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With Bird and Lime’s success, many other operators wish to join the business but they are not sure how to start their business. A dockless electric scooter provider, GOAT provides the electric scooters in urban areas and on campuses, reducing traffic and parking woes, and allowing people to experience their cities.

GOAT electric scooter is a solution for the new style identifiable transport need of commuters. They are working alongside local officials for providing a green solution with powerful changes is one of the most vital ways in which they can run efficiently. 

GOAT claims to allow commuters to experience their own city in an amazing way. The locally owned and managed fleets of the company are made available in cities and campuses all over America. The company is bringing electric scooters to the locations and areas where larger electric scooter rental companies are not yet available. They are empowering the local operators by providing them GOAT scooters and an opportunity to earn. 

GOAT’s functionality:


As GOAT launched its dockless scooters in Austin, it became the United States-based outside of California to launch electric scooters and a mobile app. This mobile app is available only on the App Store for iOS devices. The company plans to continue partnering with local cities to launch the e-scooters everywhere in the nation.

In Austin, the company got permission to laund around 500 scooters. They launched these e-scooters as a part of their pilot program. They started by deploying 20 scooters at a time. Austin is expected to experience an assorted range of transport devices hitting the streets with the addition of GOAT. The e-scooters are expected to join Bird and LimeBike to provide innovative ways to travel around Texas capital.

GOAT allows the operators to generate passive income. Goat is helping would-be scooter company owners purchase up to 500 scooters and then rent them to drivers for a fee using the Goat platform through a Kickstarter campaign launched.

The GOAT scooters can be purchased and connect your GOAT Smart Scooter to the GOAT mobile app. You can then easily follow the steps below to enjoy the earning with the GOAT app.

⇒ Drop off Scooters

Drop off scooters in highly populated regions with abundant foot traffic at the commencement of your day.

⇒ Generate Revenue

Make revenue during the day, while you work, do your chores and enjoy life. People can actually earn $5 per scooter. 

⇒ Charge Scooters

Charge them overnight and track profits.

You need to make sure that you connect with the local city officials prior to dropping the e-scooters on the roads because some cities require special permits and bonds. 

Is the e-scooter rental business really helpful to earn profits and help people?


GOAT CMO and co-founder Jennie Whitaker declared that it is an adventure to get into the market when there is the ‘wild west’ of electric scooters and so they are focusing to make their brand unique by merging tech competencies with a genuine passion to do good for the people and neighborhoods. GOAT also aims to help solve short distance transportation issues with integrity.

GOAT scooters seem very sure about the scooters popping off and of course, a study by Populus, a transportation data and analytics company released data which surveyed 7,000 people in 11 U.S. cities. They found that 70 percent of people found vehicles like e-scooters comfortable and essential for public transit.

The scooters from Inboard Technology and run through Boxcar are piloting a transport program in New Jersey. The scooters are assumed to relieve car jams and make it simpler to get to public transportation — in this case, the train station in Madison, New Jersey. 

This shows that the e-scooters are expanding their territories and are being welcomed at every place they are reaching. You can definitely think that this business can make you help people and at the same time make money!

Are you Interested in the E-scooter rental business-like GOAT? 

Get in the business with our e-scooter platform ROHAK!

We offer a scalable, feature-packed application for you to deploy and manage your e-scooter business. E-scooter rental business can be troublesome and stressful as it requires a lot of time and effort. Developing an app for your business is an important task, Rohak can save your development time and cost allowing you to kickstart your business. Rohak is powered with IoT and is compatible with most of the devices for Android and iOS. Opting for Rohak gets you a free consultation from our micro-mobility experts. We also help you to check out the government laws in different cities to get you a permit for your e-scooter rental business. You also get an amazing app to engage your users and manage your fleet easily. 

Our white label solution is an electric scooter platform that is developed and tested to make sure it is the best fit for your e-scooter app. The app is able to control your riders and fleet and keep a tab on payments. The IoT activation helps you to know the location of your e-scooters in the city and thus you can map them and make sure they do not go off the city limits.

The white-label solution comes with a compliant pricing model and you can apply business models as per your choice. The technology stack used for Rohak are-

Node.Js, React.Js, MongoDB, Kotlin, etc. The customized solution will be ready for you within 45 days.

If this information about Rohak interests you and you want to use it for your e-scooter rental business, connect with us to discuss your requirements and we can help you get going with your e-scooter rental business. You can also visit our e-scooter app development page for further information. 


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