Develop an AI photo editor app like FaceApp or FaceApp Clone and earn while being always trendy

Develop an AI photo editor app like Faceapp to make your selfies look more attractive and interesting

In the era of the selfie, there are dozens of apps that you can use to beautify your face or swap them with someone else’s. Recently, a new AI selfie app with the name FaceApp is in trend all over the internet with its latest AI-powered photo editing features. This viral selfie app can change the user’s faces to match their expressions, change gender or swap faces with their friends or family.

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How AI Based Photo editing FaceApp Works and its Features, Which you can add in your FaceApp Clone app


FaceApp relates to the new product of camera apps that use artificial intelligence (AI) to make your photos look more engaging. FaceApp uses AI to transform facial expressions and features for the user. So the user can make a grim face smile. The app can make a young person look older and it can also make a man look like a woman. FaceApp is not like Prisma which uses AI to apply false looking filters.

FaceApp has gone viral again after the two or more years of its launch. The photo editor apps like these usually tend to come and go in waves. But in the case of FaceApp, the effect has gotten better. The craze is driven by influencer networks or paid promotions for such a photo editor app. The AI photo editor app was first covered by a team of Russian developers about two years ago. The app is again in news with the new features that enable one to edit a person’s face to make it appear older or younger.

The app relies on neural networks to recognize and examine how the user will age over the years. Uploading the pics of younger or older self on social media has become a fad these days. People are going crazy with their pictures as the app is predicting their looks after a certain age. There is a new #FaceApp trend where people are uploading how old they will be and how they will look on Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Concerns regarding FaceApp

The app had a problem at a certain point because it allowed what amounted to digital blackface by altering a person from one ethnicity to another.

However, in the recent wave of virality, a few other new questions are hovering about FaceApp. People are concerned whether the app uploads your camera roll in the background. However, no such evidence has been found by either TechCrunch, Guardian App CEO Will Strafach or researcher Baptiste Robert. People have also questioned how the app allows you to pick the photos without providing any photo access to the app.

This feature of the app where it allows you to pick a single photo without giving it access to your photo library is enabled by using an Apple API. This API is introduced in iOS 11.

The user has to tap on a photo explicitly to send it. This allows the user to give the app just one photo instead of providing access to the whole photo library. The app can’t see any of the user’s photos until the user taps one. In short, the users are saved from committing the entire library to a jokey meme app.

FaceApp does not do on-device processing like Apple’s first-party apps. It uploads the photos to the cloud for processing. There is no proof if there is enough security with photo usage. People take a lot of screenshots about very much sensitive information like bank details and passwords. Such apps, when not guaranteeing photo safety could result in bigger security risks than ever. A huge amount of information could be misused with just a scraper and optical character recognition technology.

All in all, while developing an AI-based photo editor app, you need to think very carefully regarding all these aspects and place safety measures in order to protect your user’s private information safe.

Why develop an app like FaceApp? or Faceapp Clone?

Photography has recently become one of the preferred things that people love to do as their hobby. There are a lot of photo editing apps being developed to help people to pursue their hobby and have better photographs.

When Instagram became popular the trend of clicking pictures and uploading on social media is going on in full swing. People explore apps that provide photo editing and a great finishing touch. People look for apps that provide instant photo transformation features.

There are two types of AI based photo editing apps that one can consider to develop:

The first is an app that enhances user’s images and the other is the app that can add certain effects to make photos fun such as memes, stickers and so on.

However, even if you choose to develop any type of photo editing app, you need to create an app that offers unique entertainment to your users. Creating apps like the FaceApp and Prisma with some additional features like gamification effects can help your app to get a special space amongst the audience. This can be accomplished through a variety of rewards like collectibles and badges on the leaderboard.

The concept of gamification is simplistic and profitable. In your photo editor app like FaceApp, you could provide similar selfie features. Besides, you can develop digital rewards into your app for your real-life purposes. By including all these in the photo editor app, you can motivate your users to use your app more often.

What should you keep in mind while building an AI photo editor app?

While building an AI photo editor app, it is of absolute significance that you hire a mobile app developing company that has experience in developing the complicated photo editing apps along with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

Also, while considering the development of a selfie photo editor app, you need to hire an outsourcing partner like Coruscate to add value to your FaceApp Clone. We can also help to make it go viral and make it rank on the top of the list in the photo editor category. We have years of hands-on experience in developing apps an implementing artificial intelligence. We can even help you out with providing amazing user-interface for your customers while you plan on diving in the niche of camera app development.


Cost of Developing FaceApp Clone : AI based photo editing app?

In case, you need to know the development cost of the AI photo editor app or how to patent app idea, or where to start from while developing an AI-based photo editor app, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our business analysts will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is free of cost!

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