Planning to go for eWallet app development? Read this blog first to know must-have app features and cost to develop an eWallet app.

It has been more than 10 years since we have entered into digitization era. During these years, new startups and mobile apps have penetrated almost all industries, leaving a very small room behind for newcomers. This means that newcomers have to fight an uphill battle to win the competition in the overly intensified market. 

Luckily, entrepreneurs have found many new ways to disrupt the overly intensified market and top the chart. One such way is integrating groundbreaking features in the mobile apps to attract more users and beat apps which are lacking features. 

In today’s time, app features play a significant role to build the initial user base and witness the long-lasting success. Futuristic and unique app features provide convenience to users which eventually makes users change their preferred apps. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the eWallet app features. Since the market of the eWallet apps is also overly intensified, you must have to spend some time to decide the feature set before going to the technical part of the eWallet app development. 

For making learning easy, we will list down user app features as well as admin app features. Generally, many entrepreneurs and eWallet app development companies give a cold shoulder to admin app features. But a few entrepreneurs and we as the top eWallet app development company understand the importance of feature-packed admin panel to monitor the user journey and sales-life cycle. 

eWallet app feature set 


Before we move further, it is worth mentioning that the feature set depends on the market. Meaning, you need to run an aggressive market research campaign to learn about users, competitors and app features. But it is costly and time consuming for a small scale startup. However, you can seek help from our business experts who will do market research on behalf of you and prepare a comprehensive business plan. 

Following are the top eWallet app features you have to consider before going for eWallet app development

Feature #1: User Registration and authentication 


This is perhaps the most common and fundamental feature you should have in your app. Without it, every other app module is useless. 

Mobile app features: 

  • Allow users to register himself by providing some basic information like name, and email id. (Don’t ask users to add personal details like birthday, age as it increases the complexity and may annoy some users. For such personal details, give them a separate window.) 
  • Allow users to add personal information under the profile section. Users should also be able to update those details whenever they want. For offering custom user experience, these personal details are very important. 
  • If needed, ask users to add identification proof. For that, add a feature which enables users to scan the document and upload it. 

Admin panel features  

  • Whenever a new user signs up, his activity should reflect on the admin panel.  
  • Admin can update/delete/add a user account from the backend, manually. 
  • Admin should not have a way to see the sensitive information of the users for the sake of data privacy. 

Feature #2: Services and service configuration 


An eWallet app offers many payment services like money transfer, mobile recharge, bus/train/flight/movie ticket booking etc. Since offering these services to users and earning a commission when a user utilizes any service is the underlying purpose of the eWallet app, you should pay extra heed to this feature.  

User app feature 

  • After signing up, land users on the next screen which contains the list of all services with logos and a small description. If you are offering users some benefits for using a particular service, you should show that offer on that service icon. 

Admin panel features 

  • Admin should be able to add services in the eWallet, in different categories. 
  • Admin should have an easy way to add service provider, transaction limit and request frequency to avoid a system crash.

Feature #3: Commission and service charge configuration  


This feature has nothing to do with users in a direct way. But this feature is vitally important for admin as it allows admin to set the service charges and commission. Which means, the business model of the eWallet business largely depends on this feature.   

Admin panel features 

  • Admin can configure service charge and commission of services, individually or in bulk. 
  • Admin can anytime turn on or off the services, individually or in bulk. 

Feature #4: Promotion and Cashback configuration 


To attract more users, all eWallet apps offer great promotion and cashback to users. For many times, promotion and cashback are the only reason why users are using one app. So, looking at its gravity, your app should have this feature too. 

User app features  

  • Users should be able to see all deals and cashback offers on that particular service.
  • Users should be able to know buying value after applying a promotion offer. 
  • All conditions on offers should be well-documented and clearly visible. 

Admin panel features  

  • Admin can easily configure offers on services and products. (Promotions can be flat or percentile value of total order, Promotions can also be different for validated and non-validated users.) 
  • While configuring promotion, admin can also put a limit on maximum cashback. 

Feature #5: Reports and Analytics 


This feature is very purposeful for both admin and users to know the history of activities including spending. Using this feature, admin can know the usage pattern of users and plan out data-driven business strategy. 

User app feature

  • From the profile module of the app, users can get monthly statements and view the order history. 

Admin panel features 

  • Admin should have transaction reports by category, type and time.
  • The system should provide reports by services, promotions and cashback.

Feature #6: Security 


Security is the major concern of eWallet app users. So, to win their trust and convert them in regular users, you should offer them some security features which provide military-grade security to eWallet app and users’ sensitive information. 

User app features: 

  • Users can set the pin or use biometric capabilities of mobile to unlock the digital wallet app.
  • Apart from on mobile, a user should receive important notifications on his linked email id.  

Admin panel features: 

  • Admin can configure transaction limit for validated and non-validated users.
  • Admin can restrict fund transfers to avoid money laundering.
  • Admin can disable APIs to avoid fake transactions.
  • Admin can disable services, users and transactions to avoid a data breach.

Feature #7: Load and transfer money 


This is another basic and much-needed feature of the eWallets. Using this feature, users can link their bank accounts, transfer money between eWallet app, banks & other users and pay for the services. 

User app features: 

  • User should be able to load money via net banking, cards and other digital wallets.
  • User should be able to transfer money to another user on the same platform.
  • User should be able to withdraw money to a bank account.

Admin panel feature: 

  • Admin can put a limit on withdrawal, transfer and credit amount for users.

How much does it cost to develop the eWallet app? 


Coruscate is the top FinTech app development company which has earned expertise in p2p lending app development and eWallet app development. Our highly skilled developers and designers work with global clients and deliver pioneering mobile apps which can solve deep-rooted problems and make app owners successful entrepreneurs. If you hire our FinTech developers, they will do justice with your choice in the best possible way and help you to conquer the market with the best ever eWallet app. 

With our rapid app development technology, we can develop and deliver an eWallet app within 45-55 business days. Also, eWallet app development at Coruscate starts from just $10k. 

To know more about the app features, market potential, and government regulations, please feel free to contact us. One of our well-schooled and experienced team members will give you the free app demo and free consultation.  

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

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