E-Scooter initiative in The United States Of America

E - Scooter initiative in The United States Of America

The City of New York, where the streets and roads are flooding with commuters, a shared scooter program has been initiated to bring into light a remunerative market and new battlefield for the micro-mobility vehicles. It is expected that The New York City Council will vote on a bill in order to escalate a pilot program of shared electronic scooters in the city. There has been an intense increase in the number of people opting for micro mobile vehicles providing convenient and feasible options for the last – mile transportation.

Since 2018, the trend of Micro mobile vehicles has been revived with companies like Lime and Bird introducing the concept of dockless and shared e – scooters. These products were a perfect fit for the U.S. market, which led both these companies to become the fastest growing companies at reaching billion-dollar valuation. The trend of e – scooters has taken a leap since 2019, with people learning about the importance of saving the environment and choosing environment-friendly transportation options.

Like New York City, every city needs safer and more sustainable commute options to get going during the Pandemic and Post – Pandemic. Especially, for the delivery workers who provide us with all the essentials during the darkest days. These vehicles also help in alleviating the traffic congestion during the rush hours of the day. In order to run this operation smoothly, the city also needs to have a suitable infrastructure in order to prevent clogs on the roads or any sort of road accidents.

Riding with Lime E – Scooters

Lime is one of the rising stars in the Micro mobile vehicles’ market, with an experience of more than 2 years, Lime has entered the list of companies selling the most convenient options of Electronic Scooters. Bird founder and CEO Travis Vander Zanden said the pending vote highlights “that New York City recognizes the ‘next’ transportation normal is one that indexes on shared micro-mobility, such as e-scooters and devolves from cars or ride-hail options that contribute to increased pollution and decreased safety throughout communities.”

Lime has been working on improvising the user interface at the same time working on developing a successful scooter program. The company believes that a successful program will provide the customers with service zones in denser communities, built zones that connect both the commercial and residential neighborhoods.

How Profitable can these e-scooters companies be?

Earlier, the E-Scooter unit economics were unstable and unreliable, but with the increasing awareness amongst the people about choosing the healthy options, and appreciating the infrastructural benefits of Electric Vehicles, the market has seen quite a boom. The two most important factors that can set your company apart from the rest of the manufacturers are :

  • Increased battery life or rechargeable batteries, in order to prevent the customers from facing any kind of inconvenience.
  • Better quality of the product, improvised sizes of the wheels, and a user-friendly app guiding the riders make their way through the pop-up areas and green lanes.

(Monetary valuation of the leading e – scooter companies)


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