E-Scooter Application Business: Hardware Guide 2022

E-Scooter Application Business: Hardware Guide 2022

Micro-mobility vehicles like e-scooters and e-bikes are in great demand. The rising popularity of electric scooter sharing services, and the “pandemic effect” as more people choose to travel independently and socially rather than using public transportation. 

The Electric Scooter Application business can be a one to look at! Electric scooter service is a type of micro-mobility service that allows users to rent e-scooters. This renting process is fully automated by an application. Best examples of this are Bird and Lime

Hardware Guide for manufacturing an E-Scooter

E-scooter OEMs(Original Equipment manufacturers) must create smaller, more effective, and higher-performing designs in order to increase their market share in this expanding industry. 

In this blog, We give you information about the hardware and essential components of an e-scooter.  

E Scooter

Let us quickly go through all parts of an E-Scooter. These are the essential parts of an E-Scooter:

E-Scooter Motor Disc Brake KickStand Scooter Base Frame
Batteries LCD Front Render Supporting Frame
Wheels & Bearings Throttle Power Controller Screws & Bolts
Belt Pulley Headlights Scooter Handle Mounts & Joints

Let’s go through it in detail:

1. Batteries

Batteries are the engine of an E-Scooter. E-Scooter batteries are made up of many individual cells that are assembled together. Batteries store the energy that can be consumed by an electric motor and other parts. Lithium-ion batteries are preferred more but some inexpensive E-Scooters are using Lead-acid batteries too.

2. Brakes

Super safe and high-quality brakes are used for E-Scooters. Disc brakes are an ideal solution for it. E-Scooter brakes can be divided into two categories: Mechanical and Electronic.  Mechanical brakes follow the physical mechanism to slow down and the parts for it are Disc, Drum, and Foot brakes. Electronic Brakes depend on the electric motor itself for braking the system. Many scooters will have a combination of both electronic and mechanical braking systems.

3. Controller

Controller is an electronic device that controls the flow of current from battery to the motor.  Scooters with more powerful controller can regulate high voltage and current.

4. E-Scooter Base Frame(Board)

The base frame where you stand while riding is called Scooter Base Frame. This base frames tend to have a great texture finish to accomplish the grip between rider’s shoes and scooter.

5. Scooter Handle

This scooter handle is your main connection with the scooter. They are generally built with all controls like Brakes, accelerator, display screen, and power button.

6. E-Scooter Motor

Electric motors are build in the hub of scooter-wheels. E-scooters have the Brushless Direct Current(BLDC) Motors. They are rated on the base of their power consumption.

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IoT in E-Scooter Hardware 

It is very important to integrate these components to your E-Scooter application. For that, IoT is the best possible solution. These are some specific and essential hardware to automate the whole process of renting and riding an E-Scooter.

1. GPS

GPS tracking opens the door for location access.  It helps users with navigation so that they can reach their destination. The owner can keep track of their E-scooters with this feature. 

2. Battery Indicator

Battery data is an essential part of an E-scooter feature. This component will let the user know the remaining battery percentage and give the estimation about how long they can ride it. 

3. Alarm

This component ensures the safety of the scooter. If an E-scooter is getting accessed without a proper unlock process, then it will send alerts to the owner. 

4. Distance Meter

Most of the E-Scooters are deciding their prices on the basis of the covered distance. This Distance meter helps with the finalization of price based on the distance.

5. Maintenance Sensor

This sensor lets riders know the state of an E-Scooter. If there is any problem with the scooter, this sensor will give information to the user about it when they want to unlock the scooter.

How can Coruscate help you?

There are many manufacturers of all these hardware components. Our development team will help you choose the best hardware for your E-Scooter business along with E-Scooter App Development. Coruscate provides hardware support along with our software development services. 

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