Everything you need to know while starting your own e-scooter business in the year 2019

Everything you need to know while starting your own e-scooter business in the year 2019

The e-scooter market size across the world is expected to reach $41.98 billion by 2030. There has been a tremendous rise in the adoption of electric scooter service due to the growing customer awareness about eco-friendly transportation. The decline in raw material prices and a growing focus on sustainable transportation infrastructure is expected to fuel the demand for e-scooters. The e-scooter manufacturers are planning for various strategies, such as collaborations, mergers, and products launch to enter the continuously unfolding electric scooter industry.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the top electric scooter manufacturers to help you start your own electric scooter business venture.

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E-scooters are the most valuable and eco-friendly solution in the on-demand transportation industry. It is known to offer a profit which is higher than any other business model operating to provide the first and last mile transportation. Many entrepreneurs and investors have acknowledged the perks that the e-scooter domain has to offer. Entrepreneurs are always on the watch for the new business venture that could provide their customers convenient commutation and at the same time earn profits for them. Whereas the investors are interested and are inclined towards investing in such innovative business ideas. If you are one of the enthusiastic entrepreneurs who wish to enter the electric scooter industry and be the part of the new way of transportation and earn huge profits, you need to plan certain tasks before finally getting your own e-scooter app.

The first and foremost thing that needs to be done is getting your base ready. You need a fleet of vehicles that you would link with your e-scooter app. Through this blog, we want to share the list of top electric scooter brands which can prove helpful for you to kickstart your business.

Let us first discuss the growth of the market that you wish to be a part of along with all the necessary information that you will need to go for e-scooter app development. 

E-scooter market: Here’s an information that shows how the eScooter market is growing

The rise of micro-mobility corporations has been properly documented over the last few years with startups like Ofo and Mobike in China and Citi Bike and Jump Bikes in the US granting users with suitable options for last-mile transport. These startups have raised venture capital showcasing both the customer and investor demand for last-mile commutation answers. In 2018, this e-scooter trend was boosted with the development of the shared and dockless electric scooters, established by Lime and Bird in the US.

The e-scooters rapidly found such strong product-market access making Bird and Lime the quickest ever US organizations to reach billion dollar valuations. The course of e-scooter businesses swiftly turning into large companies has continued into 2019. Grin and Yellow declared a merger to form the powerful competitor in Latin America in less than a year after they were founded.

Other e-scooter companies from all over the world such as Skip, Spin, Scoot, PopScoot, Beam, Tier Mobility, Wind Mobility, Voi Technology, Vogo, Dott, and Flash have announced massive capital hikes. Five e-scooter companies have risen and made over $150 million of capital since the start of 2018 in Europe alone.

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Challenges faced E-scooters:

There were a few negative headlines about e-scooters dying up in lakes and oceans. People started complaining about congesting sidewalks, and the e-scooters being stolen, causing injuries, and experiencing severe competition. All of this strengthened the story and suggested that these e-scooters are not the best micro-mobility option after all. There was even talk of a “scootergeddon.”

Even after having a huge amount of fundings and daily use by consumers, lots of questions prevailed about the viability of e-scooters as a long-term micro-mobility solution. These e-scooters were also banned in many parts of the world. 

Do cities really need e-scooters? What is the scope of your business?

Cities everywhere in the world are facing the same problem of congestion and pollution. Rapid urbanization has increasingly gridlocked and is putting relentless pressure on public conveyance systems. 46% of car traffic in the US is because of the cars people are using for their less than three-mile trips. The micro-mobility solutions are expected to help to ease a significant share of this last-mile gridlock. Most cities agree that the e-scooters, electric bikes, and pedal bikes, either docked or dockless, are viable solutions to help relieve traffic jam, especially at rush hours.

The foremost concern with micro-mobility channels and e-scooters is safety. And another important thing is whether the infrastructure of the cities can support the massive penetration of these vehicles. Most of the big micro-mobility businesses have been working with the municipal corporations at the city level to discuss these concerns. They are also throwing light over the inclusion of using electronic geo-zones to prevent riders from either riding in an unsafe area or parking in an area where the city doesn’t want them to park. The e-scooter companies are encouraging licensed drivers and safety measures like wearing a helmet while riding. 

Topmost e-scooter Manufacturer brands which can help you to get your own fleet

Now that you are familiar with the scope of e-scooters and how you can earn profits in this business, the next thing that you should be concerned about is having your own fleet.

You need to go for a brand which can provide your users with a safe ride. It is difficult to name one e-scooter model as the best one to choose but you need to carefully pick one looking at the battery life, the sturdiness and its ease of use. Among a few popular brands for e-scooter manufacturing are GoTrax, Glion, Swagtron, Xiaomi, and Ninebots. All these brands are known for their robust model of e-scooters and cost-effectiveness.


Technology plays a major role to make you stand out in the competition. You should choose your e-scooter app development company in order to get an app which can really help you to boost your business. Coruscate has years of expertise in this field and we have designed and implemented many successful e-scooter apps for our clients across the world. Recent advancements in the e-scooter technology include IoT integration and an app with a user-friendly interface. 

Here is a table showing you the cost of the eScooter app with basic features:


Escooter app development costcost

However, we believe the features of any app depend on your particular and unique business needs. If you wish to have further information regarding the eScooter app development or our approach to the latest technologies, you can schedule a free consultation session with our experts and even get a free demo.

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