E-scooter App Development Encyclopedia: 30+ blogs in one blog! (Categorized)

Being a top e-scooter app development company, we have been pushing the boundaries of micro-mobility business by not only developing apps but by writing blogs on the latest micro-mobility news, technologies, and trends.

In the last couple of months, we have written 70+ informative blogs on e-scooter app development that have inspired many entrepreneurs to jump into micro-mobility business. In fact, many blogs are so precisely-crafted that they are actually helping entrepreneurs to survive the competition. Thus, taking this initiative to the next level, we have decided to list out our most unique and acclaimed blogs in a single blog. For better understanding, the list has been categorized.

E-scooter App Development Encyclopedia: 30+ blogs in one blog! (Categorized)


Business economics


5 steps to plan a budget for e-scooter app development

E-scooter app development is an expensive choice. But with the proper app development budget planning, you can keep the cost of e-scooter app development within your budget.

In this blog, we have shared 5 steps you should follow in order to plan the budget and to keep it low.

5 Proven Steps to Easily Plan a Budget For e scooter app development or to start your own e scooter sharing business

E-scooter app development cost breakdown

The only reason why we have written this blog is to exhibit the top e-scooter app features and how much does it cost to add those features into the app. This is a very well-written blog, containing sub-topics on the e-scooter market, manufacturers, segment analysis, competitive landscape and cost of e-scooter app development.

All about e-scooters and the cost of developing an e-scooter sharing app

Economics of an e-scooter rental business

This blog will take your business understanding of the e-scooter rental business to the next level. In this blog, we have explained the detailed business model of the e-scooter rental business with the example of Bird’s business model. It will give you an idea of operation cost you have to cover and profit you can make with your desired number of e-scooters.

Economics of the e-scooter sharing business



Charging the e-scooters with solar energy:

Charging of e-scooters has always been a major concern of the operators. But now Rohit Kalyanpur and his company named Optivolt Labs are making it possible to charge the e-scooters with solar energy. Read this blog to find out how.

Add Solar charging to your E scooters to reduce the charging cost and time for your scooter sharing business

Segway-Ninebot launched an automatic e-scooter and future of e-scooter software & e-scooter hardware

This is another best blog written by us. Driven by the news of Segway-Nineboat’s new automatic e-scooter launch, this blog contains a few beautiful changes e-scooter hardware and software are likely to get in upcoming years.

Segway-Ninebot launches automatic e-scooter: Future scope in e-scooter rental business with enhanced hardware and app with futuristics features

Best e-scooter: Boosted Rev

This is yet another blog, having details of yet another innovative hardware. This time, we have included Boosted Rev e-scooter which is capable to travel up to 24 mph with a range of 22 miles, thanks to its dual-wheel motors.

Why Boosted Rev could be a better option for your e-scooter business fleet and a great companion to your e-scooter app?

Swappable battery technology

Keeping the batteries of e-scooters charged is the major worry of the operators. But here is the technology that kills those worries. In this blog, we mentioned everything about the Swappable batteries and how with this revolutionary technology that has already come into existence, you can get rid of a major burden of an e-scooter rental business.

Another reason why E-scooter app can prove to be the best business for the startups looking for business investments : Start E scooter Business in $10K



The working of IoT lock and differently technologized e-scooters

We have come across many queries related to IoT lock and different types of technology being used in smart e-scooters. Thus, we decided to wrap it around a single blog. From this blog, you will get to know the working mechanism of IoT lock, what is IoT controller, cost of smart e-scooter (with IoT controller), cost of conventional e-scooter (without IoT controller) and number of IoT features an e-scooter should have.

A multidisciplinary guide to select e-scooters for e-scooter rental business. Know how the locking mechanism works in smart and conventional e-scooters.

Use of location intelligence technology in running an e-scooter rental business

Location plays a significant role to earn more profit with the e-scooter rental app. Thus, we have elaborated different ways of using location intelligence to identify the location-based demand and to build location-based business infrastructure.

How location intelligence solves four major problems of the e-scooter rental business?

Make e-scooters ‘talkable’ to the mobile app by using MQTT

IoT technology makes e-scooters smart. But to establish a connection between e-scooter hardware (IoT controller) and e-scooter software (mobile app), we have to employ MQTT – a standard publish-subscribe- based messaging protocol. In this blog, we haven’t left behind a single concept of the MQTT protocol.

How to develop an IoT integrated e-scooter app by using the MQTT protocol?

IoT features and how they make running an e-scooter rental company fun

IoT features can prevent e-scooter theft, make rides safer and reduce the cost of maintenance. How? Find out in this blog.

E Scooter App Development : How IoT integration to the dockless bikes help to make the streets safe for e scooter riders?

Store big data and use that big data to scale up e-scooter sharing business

Data is the most valuable asset for the e-scooter rental business. With data, you can help the government to understand the city’s traffic patterns and help yourself to understand the usage patterns and business patterns. But there are 4 major problems associated with big data. We have revealed it in this blog, with the advantages you can be rewarded, if you solve these problems.

Big Data Challenges & Solutions with E-scooter App Development: How to derive unexpected benefits



Government encouraging e-scooter businesses

The government’s rules and regulations are restricting e-scooter sharing business to a great extent. But there are many cities out there, promoting e-scooters. We have covered that positive side of the micro-mobility business in this blog with all recent encouragement e-scooter startups have awarded.

