Things to Keep in mind to develop an e-scooter app like COUP- the most popular e-scooter app in Berlin + Create an App like COUP + How to Make an App Like COUP + Apps Like COUP + Develop Alternative of COUP

COUP- the most popular e-scooter app in Berlin providing a perfect solution to move around the city!

Mobility sharing has been developing at such a breakneck speed that all the important players in the industry have been investing in it. Another free-floating scooter sharing service is Bosch’s COUP e-scooters based in Berlin. These scooters are easy to recognize with their black and green bodies running all over the town and they also sound like Tamagotchi. Also, COUP mobility is a classic way to get around the city!

Things to Keep in mind to develop an e-scooter app like COUP- the most popular e-scooter app in Berlin

COUP E Scooter sharing Company’s expansion

COUP first started in Berlin and later it expanded to different other cities. It is now also available in Tübingen, Paris, and Madrid. COUP is expected to keep on adding more new cities to their expansion list. You can use their services in any location once your account is validated. So, it is the best option to get around in the city when you are traveling the next time.

How COUP E scooter sharing company works : Things to keep in mind to run e scooter sharing company successfully:

► How to Register?

You need to make sure that you have the driver’s license while registering for COUP. You also need some sort of ID or passport ready when you join. The process will not take more than five minutes.

► Download the app

To move around with COUP, the first step is to download the app.
Once the app is downloaded click the “register” button.

► Creating an account

Creating an account is important and easy too. You just need to fill in the information to create your account. Later, you can add your credit card information as a payment method.

► ID verification

You need to verify your driver’s license and ID once your account is created within the app.

► Getting started with COUP

Once everything is set up and your account is validated, you can start driving around the city. You can just log in to the COUP app and you can access, compare and book all shared vehicles in Berlin: cars, scooters or bikes.

► Parking your COUP scooter in the market area

COUP can be used in the most central districts of Berlin. The various districts where COUP rides are generally found are Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, Schöneberg, Neukölln, Moabit, and Wedding.

There is no doubt that riding the COUP scooters is a piece of cake and at the same time, they are a lot of fun. You should be aware that these scooters are made exclusively by Gogoro in Taiwan.

These e-scooters in Berlin are emission-free and super quiet. The maximum speed of these e-scooters is set to 45 km/h. This speed is more than enough to enjoy the ride in the city. here are two different types of scooters available in Berlin. They are Gogoro S1 & Gogoro S2.

What is the cost of driving a COUP in Berlin? : Cost you should take from your users If you start e scooter business in Berlin

► Driving

Though the registration for the App is free while riding a COUP scooter the first 30 minutes will cost you €3. After the first 30 minutes, you will be charged 1€ for every additional 10 minutes. And do not worry even if you drive for the whole day. The drive will cost you a maximum of €20.

► Insurance & battery

COUP mobility covers your insurance fully. You are insured as a third-party and the liability is restricted to a co-payment of a maximum of 350€.

There is no need of charging the battery as COUP will do it for you. You just need to check out the battery level of a scooter on the app before the booking. They provide you all the information that you need along with the additional costs and lost helmets also.

► Why E-mobility?

There are other scooters sharing providers like Emmy in Berlin. You can compare vehicles to find the closest & cheapest ride every time through the use of Free2Move app. You can also find different providers and car rentals and compare their rates too. The COUP app has more than 30406 downloads in the last 30 days.

The traffic of the future will be emission-free, flexible, and resource-saving. Smart and sustainable mobility concepts are required that join eco-friendly technologies with digital services and to reach the goals set out in the Paris climate agreement.

The car-sharing services are used by more than seven million people already across the globe. The number is suspected to increase by 60 percent, to 685 million people in the year 2022.

E-mobility will make a significant enrichment to the sustainable mobility of the future. However, the transition calls for a thorough approach that combines innovative technology and digital services given the importance of climate change. The internal combustion engine will have to run frequently on carbon-neutral fuels and the focus will be required to shift to alternatives to owning a car to seize the climate aims set out in the Paris agreement.

COUP returns the enjoyment back to urban commuting.

Riding this fleet of shared e-scooters is fun. It also saves you time and money. They are switching to swift door-to-door mobility and are making it a new way of life. Launched in summer 2016, COUP’s team of entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers is looking forward to growth in the coming years.

How to Make an e scooter App Like COUP, Develop Alternative app of COUP, COUP alternative app features to consider

Develop your own e-scooter app like COUP or Build COUP clone app

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