An Ecommerce Solution with a difference

Two different clients and a similar problem got us thinking about the pressing transformation
need in the ecommerce segment. When it comes to purchasing jewellery or clothes, people
want to see how it would look on them, before completing the purchase. This is not possible
virtually, which needs to change. This was the common vision shared by both a B2C jewellery
store and a garments estore.

Coruscate dived into the retail niche to study consumer behavior, and identified the
apt solution that would help both clients.

The Broad Requirements

  • They wanted a system that could help the customers with their customization view. For instance, if the customer wanted a particular lehenga in say pink colour with a sleeveless blouse or, they wanted a ring in rose gold, they should be able to see the changes live on the screen
  • The system should be dynamic enough to be able to calculate the price based on the current rates and the customizations made by the customer
  • The system should be able to handle measurement customizations too in case of clothes specifically

How our ecommerce solutions helped the two clients with their common vision?

We crafted a custom ecommerce solution that handled their problems well, and identified the perfect solution. We defined a common solution and then customized this as per the needs identified by the individual client.

For instance, the clothes store needs to add different parameters for the different clothes. This is not the customization a jewellery store looks at. The jewellery store on the other hand needs a platform that would dynamically calculate the pricing. So, we defined our solution individually for each of the client, depending on their needs.

The Proposed Features

First Client Second Client

Dynamic algorithm

An algorithm has been defined to calculate the price of the jewellery you have selected based on the price fluctuations of gold and diamond as well as the changes in the labor charges


The user can customize the jewellery. For instance, they can choose the color, the stone type, the number of stone etc. for their choice of jewellery. The image would change accordingly, and show how the end product would look like. Similarly, the price would also change, and the ecommerce solution will tell you the exact price for your customized product.

Add parameters

The admin can add the parameters for individual clothing range. For instance, the sleeve length as a parameter is applicable to the blouse and not to the lehnga. The add parameter feature allows customized addition from the backend


The end user can customize their choice of dress using the different proposed parameters such as color, size, material etc. The ecommerce store would showcase their customizations on a virtual model to help the user understand how the end product would appear

Sized Customization

The user can choose whether they want an unstitched lehnga or a stitched one. For the stitched one, the user can add the measurements to the cart before proceeding with the checkout process.

Results achieved

  • Traction in the ecommerce store increased by manifolds, which improved in the profitability
  • Customizations led to increased orders, as the user could now view what they were selecting
  • The client was able to achieve the sales target with an optimized website