Government encouraging e-scooter businesses: Grab the opportunity to make your own place in this space

Further business opportunities:


Domino’s decided to start pizza deliveries on e-bikes

With the increasing popularity and affordability, e-scooters and e-bikes are now being capable to be used in the food delivery segment. Recently, Domino’s proved the potential of e-scooters by introducing a fleet of e-bikes for pizza delivery.

Why you need e scooter app for your Food Delivery Business : E-scooter trend takes the next step with Domino’s getting e-bikes for pizza delivery

Four scenarios, showing the future of e-scooters is bright.

We know many of you are having cold feet over a thought of starting an e-scooter rental business just because they worry about the future. So, we have illustrated 4 scenarios that show the future of the e-scooter rental business is fruitful.

Four scenarios showing growth for the e-scooter sharing industry in the upcoming years

E-scooter software:


Everything about the e-scooter app

Though we have covered a lot about the e-scooter app in our almost all blogs, we decided to write a dedicated blog on the e-scooter app to make the understanding of e-scooter app features, working method, payment module and cost easy for you.

E-scooter rental apps- the most important factor to decide the fate of your e-scooter sharing business

Get in touch with the expert to get while label e scooter app solution demo



E-scooter hardware:


Unit economics and why e-scooter hardware matters?

Many micro-mobility startups overlook the importance of reliable and durable hardware and as a result, they become the victim of government policies and low usage rate. Thus we decided to make them understand that e-scooter hardware owns the same importance as e-scooter software. We have also discussed how a reliable e-scooter increases the unit economics and what is Bird’s unit economics.

4 reasons why e-scooter hardware is as important as e-scooter software (e-scooter rental app) for starting an e-scooter rental business?

Top e-scooter manufacturers and guide of buying e-scooters

A startup can easily find the e-scooter app development company for the software but when it comes to finding the best manufacturer of e-scooters, they have to go through a struggle. It gets worse if they do not know anything about e-scooters’ IoT controller, government’s guidelines and unit economics. Sensing the gravity, we compressed everything about the e-scooter buying process with top manufacturers in a single blog.

Know top e-scooter manufacturers and things to consider before buying e-scooters for e-scooter rental business

Top e-scooter rental apps and companies:

The hunt ends here! The following list holds the blogs on all top e-scooter rental companies, their funding details, future business plans, app features, business model and cost to develop their clone app.

Coup – Most popular e-scooter app in Berlin


Things to Keep in mind to develop an e-scooter app like COUP- the most popular e-scooter app in Berlin

Circ – Berlin-based e-scooter rental company, completed 1 million rides in 135 days


Flash re-brands as Circ: know how to develop an e-scooter app like Flash (Circ) which has completed 1 million rides in just 135 days.

Dott – An Amsterdam – based most promising e-scooter sharing company


Develop an e-scooter app like Dott to make a way into the augmented European market to open new doors of opportunities

Yulu – An India-based micro-mobility company, tied up with Uber


Build Yulu Like Scooter Sharing App: Uber ties up with E-scooter sharing company Yulu. Know the success story and challenges they have overcome

Wind – another Berlin-based e-scooter sharing company, covered all major cities of Europe


Wind Dockless scooters powered by IoT and Bluetooth integrated app, Its future of scooter rental services

Smide – e-bike sharing company, set an example of providing excellent customer service


Electric bike rentals like Smide and micro-mobility solutions have a wide scope in the future of transportation

Gotcha – a USA -based e-scooter and e-bike sharing company, operating its business in 50 cities and 40 universities


How did the strategies of Gotcha, a rising company to offer shared micro mobility helped its expansion and made way for its success?

Tier – a Berlin-based e-scooter sharing company, leading the chart of top travel apps across Nordic countries


E-scooter sharing app development: there is no looking back in 2019 with the rise of TIER Scooter Sharing

Bird – USA – based e-scooter sharing company, earned the status of a unicorn within just 2 years of business


E Scooter App development: Bird eScooters taking over 100+ cities, you can too! Build Bird like e scooter app

Jump – Uber’s successful attempt to enter into micro-mobility segment


Build Your Uber Jump Scooter Like App with These Strategies

Get in touch with expert for E Scooter app Clone Script Demo

Get in touch with expert for E Scooter app Clone Script Demo



E-scooter app payment infrastructure and features of payment module

The business model in the e-scooter rental business is so unique, so is the payment infrastructure! In this blog, we have jotted down what does it take to develop innovative payment infrastructure and top features of the payment module in a very comprehensive way.

E-scooter app payment infrastructure – how to scale-up your e-scooter rental business with an efficient and infallible payment infrastructure



E-scooter rental business myths and realities

The e-scooter rental business has emerged with a lot of myths, such as, it is vanishing, it is suffering from thin market problem, and the market is already intensified. But these are just the myths that we have successfully proved in this blog with evidence.

Know the myths and realities of the E-scooter rental business before going for e-scooter app development

Kick-off e-scooter rental business in 6 steps

Starting an e-scooter sharing business is rocky. But if you follow these 6 steps, it will be as easy as pie.

6 exhaustive steps to plan and design the infrastructure of your e-scooter rental business

Let’s build your own app

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