How will San Francisco-based electric scooter company expand its business in European cities before the end of 2020? + How to Make an App Like Spin + Create an App like Spin + Apps Like Spin + Develop Alternative of Spin

How will San Francisco-based electric scooter company Spin expand its business in European cities before the end of 2020?

San Francisco based Spin, recently acquired by Ford, announced its expansion plans. The electric scooter company is all set to move out of its base to European countries specifically Germany and UK. 

Ford has plans to set up the e-scooter fleet in Cologne, Germany by Spring, and in the other cities by end of the year. The company already has a set number of fleet, and with this expansion will join the top-notch companies catering to the e-scooter market like Lime and Bird.

The company had already expanded its fleet last year in US cities and are currently operating at 600% capacity. The company is looking forward to operating in the European countries, where they can offer seamless and safe experiences.

Spin will be involved in developing the product and making it more sustainable for the markets. The company will need to plan the infrastructure and other aspects in order to make their expansion experiential.

The company has not only grown in terms of the number of employees working with them, but also in terms of the operational cities, infrastructure and the investment it has gained.

Spin and e scooter sharing business Market Readiness 


e scooter sharing business market readiness

The above graph shows the graph for Spin and how much funding it has received from investors. Spin and Skip are almost parallel and immediately after the top-notch e-scooter startups such as Lyft, Lime, and Bird.


The above statistics gives a clear insight into the micromobility readiness for each operator. From this, we know that Spin is not just ready, but also quite prepared to take over the market.


According to this graph, close to 60% of the travel in US cities happens through bikes and scooters.

These statistics give a clear idea into how micromobility is evolving and enhancing the mobility of the people in US. 

Let’s first see the reasons why e-scooter apps are popular, and what benefits they derive from these solutions. 

Benefits of e-Scooter sharing business Apps 

  • Manages a sustainable environment. When it comes to e-scooters, they tend to help manage the environment, helps you commute with in an environment friendly manner. 
  • The second reason a lot of people opt for e-scooters is because they are quite affordable. You get to spend less, ditch the traffic and reach your destination on-time. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about locking the scooters, as they are done through the app, once you mark the end of the ride


Strategies to Devise a good E Scooter Sharing Business App



The above graph shows the market share increase for the e-scooters according to the battery type. 

The marketshare for Spin is increasing and matching that of Bird and Lime.

When devising an e-scooter mobile app from the scratch, there are a few things you need to consider.


#1 Offer Convenience and Safety

This is a lesson that you can learn from Spin. Evolving from a market where there is limited need for e-scooters and with great levels of permissions needed to operate, Spin decided to offer top-notch scooters that would break the existent players. They were ready to seek permissions, and started their services in a single market. They wanted to offer convenience while following all the regulations and permission needs. The real need was to offer a safe and clear solution to the end users. Once the users received a good solution that was safe, comfortable and accessible, there were more users and the market share grew. Today, after getting a good investment, and enjoying decent amount of market share, the company has decided to grow. They are growing on the same principle- comfort and safety.

#2 Come as an Alternative

When you are devising an e-scooter app solution in a new market, then you need to identify the common transport solutions, and know how these solutions are being charged. It becomes important that you offer your solution as an alternative to the existing solution, one that is both affordable and available.

This way, you will be able to break the market, and increase your share. If you check the above statistics, then you will see that the market share for e-scooters and bikes is close to 60%. The reason majorly being they are affordable and impressive solutions.

Things to Consider Before Developing e scooter sharing App for your business

How to Make an e scooter App Like Spin, Develop Alternative app of Spin, Spin alternative app features to consider

As a new business entrant, you need to consider a few things before getting started with the e-scooter app solution.

  • Study the e-Scooter Market

When Spin started out, they studied the entire San Francisco market, learnt the discrepancies that existed, and also understood what needs to be followed in this market. This in-depth study allowed them to not only exist in this market, but also grow impressively. As a result, you will see that Spin became a major player in US. 

As a new entrant, you need to study the existing market, the players and what they are offering. A thorough analysis of the gaps and the competition will help you realize what you need to offer to be able to stand out. It will take a few months to really understand the market, which will help you derive the best solution. 

  • Infrastructure Definition

When you are done with studying the markets, you need to understand whether the available infrastructure is set for the e-scooter solution you are offering or, you need to come up with a new infrastructure. Is there availability of e-scooters or, you need to set up charging hubs? Ask yourself as many questions regarding the infrastructure as possible before you get started with the actual development. When you have the infrastructure, you will know what all things you need to add to the app model.

  • Incorporating the Features 

The last thing you need to consider is the features you will need to incorporate into the mobile app. You will need to sit with the competition analysis report, identify the gaps and accordingly define the advanced features for your app. Don’t forget, there are certain features that are must-have and should be part of your application. 

Summing Up


Spin is definitely growing its market share, and getting expansion ready. Only after they thoroughly invested in one market, got the right amount of investment and backing, did they decide to expand. 

When you want to expand your e-scooter business or, you wish to start new a e scooter sharing business, there are a few things you need. The first being a solid backing in terms of investment and the second having a strong technology partner for E scooter app development and to make it digital.

We are an expert in second. offering our best-in-class team, we aim to help deliver the best solutions for your e-scooter sharing business needs. With our end-to-end solutions, you will get the defined edge over competition in the market.

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Note : We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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