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Electric scooters are a new fad and many cities are being invaded by these tiny, smart electric vehicles. Believe it or not, electric scooter startup is getting closer to a deal to extend its Series C funding with more $300 million led by crossover investor Fidelity, as quoted in an Axios report. It’s a huge achievement for them within a year of their launch.

The fastest growing startups Bird scooter app and Lime (Click here to Know the Growth of Lime), have already achieved the Unicorn status within a year. It is remarkable that Uber and Lyft are also joining in this competition of electric scooters. Looking at the current scenario of, we can expect a huge change in the lifestyle of daily commuters with the wheels getting reinvented.

Before you spread your wings in the e-scooter business, a strategy that Lyft follows is worth checking out.

They have a peculiar way of extending their e scooter business in the unknown territories. It is their curiosity and vision of target audience that has helped them in being successful in this venture.

If you are an e-scooter startup who wants to enter the dockless e-scooter sharing economy and want to offer on-demand solutions for scooter sharing, this might prove a good read for you.

How Lyft has managed to capture e-scooter business?

Lyft was already into the taxi business Let us study the factors that have helped Lyft to uplift its e-scooter service.

They looked for opportunities to expand.

Lyft studied various cities in North America to know about the people and their lifestyles. They found an increasing need for low-cost commuting as the number of daily commuters was high. They found the areas with high traffic where people wanted to reach the destinations quickly. It was the time they understood the e-scooters can avoid traffic and prove helpful. Here is how Lyft is expanding their business to various cities request lyft.

Their agenda was to help people.

They worked closely with the cities to ensure that the scooters are made available to the people as an affordable means of transport. They also introduced a Lyft community pass to the people living in nearby areas where the service was offered. This proved to be an excellent move in order to gain the attention of the targeted audience. They could build people’s trust and with an initiative to protect the environment at the same time.

Making the Service available on fingertips

Lyft considered it important to get a mobile app for e-scooter and integrate the features that were considered necessary by the commuters. They understood the need of having a where no one else but the one who booked the bike should get the ride.


They introduced a QR code scanning with which the authentication became easy. They also imbibed the lock for a short break if a person wants to halt for some time.

These are some basic pointers which can help you to get a direction to think where to start from.

If you want to have a basic idea about how you want your own e-scooter mobile app to be, let me point out some important features that you could consider.

» Search Nearby e-Scooters:

Your app should be able to search for nearby available scooters in your locality.

» Unlock:

The user should have ease of unlocking the bike. The locking system should be safe and comfortable at the same time.

» Scan the QR code and reserve a scooter:

The user should be able to scan and reserve a scooter beforehand by just scanning the QR code available.

» Smart Lock, Pause and End the Ride:

The Smart lock feature will help the user if he wants a quick halt somewhere. He can just pause the ride and lock the scooter and have a quick break. After the break, the user can resume his ride and once he has reached the destination, he can end the ride.

» GPS Real-time tracking:

A real-time tracking device is an extremely important feature in the e-scooter transport. It will make a ride convenient for the user and the company.

» Payment Gateway Integration:

The cashless transactions, being the need of time are a must-have feature in the e-scooter mobile app too.

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