E-scooter application development: Ready to go solution

Transportation services have become more a necessity than need, reason because people are always on the move. Out of all other transportation services, the one that provides e-scooters has seen acrimonious growth in just a couple of yeaidea and help you decide the businessrs.

What is so good about e-scooters transportation?

  • As fuel prices are constantly hiking, no wonder that the e-scooter seems much cheaper.
  • They are easy to handle in traffic and occupy less parking space compared to other transportation services.
  • Their working mechanism is much simpler that makes maintenance of it easy.
  • Most importantly, they are Eco-friendly. Nowadays people are more inclined towards environment-friendly businesses. 

What makes businesses to move towards e-scooter application development:

Despite being one of the best options to travel, not many people afford to buy e-scooters. With the increasing popularity of e-scooters, many companies started developing e-scooter rental services which can be handle by mobile applications. If you also want to dive into this business, then you have come to the right place.

Let’s understand this business, What is e-scooter sharing business:

E-scooter sharing is another form of shared mobility apart from car-sharing and bike-sharing. But it is generally used for shorter trips and costs less compared to other services.

People even use it to commute between the transportation hub (Bus/Train), which helps you to save thousands of money spent on taxi/auto.

This mode of transportation is also preferred by teenagers and tourists as you don’t have to rely on drivers and waiting time is also less.

The most important reason for going for an e-scooter sharing business is that you can create a strong customer base by providing the best services to users through the e-scooter sharing business app.

Market analysis:

The crucial thing to run a successful business is to identify current market challenges and problems and come up with innovative solutions no matter how adverse the situation is. The Berg Insight has forecasted that the micro-mobility industry will reach 39.6 million vehicles by the year 2023 globally. As the industry will become a huge hit soon, you should definitely go for e-scooter rental app development irrespective of your level of entry in this industry. You can also visit the Forbes article for a clear picture.

Things to know for E scooter sharing business startups: Entry-level solution

There is an immense opportunity for making a profit regardless of which level you are entering from.

A. Start-up business:

Starting an e-scooter sharing company at this point in time would be a smart idea. Reasons being:

  • E-scooters are less costly and easy to manage which makes your investment cheaper.
  • Spare parts and maintenance are cheaper and depreciation is also low which minimizes overhead cost.
  • Most importantly, due to the coronavirus outbreak avoiding public transport became a necessity, many countries are legalizing the e-scooter business. So now is the right time to invest in.

You might face some challenges while setting up this business e.g. Getting permissions from cities, complaints from communities, seasonal business and the major one is your application not performing well in the market. To overcome all these challenges you need an experienced and versatile e-scooter application development company.

Coruscate is here to provide you business experts to help you study the market, plan your micro-mobility startup idea and help you decide the business model more than that our legal advisers help you to acquire permits from the government.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Important features for developing an e-scooter application:

  • On boarding
  • Booking 
  • GPS tracking for real-time location update
  • QR code and ID verification scanner
  • Smart lock
  • In-app payments
  • Social media integration
  • Help and support

Apart from these basic features, you need some powerful features to have a positive impact on your business such as ride history, referral program, push notifications, etc. 

B. Expand your existing e-scooter business through advance application development:

After been influenced by the popularity and success of e-scooter rental apps, many organizations have come forward to expand their business through advance application development or advance app features. So if you are one of the entrepreneurs looking forward to expanding your e scooter sharing business then get your app registered at all digital platforms.

Our team specializes in e-scooter app development and will equip your app with attractive features to beat the existing players in the market like Bird or Lime. Now that many people prefer solo travels over group travels for health care reasons, you can take it as an opportunity to make a successful launch of your application and generate more revenue.

C. Update the app features and make it more user-friendly:

If you are already an established organization then we can help you in expanding your business horizontally and update your app features accordingly. Due to the corona outbreak, people find it very difficult to go out to purchase anything, this seems a great opportunity to expand your business. You can add many stakeholders in your online business such as grocery shop owner, medical store owners as it will help them to deliver products easily and cheaply. There are many such ideas with us that will help to grow your business plus we will upgrade your app features accordingly using the latest technology.

The cost to develop the e-scooter application:

The cost for developing an e-scooter sharing application depends upon various factors like complexity of features, technologies used, data discovery and cloud data services, the rate of the development team and so on. But considering the basic features, we can say it can cost you somewhere between $10000 to $50000. For the exact numbers, you can always contact us without any hesitation.

Summing up:

E-scooter sharing application has turned out to be a win-win solution for investors and users. You just have to approach the right people to develop your idea because having up-to-date features and user-friendly applications is the key reason for success in this business. Our team is experienced and specialized in E-Scooter App Development field and ready to help with your idea.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

Let’s build your own app

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