10 Must-Have Features For On-Demand Applications

The Internet has changed the way we live our daily lives. On-demand applications have been a major driving force behind this. People can now book products and services from the comfort of their home and get it delivered within hours or minutes. If you are looking to develop your own on-demand application, these are the features that users expect.

What Are On-Demand Applications?

These are applications that connect users with products and service providers and have it delivered to them within minutes of ordering or making the purchase.

Uber, Zomato, Urban Company are all examples of on-demand applications available in India. 

In case you are planning on developing your own on-demand application, make sure to include these features so that your app is a success. 

Live Tracking:

The most valued feature of an on-demand application is the real time tracking of customer’s orders. It allows users to see every update in the app. This provides the much needed assurance and eliminates guesswork on the user’s part. 

Order History:

Customers want to keep track of their expenses and order history. Adding this feature to your on-demand application will create a better user experience for users. 

Secure Payment Options:

Users should have access to multiple modes of payment and should be secure. Apart from the usual credit and debit card options, Online wallets and UPI transactions should also be available. 

Review and Ratings:

Customers need reviews in order to make informed decisions. This feature will push users to make the purchase and create trust. People are heavily influenced by reviews and ratings given by other users. This is essential to an on-demand application.  

Customer Support:

Create an active and efficient customer support system by adding in-app chatting and phone numbers to the application. This is crucial for customer complaints and requests. A customer support system can make or break trust and retention. Both these factors are influenced by how well you handle customer grievances or enquiries. 

Easy Registration:

Nobody likes a multi-step or tedious process of registering to an app. Make it possible in not more than 5 clicks. Users want to register quickly and get to the app. Having to fill out the same information again and again is boring. Make sure to keep the process simple when you develop your on-demand application. 

Simple Interface :

Do not add too many buttons or content on the main page or any page for that matter. Allow effortless navigation and keep the interface simple in your on-demand application. Usually, people need to make booking on an urgent basis and making navigation and UI complex will demand more time and attention from users. It will also confuse them if they do not find what they are looking for. 

Essential Notifications:

Instead of bombarding users with unnecessary notifications,  only notify them of important things. Real-time updates or other urgent communication. This will prove useful for the customers and enhance value for them. Make it short and filter out marketing communications and you will see less people will opt out of receiving notifications from your on-demand application. 

Sort and Filter:

On-demand apps usually list down products and services for the users as part of the interface. Customers have to choose from the options available. For example with an on-demand food-delivery app that delivers food from local restaurants, lists down the menu and all the available restaurants for delivery. Users need to sort it out based on their budget, favourites, delivery time etc. Add the feature to your on-demand application so that users can filter it out and sort based on preference. 

Visually Appealing:

Another important feature you must keep in mind while developing your on-demand application. Make it visually appealing! Choose the fonts, colours, animations and graphics carefully. Make sure they tie into your brand identity and are interesting to your target market. Simple navigation and beautiful visuals, together they create a good user experience. 

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