Micro mobility industry: Getting significant rewards

The sudden pandemic called out for a pause and restart of all the human activities.

The fresh restart widened up new gates of opportunities and innovation for all the business owners as the more ecological aspect to commute gets in demand.

E-scooters and electric vehicles are the most convenient and affordable ways for commuters to commute to a nearby place.

Public transport and cabs appear risky, and the fear of getting caught by the virus strikes every individual’s mind.

E-scooters or micro-mobility solutions are weaving through transportation modes and declaring themselves as the best methods to commute.

The best feasible solution available in this scenario of a pandemic is the use of E-scooters, which are available on a rental basis. 

Let us discuss the reasons behind the popularity of micro-mobility:.

1. Perfect for Short journeys

  • 60% of the journeys which are made across the city are less than five miles and where cars are the preferred means of transport.
  • Such problems get resolved by E-scooters, which will reduce the traffic jams and provide the perfect solution for all the people who are always late to their work or class.

2. Convenient and hassle-free

  • E-scooters may not be as fast as cars, but urban roads are hardly clear.
  • E-scooters are the proven best ways to weave through pedestrians and reach their destination faster.
  • Portability and compatibility are the two primary reasons behind the popularity of these E-scooters.
  • The practical devices can easily get folded when you need to use subways or other public transportation.
  • The Foldable and easy to carry E-scooters solve the major issues of vandalism and theft while traveling in the city.

3. Eco-friendly

  • E-scooters help in reducing the carbon footprints as the climate needs a more ecological approach.
  • The city and transport planners are with the views to develop environmental friendly cities which curb the city traffic congestion along with providing the inhabitants with the best way to commute.

4. Great investments

  • You get what you pay for is an old idiom though it suits the current requirements of all the commuters.
  • Buying a cheap E-scooter is not a solution as poor batteries and poor wiring will bring setbacks and drag you down to use public transport.
  • Buying a good quality scooter, on the other hand, with good battery life and structure, will curb all the menace of opting for public transport.

5. Cool and Nostalgic

  • E-scooters are designed in a way that brings back nostalgic feelings as the structural design is the same when compared with kickstart scooters in our childhood.
  • E-scooters are in the trend because they are fun-loving, clever solutions, nostalgic, and the most affordable way to transit.

Latest Feed on E-scooters

Introducing your products and services by featuring famous Hollywood stars and sports personalities can prove beneficial for your company.

Recently in an article on Bloomberg, the story of the Yadea group got featured as Vin Diesel, the most prominent hero of the Fast and Furious movie franchise who drives sports cars, was seen driving E-scooters of Yadea.

This is not the only reason behind the growth of Yadea scooters. The real reason can be the batteries that are equipped in the E-scooters, which can get charged at a sudden speed with the help of its carbon allotrope which is used in it.

Along with its promotional practices, the company introduced new e-scooter models that have capabilities to get charged up to 80% in just 1 hour. 

To meet the market demands of high-end scooters last year, the company introduced a new G5 model that is sold in the market for more than $1100.

It is estimated that by 2040 more than 70% of the mopeds will be equipped with batteries across the globe.

The prices of the batteries to use these E-scooters and electric vehicles will get down, and when compared with gases, these battery-life vehicles will gain the attention of users as it is more affordable, Eco-friendly, and convenient.

Such a success story of this company motivates the existing start-ups in the E-scooter industry and other companies to get into this revolutionary micro-mobility industry and create wonders.

Starting something new appears challenging for everyone, and if you are thinking of starting a micro-mobility business, then two major things which you need to work on are Hardware and software solutions.

The network and technological solutions provided at Coruscate helps the entrepreneurs to make the right and cost-effective decisions, especially for E-scooters sharing business.

Coruscate has recently launched a platform specially designed for E-scooter sharing businesses, Rohak.io, and all the things which are needed by E-scooter business start-ups are included.

The expertise, sources, and our collaborations with major companies can act as a fulcrum for your business. Let’s check out the benefits of using Rohak as a platform to launch your E-scooter business.

The top 3 things which are provided by Rohak.io to curb all the problems that business owners might face are :

1. The network of Hardware suppliers

Collaborations with leading manufacturers of E-scooters hardware such as Ninebot, ACTON, Omni, and much more help knock over the list of vehicles and matters related to IoT in hours rather than stretching it down weeks.

2. The network of SIM suppliers

When we provided solutions around the world, it helped us to project with IoT SIM providers such as Vodafone and Hologram. This gets done within a few days.

3. Network of Consultants

We have been providing solutions to more than 15 countries around the world, which provide us with a wide range of views and perspectives from North America, the Middle-east, and Australia.

The business models which can be provided by us for your E-scooter sharing business are: 

1. Free- Floating rides

This is the most effortless model of micro-mobility as it facilitates the user to detect the vehicle, unlock it by just scanning the QR code, and make the payment after finishing their ride.

2. Booking plans

This is the more safe model when compared to free-floating rides as it allows the users to pre-book rides through passes for hours, days, and even months and where users can use such E-scooters without any limitations in rides.

3. Station-based rides

This allows the riders to pick and drop up scooters to their nearby hubs and parking stations. These hubs and stations curb the problems of theft and vandalism and provide security; it also provides the time for maintenance time and in-time repairs.

4. Guided tours

The E-scooters are equipped with major tourist attractions nearby and often help the rider to navigate through the roads and shortcuts to reach the destination before time.

5. Private Fleet

Targeting a specific audience will bring new rewards in this industry as we know about the timings and the places they need to travel to reach their destination.

6. Leasing 

This model provides the rider with apps functioning as a virtual mechanic, and riders are asked to work on the assumption of virtual possession of the scooters.

To give a start to your E-scooter sharing business, all you need to do is select a logo for your company.

If you want to start your business with Rohak, we can provide you with the best solution. All you need to do is purchase a white label solution from our website, which will assign all the remaining tasks to our team.

The software setup cost will be around $9600, and the other costs will be depending upon the size of your business.

Summing up

Boost your E-scooter sharing business by joining hands with us to achieve the skyrocketing results.

Escalating your business with us will prove beneficial and advantageous as our collaborations with the existing giants will help your business to reap desired results.


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