Canada. They are offering B2B services to various fleets in the Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Washington D.C. and Vancouver, Canada.

The business model for on demand fuel delivery app development and business like Filld and Filld clone app works

Filld raised more than $3.25 million in its seed funding round. It has been operating in Silicon Valley. It defines the pricing structure through an average of the gas stations around the area where services are needed. A service fee is added to the price.

The functioning of Filld app is simple. It works just like the Uber model. The customer orders gas just like how they order an Uber by placing a pin at the location. Filld then sends one of its trucks to serve your on-demand request and fill your tank. The Filld app also allows you to enter your specific location and specified time to fill up the car. Basically, car owners can have their car filled while they have their breakfast at home or while shopping at the grocery store, or even at work.

The payments for Filld can be made automatically through credit cards. The customers are charged the average gas price of the nearest gas stations in the area, plus roughly a $3 to $5 surcharge. This surcharge is based on the length of the delivery window defined.

Filld app also transmits electronic receipts to their customers. We can provide same solution with our Filld clone app.

Challenges in the On-demand gas delivery industry and how to successfully overcome them:




Innovation is ahead of regulations when it comes to startups like Filld. The legality of business might be unclear as the existing regulations do not cover this kind of business. Different cities have different fire codes and that is the major challenge for the on-demand fuel delivery industries.



The startup Filld faces competition with the same business model such as BoosterFuels, Purple, WeFuel, and Yoshi. While considering getting into the on-demand fuel delivery industry, you need to differentiate yourself and be more efficient than the others. You need to invest in the analytics to check out where to place the trucks and when does the target audience needs them more. You need to consider the traveling time and idle time to make more profits. You can also consider adding other value-adding services for your customers like car cleaning etc. to make it more convenient for them.



You should consider offering comfort to your customers at the cost of not being able to specify the fuel type and brand. There are a few customers who are loyal to certain brands. There are a few others who may require specific fuel grade for their cars. But you can consider serving midgrade fuel from cheaper and lesser-known brands to gain more profits and target the general customers who can benefit you. You can think about offering specific brands once you have established your customer base as it requires more investment.

You need to consider the pros and cons before actually stepping into the on-demand fuel delivery industry. The industry is no doubt very much profitable than any other but at the same time it comes with risks associated with it. You need to consider the risks of accidents and investments. But once you find the profits weighing more than the risks, you need an on-demand app and technology to take your idea further. Coruscate is the perfect partner for you when it comes to providing all your complex technological solutions. We have been providing on-demand solutions to many of the businesses successfully from years and can proudly call it our area of expertise.

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A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

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